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Personal essay for common application

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How to Fill Out The COMMON APPLICATION . Activities Section & Personal Statement

HI!! We three are fresh out of the college application process. We ve struggled through ALL the confusion surrounding what the ...

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Personal essay for common application

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What is an Agnostic? by Bertrand Russell. Bertrand Russell, a leading philosopher in his prime, was also a wonderful writer. And, it appears, many of my views were formed when I was but still Young in the Discipline of Philosophy by reading Russell. Here is an essay (stolen from here) from 1953, when I still was not, in which he expresses quite clearly what the differences and implications of being an essay for common, agnostic are relative to atheists. He steadfastly refuses to call atheists rabid dogs or militant terrorists, however, though he was no milquetoast. I think, re-reading this after 40 years, that we might suggest that those who think they are atheists, mean or otherwise, mostly are agnostics who are merely mislabelled… An agnostic thinks it impossible to know the i have keats truth in matters such as God and the future life with which Christianity and personal essay for common application other religions are concerned.

Or, if not impossible, at least impossible at the present time. No. An atheist, like a Christian, holds that we can know whether or not there is a God. The Christian holds that we can know there is a God; the atheist, that we can know there is not. The Agnostic suspends judgment, saying that there are not sufficient grounds either for affirmation or for denial. At the same time, an Agnostic may hold that the common ap essay existence of God, though not impossible, is very improbable; he may even hold it so improbable that it is not worth considering in personal essay for common application practice. In that case, he is not far removed from atheism. His attitude may be that which a careful philosopher would have towards the gods of ancient Greece. If I were asked to prove that Zeus and Poseidon and Hera and the rest of the essay Olympians do not exist, I should be at a loss to personal essay for common application find conclusive arguments.

An Agnostic may think the Christian God as improbable as the Olympians; in that case, he is, for practical purposes, at one with the atheists. Since you deny ‘God’s Law’, what authority do you accept as a guide to conduct? An Agnostic does not accept any ‘authority’ in the sense in which religious people do. He holds that a man should think out university, questions of conduct for himself. Of course, he will seek to profit by the wisdom of others, but he will have to select for himself the people he is to personal essay for common consider wise, and university essay he will not regard even what they say as unquestionable. He will observe that what passes as ‘God’s law’ varies from time to time.

The Bible says both that a woman must not marry her deceased husband’s brother, and that, in certain circumstances, she must do so. If you have the personal essay misfortune to be a childless widow with an unmarried brother-in-law, it is to write my essay, logically impossible for you to avoid disobeying ‘God’s law’. How do you know what is good and for common what is philosophy in enviroment ethics, evil? What does an agnostic consider a sin? The Agnostic is not quite so certain as some Christians are as to personal application what is good and what is new year book, evil. He does not hold, as most Christians in the past held, that people who disagree with the government on abstruse points of personal essay theology ought to suffer a painful death. He is against help persecution, and rather chary of moral condemnation. As for ‘sin’, he thinks it not a useful notion.

He admits, of course, that some kinds of essay application conduct are desirable and some undesirable, but he holds that the punishment of undesirable kinds is only to be commended when it is deterrent or reformatory, not when it is inflicted because it is thought a good thing on its own account that the wicked should suffer. It was this belief in vindictive punishment that made men accept Hell. University Format. This is part of the harm done by the notion of ‘sin’. Does an agnostic do whatever he pleases? In one sense, no; in another sense, everyone does whatever he pleases. Suppose, for example, you hate someone so much that you would like to murder him. Application. Why do you not do so? You may reply: “Because religion tells me that murder is help to write my essay, a sin.” But as a statistical fact, agnostics are not more prone to murder than other people, in fact, rather less so. They have the same motives for abstaining from murder as other people have.

Far and away the personal for common application most powerful of these motives is the fear of punishment. In lawless conditions, such as a gold rush, all sorts of people will commit crimes, although in ordinary circumstances they would have been law-abiding. University Format. There is not only actual legal punishment; there is the discomfort of dreading discovery, and the loneliness of knowing that, to avoid being hated, you must wear a mask with even your closest intimates. For Common. And there is also what may be called “conscience”: If you ever contemplated a murder, you would dread the in enviroment ethics horrible memory of your victim’s last moments or lifeless corpse. All this, it is true, depends upon your living in a law-abiding community, but there are abundant secular reasons for creating and for common preserving such a community. I said that there is another sense in which every man does as he pleases. No one but a fool indulges every impulse, but what holds a desire in check is always some other desire.

A man’s anti-social wishes may be restrained by a wish to please God, but they may also be restrained by a wish to please his friends, or to win the university essay respect of his community, or to be able to contemplate himself without disgust. But if he has no such wishes, the mere abstract concepts of morality will not keep him straight. How does an agnostic regard the Bible? An agnostic regards the for common Bible exactly as enlightened clerics regard it. He does not think that it is divinely inspired; he thinks its early history legendary, and to write no more exactly true than that in Homer; he thinks its moral teaching sometimes good, but sometimes very bad. For example: Samuel ordered Saul, in a war, to kill not only every man, woman, and child of the essay application enemy, but also all the essays of guelph sheep and cattle. Saul, however, let the sheep and personal the cattle live, and for this we are told to condemn him. I have never been able to admire Elisha for essay cursing the children who laughed at personal application, him, or to believe (what the Bible asserts) that a benevolent Deity would send two she-bears to kill the children. How does an agnostic regard Jesus, the Virgin Birth, and when fears keats essay the Holy Trinity? Since an agnostic does not believe in God, he cannot think that Jesus was God. Most agnostics admire the life and moral teachings of Jesus as told in the Gospels, but not necessarily more than those of certain other men.

Some would place him on essay, a level with Buddha, some with Socrates and some with Abraham Lincoln. Nor do they think that what He said is not open to philosophy in enviroment ethics question, since they do not accept any authority as absolute. They regard the Virgin Birth as a doctrine taken over from pagan mythology, where such births were not uncommon. (Zoroaster was said to personal essay for common have been born of a virgin; Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess, is called the Holy Virgin.) They cannot give credence to it, or to the doctrine of the Trinity, since neither is possible without belief in new year God. Can an agnostic be a Christian? The word “Christian” has had various different meanings at different times. Throughout most of the centuries since the essay for common application time of ethics Christ, it has meant a person who believed God and immortality and held that Christ was God. But Unitarians call themselves Christians, although they do not believe in essay for common the divinity of Christ, and many people nowadays use the word “God” in a much less precise sense than that which it used to bear. Many people who say they believe in God no longer mean a person, or a trinity of persons, but only i have keats essay, a vague tendency or power or purpose immanent in evolution. Others, going still further, mean by “Christianity” merely a system of personal essay ethics which, since they are ignorant of history, they imagine to new year book report be characteristic of personal essay Christians only.

When, in philosophy a recent book, I said that what the world needs is “love, Christian love, or compassion,” many people thought this showed some changes in my views, although in fact, I might have said the same thing at any time. If you mean by a “Christian” a man who loves his neighbor, who has wide sympathy with suffering, and who ardently desires a world freed from the cruelties and personal for common abominations which at essay format, present disfigure it, then, certainly, you will be justified in calling me a Christian. Essay For Common Application. And, in this sense, I think you will find more “Christians” among agnostics than among the orthodox. But, for my part, I cannot accept such a definition. Apart from other objections to it, it seems rude to Jews, Buddhists, Mohammedans, and other non-Christians, who, so far as history shows, have been at least as apt as Christians to practice the virtues which some modern Christians arrogantly claim as distinctive of their own religion. I think also that all who called themselves Christians in an earlier time, and help a great majority of personal essay for common those who do so at of guelph, the present day, would consider that belief in God and immortality is essential to a Christian. On these grounds, I should not call myself a Christian, and I should say that an agnostic cannot be a Christian. But, if the word “Christianity” comes to essay for common application be generally used to mean merely a kind of morality, then it will certainly be possible for an agnostic to be a Christian.

Does an agnostic deny that man has a soul? This question has no precise meaning unless we are given a definition of the word “soul.” I suppose what is meant is, roughly, something nonmaterial which persists throughout a person’s life and even, for those who believe in limit immortality, throughout all future time. If this is what is meant, an agnostic is not likely to for common believe that man has a soul. But I must hasten to add that this does not mean that an common ap essay, agnostic must be a materialist. Many agnostics (including myself) are quite as doubtful of the body as they are of the soul, but this is a long story taking one into difficult metaphysics. Mind and personal essay matter alike, I should say, are only convenient symbols in discourse, not actually existing things. Does an agnostic believe in a hereafter, in Heaven or Hell? The question whether people survive death is one as to help to write which evidence is essay, possible. Psychical research and spiritualism are thought by many to supply such evidence. An agnostic, as such, does not take a view about survival unless he thinks that there is evidence one way or the other.

For my part, I do not think there is any good reason to believe that we survive death, but I am open to i have keats essay conviction if adequate evidence should appear. Heaven and hell are a different matter. Personal Essay. Belief in essays in theatre university hell is bound up with the belief that the for common vindictive punishment of sin is a good thing, quite independently of any reformative or deterrent effect that it may have. Hardly an ap essay, agnostic believes this. As for for common application heaven, there might conceivably someday be evidence of its existence through spiritualism, but most agnostics do not think that there is such evidence, and help my essay therefore do not believe in heaven.

Are you never afraid of essay for common application God’s judgment in denying Him? Most certainly not. I also deny Zeus and Jupiter and when keats essay Odin and Brahma, but this causes me no qualms. Essay. I observe that a very large portion of the human race does not believe in God and suffers no visible punishment in in enviroment consequence. Personal Essay. And if there were a God, I think it very unlikely that He would have such an philosophy, uneasy vanity as to essay for common be offended by those who doubt His existence. How do agnostics explain the in enviroment beauty and harmony of nature? I do not understand where this “beauty” and “harmony” are supposed to be found. Throughout the personal for common application animal kingdom, animals ruthlessly prey upon each other. Most of my essay them are either cruelly killed by other animals or slowly die of hunger. Personal Application. For my part, I am unable to university admissions essay format see any great beauty or harmony in the tapeworm. Let it not be said that this creature is sent as a punishment for personal essay for common application our sins, for it is help to write my essay, more prevalent among animals than among humans.

I suppose the questioner is personal essay, thinking of such things as the beauty of the ap essay starry heavens. But one should remember that stars every now and again explode and reduce everything in personal essay their neighborhood to a vague mist. Beauty, in any case, is subjective and exists only in the eye of the beholder. How do agnostics explain miracles and other revelations of God’s omnipotence? Agnostics do not think that there is any evidence of philosophy “miracles” in the sense of happenings contrary to natural law. We know that faith healing occurs and is in no sense miraculous.

At Lourdes, certain diseases can be cured and others cannot. Those that can be cured at Lourdes can probably be cured by any doctor in whom the patient has faith. As for the records of other miracles, such as Joshua commanding the sun to stand still, the agnostic dismisses them as legends and points to the fact that all religions are plentifully supplied with such legends. There is just as much miraculous evidence for the Greek gods in Homer as for the Christian God in for common application the Bible. There have been base and cruel passions, which religion opposes.

If you abandon religious principles, could mankind exist? The existence of base and cruel passions is undeniable, but I find no evidence in history that religion has opposed these passions. On the contrary, it has sanctified them, and ap essay enabled people to indulge them without remorse. Cruel persecutions have been commoner in Christendom than anywhere else. Essay Application. What appears to justify persecution is dogmatic belief. Kindliness and tolerance only prevail in book report proportion as dogmatic belief decays. In our day, a new dogmatic religion, namely, communism, has arisen. To this, as to other systems of dogma, the agnostic is opposed. The persecuting character of present day communism is exactly like the persecuting character of Christianity in earlier centuries.

In so far as Christianity has become less persecuting, this is mainly due to the work of personal essay for common application freethinkers who have made dogmatists rather less dogmatic. If they were as dogmatic now as in former times, they would still think it right to philosophy in enviroment ethics burn heretics at the stake. The spirit of personal tolerance which some modern Christians regard as essentially Christian is, in fact, a product of the temper which allows doubt and is suspicious of absolute certainties. I Have Fears Keats Essay. I think that anybody who surveys past history in an impartial manner will be driven to essay for common the conclusion that religion has caused more suffering than it has prevented. What is the meaning of life to the agnostic? I feel inclined to when i have fears keats essay answer by another question: What is the meaning of ‘the meaning of life’? I suppose what is intended is for common application, some general purpose. I do not think that life in general has any purpose. It just happened. Help. But individual human beings have purposes, and there is nothing in agnosticism to application cause them to abandon these purposes.

They cannot, of course, be certain of achieving the results at which they aim; but you would think ill of a soldier who refused to fight unless victory was certain. The person who needs religion to bolster up his own purposes is chinese new year, a timorous person, and I cannot think as well of personal essay for common him as of the essays in theatre man who takes his chances, while admitting that defeat is not impossible. Does not the essay application denial of religion mean the denial of marriage and help chastity? Here again, one must reply by application another question: Does the man who asks this question believe that marriage and chastity contribute to earthly happiness here below, or does he think that, while they cause misery here below, they are to be advocated as means of getting to heaven? The man who takes the latter view will no doubt expect agnosticism to keats essay lead to a decay of what he calls virtue, but he will have to admit that what he calls virtue is not what ministers to the happiness of the personal essay for common application human race while on earth. If, on the other hand, he takes the former view, namely, that there are terrestrial arguments in favor of marriage and chastity, he must also hold that these arguments are such as should appeal to the agnostic.

Agnostics, as such, have no distinctive views about sexual morality. But most of them would admit that there are valid arguments against the unbridled indulgence of sexual desires. They would derive these arguments, however, from terrestrial sources and not from supposed divine commands. Is not faith in reason alone a dangerous creed? Is not reason imperfect and inadequate without spiritual and moral law? No sensible man, however agnostic, has “faith in reason alone.” Reason is concerned with matters of fact, some observed, some inferred. The question whether there is a future life and admissions format the question whether there is a God concern matters of fact, and the agnostic will hold that they should be investigated in the same way as the question, “Will there be an essay, eclipse of the moon tomorrow?” But matters of fact alone are not sufficient to determine action, since they do not tell us what ends we ought to pursue. In the university essay realm of ends, we need something other than reason. The agnostic will find his ends in his own heart and essay application not in philosophy in enviroment ethics an external command. Let us take an illustration: Suppose you wish to travel by train from New York to Chicago; you will use reason to personal essay for common application discover when the trains run, and a person who though that there was some faculty of insight or intuition enabling him to dispense with the fears keats timetable would be thought rather silly. But no timetable will tell him that it is wise, he will have to personal application take account of further matters of when i have fact; but behind all the matters of fact, there will be the ends that he thinks fitting to pursue, and these, for an agnostic as for personal essay other men, belong to a realm which is not that of reason, though it should be in no degree contrary to it.

The realm I mean is university admissions, that of emotion and feeling and desire. Do you regard all religions as forms of superstition or dogma? Which of the existing religions do you most respect, and why? All the essay for common great organized religions that have dominated large populations have involved a greater or less amount of ap essay limit dogma, but “religion” is for common application, a word of which the meaning is not very definite. Confucianism, for instance, might be called a religion, although it involves no dogma. And in when fears keats some forms of liberal Christianity, the element of dogma is reduced to a minimum. Of the great religions of personal essay history, I prefer Buddhism, especially in its earliest forms, because it has had the smallest element of persecution. Communism like agnosticism opposes religion, are agnostics Communists?

Communism does not oppose religion. It merely opposes the help Christian religion, just as Mohammedanism does. Communism, at least in the form advocated by essay the Soviet Government and the Communist Party, is a new system of dogma of a peculiarly virulent and persecuting sort. Every genuine Agnostic must therefore be opposed to it. Do agnostics think that science and religion are impossible to reconcile? The answer turns upon what is ap essay limit, meant by ‘religion’. If it means merely a system of personal essay application ethics, it can be reconciled with science. If it means a system of dogma, regarded as unquestionably true, it is incompatible with the common scientific spirit, which refuses to accept matters of fact without evidence, and also holds that complete certainty is hardly ever impossible. What kind of evidence could convince you that God exists?

I think that if I heard a voice from the sky predicting all that was going to happen to me during the next twenty-four hours, including events that would have seemed highly improbable, and essay application if all these events then produced to happen, I might perhaps be convinced at ethics, least of the existence of some superhuman intelligence. I can imagine other evidence of the same sort which might convince me, but so far as I know, no such evidence exists. I may be tweaking the odd fellow blogger here… I doubt that you will find too many ‘atheists’ who disagree with Russell on this point. Personal Application. The main trouble – in my opinion – is the in theatre university inadequacy of the term ‘atheist’ in itself, or at least in the modern usage of the term.

I would hazard a guess that when an personal for common application, individual these days describes themselves as an ‘athiest’ what they actually mean is not someone who truly believes with 100% certainty that there is help my essay, no supernatural being who created and runs the universe, but rather that they accept a scientific rationalistic view of the world. The scientific method, or at least its modern aspects of falsifiability and prediction, considerably postdate the term atheism which originated when there was a much more black and personal for common application white view of ‘facts’ and philosophy in enviroment when an atheist probably did believe with 100% certainty that there was no God. Application. Nowadays if you accept a scientific viewpoint you realise that you cannot ‘know’ anything with 100% certainty, rather we work on the basis that the 99.9999% probability that the evidence suggests allow us to behave as if this really means 100%. Dawkins 1 to 7 point scale is common ap essay, a better approximation of how to describe ones viewpoint but it is still rather cumbersome. While it is undoubtedly true that one cannot know for certain that no gods exist, it is also true that one cannot know for certain that the laws of gravity (and other scientific laws) are universal. The way I justify my atheism to people who try to for common application tell me that I am an university essay, agnostic is to say that I have as much confidence in the non-existence of gods as I have in the universal law of gravity… If I were to let go of a hammer, and it rose into the air, I would have to rethink my views on gravity. Ditto with gods. Personal Application. But I’m as confident as I can be that it isn’t going to happen – which is why I call myself an atheist, and not an agnostic. …Dawkins 1 to 7 point scale is a better approximation of how to describe ones viewpoint but it is still rather cumbersome.

Posted by: MartinC. I always found Dawkins 1 to 7 rather simplistic, there is an earlier posting on this blog showing a 2-D representation rather than the simplistic 1-D line that is better. Oh, I do like the 99.9999% probability. Made of the full cloth? On the “are Atheists really Agnostics”; I’m happy for Atheists to call themselves what they like just as long as they don’t confuse being Agnostic with some form of Atheism. I was glad that Mr Russell made it clear that being Agnostic didn’t imply faith in materialism; I don’t match all his definitions of what an Agnostic is but enough for me not to quibble. we might suggest that those who think they are atheists, mean or otherwise, mostly are agnostics who are merely mislabelled. You are aware that we’re going to remember that line forever, right? Next time you complain when someone argues that those who think they are agnostics mostly are atheists who are merely mislabeled Russell isn’t a milquetoast, he’s just completely wrong when he tries to tell atheists what they think.

Even a Big Guy can go wrong when his starting premise is a faulty definition. I am an atheist because I don’t see any reason to essays believe that there is a god, not because I think we can know one way or the other. Application. I realize that this cannot be proven, but so what? That does not make me agnostic. Essays In Theatre. We can’t prove that there are no unicorns either, but I see no reason to personal essay for common believe that these magical creatures exist. I am not agnostic regarding the help to write existence of gods or unicorns. I like Bertrand Russel’s writings for personal application the most part, but he’s missed the point here completely. I imagine that Russel was just trying to wiggle out of essay calling himself an atheist because, already, at his time this term was held in personal essay disrepsect.

Lissen Dr Megahertz, that line is because you guys , you militant angry uppity angry atheists already try to run that line. In Enviroment. Wilkins is just an essay for common, atheist who won’t admit it, you say. Ethics. Well it cuts both ways, I say – you are all fencesitters on the knowledge question – whether knowledge is possible at all. So you take a pragmatic decision to act as if it is, so what? Everybody else – this is between me and McTavish here… I know a large number of atheists who consider themselves “agnostic atheism” – the agnosticism denotes WHY they are an atheist.

In that vein, I hold that I am mostly agnostic, but with respect to certain religions, I am firmly atheist. Personal For Common. I claim that not only is there no proof or evidence for these religions, there is negative proof of their existence by logical contradictions to their claims. In other words, although I can neither prove nor disprove the existence of philosophy ethics a god, I can disprove the existence of a specific god or kind of god. There seems to essay have been a definitional shift concerning “agnostic” and “atheist” from Russell’s time to ours — I would call myself an essays in theatre of guelph, atheist although I “hold that the existence of God, though not impossible, is very improbable; he may even hold it so improbable that it is not worth considering in practice.”, which Russell classes as agnosticism. I’m certainly atheist (modulo an irreducible background of epistemic noise) towards the conventional god-concepts of Western theism; I’m only agnostic towards god-concepts so vaguely defined that it’s unclear what the claim “it exists” even means. (I’m also massively uninterested in arguments that seem purely about terminology as opposed to personal essay substance.) As for the rest: what he said. It’s kind of depressing that, by whatever name, unbelief is still fighting the same misconceptions and i have fears bigotries half a century later. I think there is scope for equivocation here over the word “know”.

I don’t know anything for absolute total certainty; but that’s not a useful definition to personal essay apply with respect to “know”. In fact, I do know things; quite a lot of things. As part of being a rational person, I am always open in principle to the possibility that I could be mistaken. But for common ap essay limit all that, I still say that I know things, and personal for common application don’t consider this to be misleading anyone — expect possibly philosophers. #128578; Here is an chinese book report, example… I know that there is no life on the Moon. Personal For Common. I say this in a way that I would NOT say the same for Mars. Common. In principle I could be wrong; but I think there is ample basis for for common application confidence than there is no life on essay, the Moon.

I’m not going to personal for common argue the university essay format case here; but I think it is solid. Personal. The information available is in theatre of guelph, sufficient to go beyond “well, we’ve not detected any life so far” to for common application “nope; no way; we can be confident that there is no life on the Moon” . Now this, I propose, is the opposite of agnosticism. The agnostic position with respect to Lunar lifeforms would be that we can’t check every nook and common limit cranny, so we always have to allow for the remote possibility. Well, I always allow for the remote possibility that I am wrong on anything; but that is not a case of withholding judgment. It is a case of recognizing I can make mistakes; a different thing entirely. I don’t let that stop me making what are in personal for common application my opinion well founded judgments on matters where information warrants. I distinguish my position with respect to to write life on the Moon, and on Mars, because I think that’s how the current state of knowledge applies. There’s no credible prospect of life on the Moon.

There is an extremely remote prospect of life on Mars. I lack belief in personal life on the Moon and life on Mars. Chinese New Year Report. But only in the latter case am I agnostic, or perhaps better weak atheist, since I we can work towards getting a more definite answer. In the former case, I’ve already made a stronger conclusion, corresponding to atheism. I have no problem with people who declare themselves agnostic with respect to God, but that is not not my position. I could be wrong; as I could be wrong on anything; but I think there is essay, ample warrant to university admissions essay format conclude with confidence that there’s no such thing as God.

That won’t stop me considering new evidence that might come to light indicating I’m wrong. But I have no expectation whatsoever that anything will actually come to light that would make God plausible. I’m happy for people to essay for common application choose the term for themselves, which best expresses the nuances of their own position. If someone wants to in theatre of guelph identify themselves as agnostic, or atheist, or strong atheist, or weak atheist, or milquetoast atheist; that’s fine. I accept that they are trying to convey some nuance about personal essay application their position. But don’t tell me I’m agnostic. I’m not; unless the word is so shorn of essays in theatre university of guelph all meaning that we are agnostic about everything. I don’t think that is consistent with Russell’s use of the term. I find it hard to for common assign a probability to essays in theatre something so ill-defined as the personal essay application “existence of God”, a concept susceptible to any number of interpretations, many of them subjective. I also have to disagree with Dawkins that it is necessarily a scientific question, or a well-formed hypothesis.

Great post, BTW. Chris, Hi. Who said knowledge had to be about certainties? But knowledge has to be about reasonable assurance and warrant. To be an agnostic is to state that (for some claim of belief) that nothing can (or does to date) tell for university or against that belief in a reasonable manner. Personal Essay For Common. Of course nobody’s saying that knowledge claims are only indefeasible certainties. Essays In Theatre. No knowledge is like that in personal essay for common application my view. Hey, John.

You may have had your tongue in your cheek; but your first comment in the thread includes “Well it cuts both ways, I say – you are all fencesitters on chinese new year, the knowledge question – whether knowledge is possible at all.” I took this as saying that there is no certain knowledge and so we are all effectively agnostic. It seems to be confirmed in essay your post where you say “we might suggest that those who think they are atheists, mean or otherwise, mostly are agnostics who are merely mislabelled” . I disagree with that; I think atheist is a perfectly reasonable term and relabelling self-declared atheists as agnostics will be actively misleading in the vast majority of cases. In Russell’s own text, he draws up an example of the Olympian pantheon. Ethics. This just gets weird; and more seriously he makes this remark in the text “ An Agnostic may think the Christian God as improbable as the personal for common Olympians; in that case, he is, for practical purposes, at one with the atheists.” That removes any value from the word agnostic, as far as I am concerned. More seriously, it appears to conflict directly with your claim that Russell “expresses quite clearly what the differences and implications of being an agnostic are relative to atheists.”

With that remark on essays in theatre university of guelph, the Olympians, I think Russell befuddles what validity there may be in making a difference between atheism and personal essay for common agnosticism. I think there is a useful distinction, and that Russell fails to ap essay make it clear at all. wow, thanks, something in your first post really clicked for essay application me as I continue to try and define the difference between an agnostic an an atheist. Essays University. They both acknowledge that you can’t disprove the existence of God but they differ in whether or not to make a judgment about essay for common it. It seems like agnostics should therefore be able to defend why they choose to philosophy be agnostic about God but not about other things. Words change over time, and agnostic and the rest of the terms have adopted new definitions.

So now we have agnostics, and philosophical agnostics. Nowadays they usually indicate certainty. atheist – someone who is essay application, fairly certain there is not a god. agnostic – someone who is essays in theatre of guelph, significantly uncertain about whether or not there is a god. theist – someone who is fairly certain there is a god. I disagree with Russell because he sought a name-scheme in which the name space was completely and exclusively filled by agnostic, atheist, and theist (and perhaps deist). Personal Essay. If you fit the definition of agnostic you couldn’t be an essays university of guelph, atheist, and vice versa. And if you fit the definition of agnostic you *definitely* couldn’t be a theist. Whether the meaning expressed in Russell’s essay was ever what the words meant, it certainly isn’t now. I self-identify as an atheist, and consider myself agnostic.

I even have Christian friends who consider themselves agnostic. Personal Essay. From which it’s clear to me that agnosticism is a position orthogonal to, and inclusive with, atheist/theist. You can be an agnostic atheist, a non-agnostic atheist, an agnostic theist or a non-agnostic theist. That removes any value from the word agnostic, as far as I am concerned. In this context, he’s talking about the Christian God only, hence the qualifier “for practical purposes”. You can be atheistic with respect to the Christian God, and philosophy in enviroment still be agnostic with respect to personal for common application the question of “God” (whatever that means) in general. I imagine that Russel was just trying to ap essay wiggle out of calling himself an atheist because, already, at his time this term was held in disrepsect. You have got to be joking! I suggest you go away and read a good Russell biography. If there was one human being on this planet in the 20th century who didn’t give a monkey’s toss about being held in disrepect it was Betrand Athur William 3rd Earl Russell or Bertie as he was known to his friends.

Mr Wilkins I thoroughly agree with your thoughts on Russell in the introduction to this post, I find it a shame that he appears to be out of fashion at for common, the moment. A great writer, thinker, mathematician, logician and all round good guy. When I was still young enough to have them Bertie was definitely one of university of guelph my heroes. Great post thank you. I think he’s got it all wrong. An atheist is simply one who does not believe what a theist does. There are lots of things I believe in — physics, chemistry, mechanics, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and especially conservation laws. There are lots of things I don’t believe in — fairies, pixies, elves, leprechauns, brownies, the Sand Man, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, magic spells — and especially magic gimmicks like water witches and polygraphs. An agnostic is simply someone who does not believe in for common application what a gnostic does, and a gnostic is book, one who claims to essay for common have secret mysterious esoteric knowledge. An agnostic is common limit, someone who disbelieves the claims of gnostics, taking them for for common bullshit artists. Thus I can be an atheist and an agnostic at the same time.

I don’t believe in chinese book the sky fairy and I don’t believe in personal for common bullshitters. Ironically, while I agree with Richard Carter’s comment about having the same confidence in in theatre the laws of gravity as the nonexistence of god, for me, that’s grounds for calling myself an personal, agnostic. But truthfully, I switch back and forth between the chinese book two terms. It’s all pretty much nomenclature in personal for common application the end, isn’t it? I’ve never understood the to write my essay need to nitpick over doctrinal differences; it’s unnecessarily divisive. People are individuals, and those who think for essay application themselves will, of course, vary in their beliefs and convictions. New Year. There are as many varieties of atheists and agnostics as there are denominations in the Christian religion — some atheists can be just as dogmatic and intolerant as the right-wing Christians, and personal essay some self-described theists can be as open-minded, tolerant and compassionate as one could hope for in a sane reason-based society — a bit of a Utopian ideal, but one worth striving for, IMHO.

Russell uses “know” and “prove” interchangeably in the above essay, so he is claiming that only certainties constitute knowledge, in in enviroment fact he uses this to establish the difference between atheists and personal essay application agnostics. An atheist, like a Christian, holds that we can know whether or not there is a God. The Christian holds that we can know there is a God; the atheist, that we can know there is not. The Agnostic suspends judgment, saying that there are not sufficient grounds either for affirmation or for denial. Philosophy Ethics. At the same time, an Agnostic may hold that the personal essay existence of God, though not impossible, is very improbable; he may even hold it so improbable that it is not worth considering in essay format practice . If claiming that something is so improbable as not to application be worth considering isn’t a knowledge claim, then what the hell is ? He goes on to say: His attitude may be that which a careful philosopher would have towards the common limit gods of ancient Greece. If I were asked to prove that Zeus and Poseidon and personal essay Hera and i have fears essay the rest of the Olympians do not exist, I should be at a loss to find conclusive arguments.

Which clearly implies that he thinks that atheist’s claim to know is a claim to have proof . This is how pretty much every agnostic argument against atheist runs, by personal essay for common confusing knowledge claims and proof, and Russell’s is no different. I understand the point you are making but I think it is mistaken. The term “agnostic” mean what John says it means. Larry Moran in i have fears essay his blog would go along with thins, as I suspect would PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins. The problem as I see it is in what is meant by the term “atheist”. John (and Russell) seem to take it as meaning someone who is certain god does not exist. This not not what I understand the word to mean, and Richard Dawkins in the “God Delusion” makes it clear it is not what he means when he calls himself an application, atheist. (I have a slight problem here in that while I agree with Dawkins, Moran, Myers …., I do not want to be considered to be speaking for them nor be considering myself on the same intellectual level so I would ask for in theatre of guelph some latitude). Essay For Common Application. In the “God Delusion” Dawkins is new year report, clear that he does not know, nor can prove, that god does nor exist. Personal For Common Application. He merely states that he regards the to write likelihood of god existing to be so unlikely as to not be worth bothering with.

Unlikely in the way that it is essay for common application, possible for your house to suddenly jump six feet to the left. Physics shows us this is possible but so improbable that there is simply no reason to consider it. This to new year me is what atheism is, there is no certainty that god does not exist, just the view that the possibility is personal for common, so remote it is not worth considering. Now the thing is I suspect John, and Bertrand Russell would hold exactly the same view. Ap Essay Limit. Russell suggested as much when he talked of essay for common application teapots orbiting the sun. He said that it cannot proved there is no teapot orbiting the i have essay sun (ignore those on earth please!) but there is no evidence there is and so there is no rationale for thinking it a possibility worthy of consideration. I suspect John’s views are similar. He does not consider the possibility god exists anymore likely than he considers that Father Christmas exists, or the Tooth Fairy. Neither of the personal essay for common latter can be shown be false but how many adults think they do exist ? What I think we have here is two parties, Dawkins, Moran, Myers et al not talking quite the same langauge as John et al.

To all intents John is an atheist. Essays. He does not, as far as I know, live his life in the assumption there is personal essay application, a divine being keeping an eye of university format what he does. I have no doubt John acts, or at least tries to act as far as he is able, in a moral manner without having to refer to a sacred book on as what to personal essay do. (Note I have no doubt John is a wonderful chap and help to write my essay next time he is in Wales I will happily buy him a beer!). John is a philosopher, and it would seem one of the useful kind! Dawkins et al are scientists.

And that I think is where the difference lies. You have managed to articulate better than I could what I have been trying say. I do not know of essay any atheist who claims for certain god does not exist. Dawkins does not, for in theatre sure, as he makes clear in the “God Delusion”. What atheists think is, as you said, the existance of essay god is so unlikely it not worth considering as possibility. We cannot “prove” anything for certain. We can know things that are so certain that to common ap essay limit think otherwise would indicate mental illness.

The theory of for common gravity cannot be proved, but only someone insane would think that just by flapping their arms they can fly off a tall building. The belief in god approaches that level of help mental illness. Those that think the earth is only a few thousand years old despite the evidence (Note that if the person is not aware of the evidence to essay contrary then they are just ignorant. However the older you get the less you can plead ignorance. To Write. A schoolchild can, a 50 year old less so. There is a thing called personal reponsibility and that applies to personal educating yourself). One question I need to help to write ask (and will answer!). Did Bertrand Russell believe god(s) existed ? The simple answer is that he did not.

He did not beleive in god. Not the Christian God, The Jewish God, The Hindu God nor any other. He might have believed in the type of god Spinoza suggested and that Einstein accepted. However that god is NOT what we consider to personal for common application be a god when talk of belief in god. Dawkins is record as saying he has no objection to common ap essay limit the god of Spinoza, although he does say he sees little point in personal application it. So Russell quite simply did not think there was a supernatural being taking an interest in what us humans get up to and from time to time intervening. Well, that makes him an atheist as far I am concerned!

I would like to know what grounds there are for claiming that no knowledge of a purported deity or deities is possible. Ap Essay Limit. Calling something impossible is a very strong statement that requires equally strong support. No one, as far as I am aware is saying that it impossible for gods(s) to exist. What many are saying is personal for common, that is absolutley no evidence to support claims that they do and absent any such evidence the when keats default position is to assume they do. The burden of proof is on person making the affirmative claim. So the grounds are simple, a total and complete lack of essay evidence to when fears support claims that god(s) exist. There’s really two different discussions going on here, and they’re running orthogonally. For Common Application. There’s the fears keats essay philosophical/epistemological debate over which labels are more accurate, which can probably go on for several more centuries without meaningful resolution, and which is far too reductionist for my taste anyway. And then there’s the political debate over whether atheists/agnostics/freethinkers/materialists/humanists/secularists/rationalists/skeptics/etc. are entitled to essay for common be equal partners in a democratic society.

This is probably not such a critical question in Europe or Australia, but in in enviroment ethics the U.S. right now, it’s a major political struggle worth fighting. I’m sure there’s a multidimensional matrix somewhere on which my precise type of unchurchedness can be plotted exactly, but as a U.S. citizen, for personal for common political purposes I’m a proud Atheist. In Theatre Of Guelph. I think some of the pushback you’re getting from PZ and others is because they see this endless debate about labels as diluting Atheism as a political identity. I am not sure that saying PZ’s atheism is a political position will wash. Of course being an atheist can have political consequences but PZ essentially takes the same position on application, atheism as Dawkins and ap essay limit Moran do, neither of whom live in the US. Atheism is for common application, simply not a political issue in the UK, and in Canada it does not seem to format be much of personal for common one either.

Dawkins does not suffer any kind of discrimination because he is an atheist, nor is he shunned by ethics relgious people (at least not the essay application more liberal sort. I doubt he would care if the fundamentalists refused to common ap essay limit talk to him). The CofE, liberal Jews, liberal Catholics, even liberal muslims, will not agree with Dawkins on religion. They do seem to personal for common application have a lot in common when to comes to how we should treat our fellow man. Indeed Dawkins has far more in common in that respect with say the Archbishop of Canterbury than the latter would with right wing christians in philosophy ethics the US. With regards the US, PZ maybe pretty leftwing in for common US terms but he would not be in the UK. So I do not think that political identity is anything more than a secondry consideration. I am beginning to suspect the divide may be pratical one.

Dawkins et al see no evidence for common the existance of a god, so say that there is no purpose in thinking one exists. Application. John seems to be being a bit more philosphical about it and i have fears keats essay does not make the leap in thinking, from absence of evidence to presumption of absence, that Dawkins does. There are two major reasons why one might think that the question was irresolvable. The first is that no evidence has ever come up that resolves it. Call this the personal essay To-Date Argument. One might inductively infer that none is ever likely to. This is a rather weak reason, but it is a justification of a To-Date Agnosticism.

Like Russell, there are things that would lead me to believe in a God, perhaps. The second is that no evidence could ever tell against there being a God of some kind. Report. Call this the In-Principle Argument. Personal Essay Application. Suppose I say there is philosophy, a deity, and the atheist brings forth evidence that contradicts my claim. So I respond, “but of course I don’t mean that deity, but another deity not subjected to personal essay for common this empirical counterevidence.” Repeat and rinse. The same thing can be done in reverse, for they are inverse and obverse of each other. Now I am a To-Date Agnostic in that no argument to date has been conclusive. Ap Essay Limit. This only works for particular deities, but since we are discussing the options actually on the board, it is critical. I’m not, in this argument, putting forth reasons to essay deny a possible deity on Arcturus IV, but only the ones being put forth in this society and time.

So the To-Date Argument is sufficient with respect to to-date deity claims. But the i have fears keats essay In-Principle Argument is that some deity may be possible no matter what counterarguments are put for other deities. This cannot be refuted. Since it cannot, so far as I am concerned, it is a non-argument. Any question that has merely to form of a question but cannot be answered is no question at all, so far as I am concerned. So the In-Principle Argument fails to convince me of a deity or not, and for common the To-Date Argument fails to university show me that for personal for common application a class of “actual” deities (or claims about university of guelph them) there are sufficient ways to avoid the counterevidence that I doubt the claims will ever be resolved fully. Hence, so far, they too are not disprovable. So I have no reason to either accept or deny the existence of these deities (including the assignment of likelihoods). There’s a good reason why the personal application To-Date Argument works – those religious claims that were falsifiable have been falsified. So a good many have been rejected so far (indeed, most of them) leaving those that are very hard to defeat because they have evolved counterarguments and their assertions have shifted to accommodate new evidence. Look at how some Hindus use quantum mechanics (wrongly, I grant you, but it shows the claims are evolving).

There is also a difference between a lack of evidence, and counterevidence . There is no known evidence for the existence of gods, and there’s plenty of evidence against specific deific hypotheses. Old-style agnosticism -in which the possibility of god-knowledge, complete or merely contigent, is rejected- is simply wrong. There are lots of things I believe in — physics, chemistry, mechanics, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and especially conservation laws. I have no idea what this means. In fact, I think that it leaches all meaning out of the term “belief.” Take math – I have 2 degrees in the stuff, and it’s never occurred to me that the concept of philosophy ethics belief had anything to do with it. It just doesn’t fit … All this talk about application agnosticism and not one useful definition of common ‘god’. There are 2 things I know for sure:

2. i did not create myself. After that I suspect a few more things: 3. everything in essay for common application my awareness appears to my essay change incessantly. 4. i seem to have a large variety of choices. 5. memory is essay for common, unstable. 6. reality may exceed my powers of observation. 7. i may be on a planet that rotates hundreds of mph while circling the sun at thousands of mph while the book solar system traverses the milky way at half a million mph while the milky way traverses some universe at an unknown speed without a bump or a sense of any significant motion.

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The Process of Articulation Therapy. For those of you that have read some of my previous posts on how to teach specific sounds you may have noticed a pattern. That’s because when teaching kids how to say sounds there IS a general pattern I follow even though each specific sound changes. I wanted to outline this for application you because if you understand this pattern, it will make teaching the sounds so much easier! Before I get into the details of this process, please understand that there are many other factors that affect speech intelligibility such as hearing loss, apraxia, oral motor deficits, sensory issues, and i have fears keats essay, phonological processes to personal essay application, name a few, but I will not be addressing any of these here. This post is essays, intended to simply explain the basic structure of articulation therapy and how you can work with your child on their sounds. So, let’s get started! The very first thing I want to know as a Speech Language Pathologist is what sounds does the essay, child have difficulty with. Common Ap Essay Limit. As a parent you could probably list them without a problem. If you do need some help you may want to see a speech pathologist and personal essay for common application, they can help you identify them. They can do an articulation assessment that will tell you exactly what sounds your child is common ap essay, struggling with, what position of the word (begining, middle or ending) they are struggling with it in, and what sound if any they are substituting it with.

They can also tell how your child compares to other children their age. So, after I have outlined the for common, problem sounds I like to check for stimulability. What is stimulability ? A child is “stimulable” if he or she can say the sound in direct imitation of the therapist or parent. If the child is stimulable or can say the sound then you have cause to celebrate. That means your job is going to be so much easier! If the child cannot say the common, sound, you’ll have some work to do. Essay For Common. You’ll need to teach them how to say the new year book report, sound. This is for common application, called sound elicitation . Sound elicitation is the process you go through to teach the child how to say the targeted sound. For example, if a child cannot say the /th/ sound in imitation you break down the process for them. Ap Essay. You might say, “Put your tongue between your teeth then blow.” After the sound is learned, meaning they can say it accurately in personal application, imitation of you then practice the sound in isolation. Practicing a sound in in enviroment, isolation means saying the sound all by itself without adding a vowel.

For example, if you are practicing the /t/ sound you would practice saying /t/, /t/, /t/ multiple times in a row. The more accurate repetitions you are able to get your child to produce the better. I am satisfied with 10 accurate repetitions in a row. For Common. When you are satisfied they can say the sound in isolation you are ready to move on to syllables. Practicing a sound in syllables simply means adding each vowel after the target sound, before the philosophy, target sound, and before and after the target sound, being sure to practice the long and short form of each vowel.

For example if the target sound was /s/ “after the target sound” would be “sa, se, si, so, and su.” This is for common, called “initial syllable production”, meaning the help my essay, target sound is in the beginning of the syllable. If the target sound was /p/ then placing the vowel “before the personal application, target sound” would be “ap, ep, ip, op, and up. This is called “final syllable production”, meaning the target sound is at the end of the syllable. If the target sound is /k/ then placing the vowel “before and after the target sound” would be, “ako, eki, ika, oku, and ukee. Of course there are multiple variations. This is called “medial syllable production”, meaning the target sound is in the middle of the when fears essay, syllable. When I introduce the syllables I like to see in which position the child has the essay application, easiest time producing the target sound. If the child is the most successful with the target sound in the initial (beginning) position of syllables I will begin work on the target sound in initial position of words. If the child has more success with the target sound in the final position of syllables then I would begin working on philosophy the target sound in the final position of words. So the plan here is to for common, work on the position they are having the most success with but not a position that is when fears essay, currently not a problem for essay application them.

For example, a child may exhibit a typical error pattern, or phonological process of final consonant deletion. This means they leave off the ending of most of their words. While the child can say the /m/ sound in the initial position of university of guelph, words with no difficulty, they never say it at the end of words. Essay Application. In this instance it is obvious that the sound in chinese new year, the initial position would not be a problem for them and would not be the place to start. Instead you would most likely begin work on the final position of the word. Once your child can say the for common application, sound in syllables you can move the sound into words.

At this point you have decided which position of the word you want to target and will begin practicing word cards in the initial, medial or final position of the word. I am satisfied with 80% accurate independent productions before I move on to the next step, which is using the word in a sentence. New Year. Meaning, I don’t count it as correct if the child says it in imitation of me. If I have to model a word for personal application a child I will often put that word card back in the rotation for when i have keats them to say again. After all the cards have been said we go back and practice the word cards that were in error. There are so many ways to make practicing word cards fun. I sometimes make a snake and put a little incentive such as an mm or a fish cracker every 3-5 cards. Personal. I have also fed the cards to puppets after they have been said, hid them around the room and gone on a hunt to look for them, as well as played memory, go fish and in enviroment, other fun card games.

Be creative this makes it more fun for both of you! My favorite way to practice sounds in sentences is with a “rotating sentence”. In a rotating sentence only the personal essay, word card changes. For example, your sentence might read, “Put ________ in pink purse.” Then you rotate all your practice cards through the sentence. This is an chinese new year, especially great way to personal application, practice sentences for young children who can’t read yet. They are able to memorize the admissions format, sentence, or use visual cues to personal essay application, help them read it aloud. You are also able to essay format, maximize the personal application, production of your target sound when you use a sentence with two or three target words in philosophy in enviroment ethics, it. You may find my sentences for personal essay for common the different sounds on the worksheets page. With older children, I have them write their own sentences using their target words. When a child has articulated 16/20 or 80% correct I have them move to stories. Practicing the sound in to write my essay, stories is not a step that is typically recommended.

In fact it is more common to move straight from sentences to conversation. I have found that with the addition of this step I have more success moving the sound into conversation. For my younger children I like to prepare a story for them to practice using the sound cards they have been practicing. You may use the stories I have created on my worksheets page. I try to include as many picture clues as I can so young children can retell the story without being able to read. I have asked older clients to write their own stories using the word cards.

They usually come up with very creative stories that are very entertaining for both of us. After the child has mastered reading the story aloud with 80% accuracy I have them retell me the story without reading it. This is just another small step toward getting an personal essay for common, accurate production of the target sound in conversation. Help To Write. Once they can do this I move them to conversation. In the therapy setting this step can be a little more tricky. Personal. I like to use a conversation jar.

I have probably 200+ questions in my conversation jar that get my clients talking and telling me all about themselves. It also gives me a more controlled environment where I can track their progress in ethics, conversation. You may also consider centering conversation topics around some of the target words they have mastered. However you decide to do it be sure to set a specified time to focus on the correct production of the target sound during conversation. Be sure to correct any inaccurate productions of the target sound at this time. Once the sound has been mastered in words, sentences, stories and in conversation you want to watch for generalization across all the contexts of application, language. If the admissions, child you are working with seems to be having difficulty generalizing the target sound go back and practice the words, sentences and stories again until they are able to produce the sound correctly in daily speech. A quick review… First practice the sound in isolation, then in essay application, syllables, words, sentences, stories, conversation and finally generalizing the target sound in all contexts of language.

When this pattern is followed the child has a greater likelihood of success. The only thing that changes in this process is in enviroment, how to elicit the different sounds. This basic pattern of how to teach the sounds remains the same. You can download a PDF of the personal application, “Process of Articulation Therapy” which outlines the university admissions format, entire process step by application step: I hope this will give you a good starting point in in enviroment ethics, working with the “misarticulations” in your child’s speech.

Remember to be patient, and to make it fun! Heidi has been a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist since 2000. She graduated from Utah State University where she completed both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. She began her career in early intervention and eventually started her own private practice where she has worked primarily with pre-K through school age kids. She is the personal for common, founder of Little Bee Speech Apps and lives in beautiful Utah with her husband and university format, 4 children. Thank you for your website/blog. It helps and essay for common application, definitely give parents brighter ideas that cost the least. If a child has delayed speech, due to ASD what are more effective, simpler ways or techniques to teach or make him blow bubbles or which oral/motor exercise could possibly help in making a child produce air in circular lips position?

As stated, blowing bubbles are one of the ways to in enviroment ethics, also help speech. Thank you for your kindness. and essay application, I hope you will have more sharing to come!! (It goes back anyway….in a hundred-fold or more) A basic hierarchy for teaching a child to when, blow bubbles begins with lip awareness. Essay Application. Try blowing a bubble, catching it on the wand, then popping it on your child’s lips. My Essay. This creates awareness. Personal For Common Application. Do this multiple times.

As your child begins to anticipate the bubble on his lips, hold back a little to see if he will come to meet the bubble. Next you want to limit, encourage air flow. Hold your child’s hand to your mouth and blow, let him feel the warmth. Then encourage him to do the same on his hand. Now blow another bubble, catch it on the wand and model slow air flow as to make the bubble wiggle but not actually blow off the wand. Now encourage him to do the essay for common, same. Even if he just takes a deep breath and makes the bubble move by accident, praise him. After he begins to university essay format, get the idea of making the bubble wiggle, model blowing the bubble off of the wand. After your child can blow the bubbles off of the wand consistently you can try having him blow the bubble through the wand. Personal Essay For Common. If he still struggles with lip rounding, use your hand to pull his lips forward into a rounded position, then encourage him to fears, blow through the wand.

Blowing bubbles is personal, a great way to stimulate lip rounding for sounds like /w/ and /o/ and oo. It also helps improve respiratory control which gives the child the strength to say more words on one breath of air. Other ways to promote lip rounding include drinking through straws, and blowing horns with a round mouth piece. If your child sees a speech pathologist you might ask for guidance through an oral motor program. Hi, thank you for sharing your worksheets on speech therapy sounds. However, I noticed that some of the worksheets in the S Sounds, S Blends, and TH Sounds links were not working correctly. I though I’d let you know. Thank you again for philosophy in enviroment sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us. #128512; I’m so happy to have found your website! My son, who is 2 weeks shy of turning 6, has had a lisp (/s/ and /z/ become /th/) since he learned to talk (early).

At around 3 I showed him how to personal essay, say /sh/ correctly and he has never looked back. Everyone I’ve talked to has said not to bring it up and just be patient and he’ll grow out of help, it. Personal Essay. He is very smart, currently reading at a 3rd grade level, and very vocal. I just don’t want this to become such a habit that he can’t overcome it later and it becomes a problem. I appreciate all of the information and advice you’ve given (for free!) and can’t wait to start working on it with him in a relaxed, fun way!

Thank you!! I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes #128578; I am glad you have found the worksheets useful. I am currently trying to finish up some of the /s/ stories, and s blend stories which is why the links are not working. Hopefully I will have them up soon. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for my essay making this blog. Essay. I can’t tell you how much this article has been helpful to me. I currently work as an ABA Tutor for a child with autism- and philosophy ethics, he’s doing great- the only thing is that I can’t understand very much of what he says because he doesn’t pronounce certain sounds- and it all seems random.

He can say the “M” in some words but not in others- things like that. I was talking to my aunt, who is a teacher, and she told me that some speech pathologists don’t worry about certain sounds for three and four year olds because it’s not developmental. I understand that some sounds are developmental, but there are many sounds that this child should be able to say. (I think.) I took a quick preassessment to see what sounds he had trouble with and personal, I came up with this list (I haven’t tried your initial and final method- all of to write, these are the short version if they are vowels): a, e, f, j, m, q, r, t, v, w, z, ch, sh, and th. I understand that probably ch, sh, and th are sounds he’s not developmentally ready for- but I definately think he could say m, r, t, v, w, and z. (At least.) I was telling his Mother today about how I wished there was some strategy or pattern that I could use so that I could help him- I’ve only got 6 months until I student teach and I want him to get as much out of for common application, tutoring as possible. Then I went home and found your website- and in enviroment ethics, WOW! This completely fits into my program- I will be able to use discrete trial with it, make a target list, track progress, and everything. Personal. It lays everything out for me in an easy-to-follow strategy. I know that there will still be some sounds that are beyond my teaching capabilities. (I’m sure J will be hard,) but at ethics least I can help him a little. Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise in a very clear, practical, easy to understand manner. You have encouraged me. My son has a myriad of issues, used to have speech therapy through the 0-3 and then the public preschool program, but now, at 7, and homeschooled, we can’t afford therapy. I had his articulation tested at 6 and he scored at a 3% with many errors. It was recommended he have therapy 2x a week. However, he has consistently made steady improvements even without it. Since he is so self-aware of his errors, he has been able to work on some of them intuitively, and will tell me with excitement when he discovers he can articulate a sound he once could not. Essay For Common Application. I also continue to admissions essay format, use tips and application, exercises I learned from his therapists. I’m looking for resources to help him cement continued improvements and encouragement that I can do this at home in a fun, gentle way!

Thanks again for sharing valuable info and my essay, encouragement – God bless!! Thank you Debbie. Application. Sounds like your son is on his way. Good luck to you! Can I just say finding your site has MADE MY DAY. I graduated with an admissions essay format, undergraduate degree in SLP/AUD, Comm.

Disorders but ended up having babies instead of pursuing my certification. #128521; However, I continue to have a love of speech development and all things communication disorders. Two of my three kiddos are now preschool age and I am starting the journey of homeschooling them. Application. Your site is an amazing tool for me! I love your articles, your practical tips, and when i have fears keats, your encouraging and essay for common, comforting tone! Keep up the common ap essay limit, good work! Grateful for for common application you, and essays university of guelph, the work you’re doing in personal for common application, maintaining this site. Kelly, Thank you so much. Limit. I’m glad you are finding my site useful. Good luck with your home schooling adventure! What a fantastic web site.

I am a Speech Therapy Assistant in a Primary School and love your worksheets. For Common Application. The information and advice that you provide is fantastic!! Keep up the ap essay limit, great work!! So far I have transformed two children with problems pronouncing the “L” sound with your help and support from personal application, your website!! Thankyou sooooo much! Thank you so much for your comment. It feels great to hear that the help my essay, information on my blog is benefiting others. That’s why I do it. I hope you will continue to find information that will support your efforts to personal for common, improve the speech of those you work with. Thank you so much for the ideas and printables.

I am a SLP in fears keats essay, a new school setting – Thanks! There are no words to essay application, describe how ecstatic, excited and relieved I am to found your blog. I have been searching like crazy for something exactly like this, that can get me started on teaching my son, who has speech delay and for some unfortunate reasons reasons we have no access to any speech pathologist for now. The tools you have described are so easy and practical to follow that I am very confident I will not lose even one day for the care, attention and teaching my precious baby needs. THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for making my life so much less daunting. We live in Spain, my kids are bilingual and in theatre university, both have problems with articulation, a fact their teachers acknowledge (especially lisping s) but tell me it doesn’t matter for their English since none of the Spanish kids can pronounce English well….

A speech therapist told me to personal essay, work at home in a calm fashion with the boys but was struggling to come up with words and games. Now thanks to you we have our fun time all sorted. Thank you for making such resources available to us non-professionals – there aren’t words to describe how much easier it makes our lives when you give you time and knowledge so freely. Next trip home no one is going to have to ask my kids to repeat themselves #128578; Thank you so much for the nice comments. In Theatre University. I’m so happy that my blog has been able to help you find more direction when working with articulation. It can definitely be a little daunting, but with the personal, right tools and bit of direction, you’ll be surprised at how much you will accomplish, good luck. By the common, way, Spain is at the top of my list of places to visit someday, looks so beautiful! So glad to find your blog.

I have twin boys that we adopted from China about 18 months ago. Both with cleft palates. They were 3 when we brought them home (almost 5 now) and had had no language skills to speak of. We have had two major surgeries for them and they are in speech twice a week. Their receptive language is wonderful. They just don’t want to put multiple word together at all. Personal Essay Application. Lot’s of one word at help to write a time talking and sounds effects. Really looking for ways to personal essay application, make this “fun” because they dread seeing their speech folder. Essays University Of Guelph. Please feel free to email me any ideas you have.

Like many others, I love your site. I love the name and the concept behind it. Personal. I am a SPED preschool teacher and I will be recommending your site to all of my families. Most of my students (2-3 years old) have speech delays, along with other disabilities (DS, ASD, etc.) I like the common ap essay limit, pinwheel analogy you use to explain how to work on speech sounds. However, I find that using board maker pictures help my students to make those initial sounds more readily, instead of waiting until the 3rd step of your process before showing pictures.

Even if a child does not have any sounds/language, and I was teaching the /b/ sound, I would pull out my flashcards with words like ball, bubbles, etc. on them. As I show the card, I model the word and encourage the student to imitate the sound, lip formation, or whatever the child can do. Personal Application. I may also have the real object and whatever sound or attempt they make, I use it to teach requesting behaviors as well. Essay. Keep up the good work! I just happened across your website as I am a speech therapist with a bachelor’s degree and back in personal for common, the school system after a few years. Help. Recreating everything and getting therapy back in order is a chore and I am glad to have found your sight.

My articulation therapy has always been what I see here for the most part from personal essay application, isolation to conversation. In Theatre. I am trying to put together a good way of data collection for articulation and language. Personal Essay Application. The school paperwork is challenging enough and of guelph, I have been trying to fine tune a data collection form for a while now. Can you help me with this? Any help would be appreciated and I look forward to revisiting your site often. Thank you for your comment. You seem to have a good understanding of how to elicit sounds from little ones. Personal Essay For Common Application. What you are doing is exactly what I have been explaining. Even though you skipped right to pictures the first thing you did was have the essay, child imitate the sound in isolation.

That is the first step. Then while showing the personal essay for common application, same picture you may have the common limit, child imitate the sound with a vowel, for for common application example /ba/ for ball. That is step 2. Then finally having them say “ball” is admissions, step 3. Keep up the great work. It sounds like you are doing a great job! As the mother you have quite an personal essay, advantage in that you can do speech all day every day in in theatre university of guelph, your daily routine. No speech folder required. Personal Essay. For example, if you are cooking dinner and your twins want to help and they say, “help.” You may then say, “Help mommy?” Then, encourage them to philosophy in enviroment ethics, say, “help mommy.” Then allow them to personal for common, help, or not to help. Fears Keats. It’s up to you. This is personal essay application, called language expansion. Help My Essay. Simply add a word to their utterance and allow them to imitate you. They say “car,” you say “blue car.” Unfortunately, sometimes even with our best intentions as mothers our children may not cooperate, and they may not choose to imitate you.

But when it comes to granting their desires we have much more leverage. If they request a cookie, simply don’t give them a cookie unless they put two words together, “more cookie,” or “cookie please.” Be sure to always model what is expected of them and personal essay, reward them when they make their best attempt, even if it is not perfect. Hope this helps. I am currently working on common limit creating a software program that will make data collection for essay application articulation so easy! I’m very excited about it and I will let you know as soon as I am finished with it. In the mean time good luck with everything. ur presentation on articulation therpy is vry interesting. i am very impressed. To Write My Essay. thanks for this information. i will apply this therapy on my patients in pakistan.

Hi Heidi, This is is not just another website that we browse by and then forget the tips when we leave it. It has substance that are complete and changes the day to day life of parents like me. Essay Application. My son is going to be 7 in july and is attending speech in philosophy in enviroment ethics, his school. Now he gets all the sounds except /sh/,/ch/,/j/. At home I have started SH elicitation today as per your directions.

Recently he got /s/ and application, /z/(not completely accurate #128577; ). Since s is common limit, not accurate, he gets /sh/ from ee. We are practicing daily and hoping we will get it. Can I start /ch/ simultaneously or after he gets sh? At school he is doing ch and sh now. I want to do too because it can be more effective if done both at school and personal for common, home. Your words on this is valuable. #128578; Thankyou so much. Typically I would recommend that you master the SH sound before you begin the when i have fears keats essay, CH sound. In my experience children are more successful when they only have to essay, focus on one sound at a time. The other reason I would do this is because you can shape the CH sound from the SH sound once your child has mastered the SH sound. On the other hand if your child can say both sounds correctly in isolation then I would go ahead and follow the advice from your school speech therapist.

You are absolutely right that your child will be more successful if he is working on the same thing at home as he is at school. Good luck! I know you can do it. Thank you so much for your website! My son just turned 4 and of guelph, has trouble saying “k” and “g” sounds primarily. Also has trouble with “s” and “s” blends. At his 4 year old check up I had the personal essay application, dr write us a referral to a speech therapist.

We cannot get in for 2 months, so these tools will be of great help,to start today at home. I have taken notes on my essay sounds he cannot say, what sound he substitutes them with, to essay, be prepared for our first visit. I am excited to begin this journey of helping my son over come these problems. Thank you so much for having so much information that is easy for parents to understand, materials that are fun for our children and university admissions essay, gives us the confidence that we can help our children. I need some advice for personal for common application my son he is 6 years old and having some issue with speech, don’t know where to start. I would start by help my essay having him evaluated by essay a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) in your area to find out essays university, what specific speech problems he is essay, having. Limit. After your son has been evaluated they will be able to essay for common, guide you down the path of where to keats, start. In the meantime if you have more specific concerns like how to personal essay for common, target a sound he is not saying or how to increase his vocabulary maybe I can help.

Just let me know. Great, very helpful blog post on articulation..thanks for helping us through your blog..God bless. Simply superb! I am going to use your recommendations for my 6 year old. she has problem with K, Kh, G and Gh sounds and I hope straw exercise and practice with the worksheets would help. To Write My Essay. Are there any other methods/tools that can be of help. Please advise.

You are really making a difference to so many of us! God bless you. I am from Australia, I have a son that is 5 years old and will be starting school next year. we have been attending speech therapy on and off for the past year through community health clinics. Essay. my son has trouble pronouncing the ‘g’ and my essay, ‘k’ sounds. i am trying to find different ways to help my son and i was wanting some advice…. do i need to have my son be able to say the ‘g’ and ‘k’ sounds on their own before we can try and practice the sounds in words such as ‘cat’ and ‘gate’. do you have any tips on how to deal with my son when he gets frustrated that he cant do this and gives up or ‘shuts down’ and does not want to try anymore. which sound would you recommend we try to teach him first. any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Wow, your website is incredible. Personal For Common Application. Just what I have been looking for. Admissions Essay Format. I feel like crying because I am so happy I found it. My daughter is almost 3 and has been in articulation therapy for for common 4 months because she leaves off final sounds on almost every word. I feel that the process has been slow and she has only slightly improved. To Write. We are feeling very discouraged and for common application, not sure if she is with the right speech therapist for her.

How would I know? How fast should children progress in speech? Our speech therapist is teaching her multiple endings such as p/m/n/t and university admissions essay, more at the same time. Would it be easier for my daughter to essay for common application, master one and then move on to the next final sound? Sorry for ap essay all the questions, we just feel at a loss. I feel as though her speech is holding her back. Your sight is amazing.

We live in Utah county and I was wondering if you have any openings for personal essay for common application speech? You can send me an email if so. Thank you for philosophy ethics this amazing site. It really does make me feel like I can help my daughter and home and personal application, that we are not alone in to write, this speech therapy process. I am so glad you have found the sight helpful.

To answer your question, it is essay for common application, not uncommon for speech therapists to target more than one sound at a time when addressing the phonological process of final consonant deletion. However, I have found it to be more successful to teach one sound at chinese new year a time. In my experience the child is able to experience more success at a more rapid pace when they are working on an isolated sound. Essay For Common Application. Then after they have mastered one sound they can move on help to write to the next sound and so on. Personal Essay. After the child has experienced success with putting 3-5 sounds at the end of words they often begin to generalize the philosophy in enviroment ethics, rule and start putting other sounds on the end of essay for common application, words that they haven’t targeted yet in therapy. I’ll be in touch with you via email to see if there is anything more I can do to help out. You can find more recommendations for teaching the /k/ and in enviroment, /g/ sounds on my post, “How to Teach the K and G Sounds.” You can also find worksheets to practice the for common, k and essays in theatre university, g sounds on personal essay for common application the worksheets page.

I hope this helps! Yes, you want to make sure your son can say the /k/ and /g/ sounds all by book themselves before you start practicing the for common, sound in words like gum or cookie. Read my post, “How to Teach the K and G Sounds” for more tips on how to teach those sounds in isolation. I would recommend you start with the sound he has the most success with whether it is the /k/ or the /g/. If he is philosophy in enviroment, too frustrated to try for you give him a break and then try again in a few days. Keep your trials short and be careful not to say anything about his speech when you are not working on it so he won’t become too frustrated.

If you still can’t help him say the sounds correctly in isolation consult a speech pathologist for more guidance. Good luck! It feels great and essay for common application, very satisfying after reading you blog.You have helped me a lot.If you can give some facial muscles exercise tips for university enhancing speech of application, a down syndrome kid of 9 year age,then it would be great. I’m glad to hear the blog has been helpful to you. The Down Syndrome Centre has some great tips on oral motor exercises that will help to enhance speech. Philosophy In Enviroment. You can access tips for: I hope this helps! #128578; Thank you so much for the downloadable worksheets! my 3.5 y.o. Personal. son is in speech, but only 1x per week for 20 minutes. He’s been having a really hard time with the F and S blends, which we’ve been working on for 6 months! The Worksheets are basically the same thing his therapist uses in his sessions. I haven’t been able to common ap essay, find something that works for him, but now I can work with him at home because they are similar to personal essay, his session.

THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Thanks for the great website, Heidi! I am an SLP in the public school setting in philosophy in enviroment ethics, WI, and have found many helpful links and personal essay for common, new activities to try with my elementary kiddos. I love your pinwheel idea for “The Process of Articulation Therapy,” but I think you should add a step #7 – “generalization.” Many of my kiddos fly through the isolation, syllable, and word sections, and become a little more challenged when we get to sentences, stories and conversations. However, they tend to get “stuck” when they think about common, transferring their (now correctly-produced) sounds outside of the essay for common application, therapy room. Philosophy In Enviroment Ethics. I have students who will see me come into their classroom and for common, say, “Uh-oh, now I need to university admissions format, use my good speech sounds!” Generalization is the last, but perhaps most important, piece of the “speech puzzle” and they need to understand that their good speech sounds need to be correctly produced not only in for common, the therapy room, but everywhere!

Thanks again for philosophy in enviroment ethics your website, I look forward to coming back to find new things! I love your suggestion! I will definitely add generalization for step #7. That is definitely the last piece and sometimes the most difficult. If our students can say the sounds correctly in therapy but not at home we haven’t accomplished our goals. Thanks again for reading and sharing!

My daughter cannot say the essay for common, SK sound. She pronounces the word school as sool and essay, the words scale as sale. Do you have any suggestions for personal application me on what exercises I may try with her to university of guelph, help her. She is starting kindergarten in the fall. She is currently in pre-school and personal application, went through the format, screening process but was not referred to speech therapy.

I work with preschoolers. I have been searching for a way to help parents practice their child’s sound in personal essay application, sentences and conversation. And it is great not to have to reinvent the wheel. I have been practicing speech therapy for a while and common limit, it is so nice to be able to find new ideas and also not have to spend so much time making your own materials all the time. I use to spend a lot of time making my own materials so the internet and sharing between other therapists is soooo helpful.

Thank you so much. Thank you so much Heidi for essay your wonderful site. I just stumbled upon it by accident and I have to say it is in enviroment ethics, quite literally an personal for common, answer to my prayers. University Of Guelph. I have a granddaughter who was born 10 weeks premature with some complications that required her at have an operation at a week old. She has taken a while to catch up to her peers but is doing really well now at for common two and a half other than her speech development. Living in Canada, we are fortunate to have free screening and therapy up to three years old (the therapy continues for i have free if needed through the school system). Her parents seem unconcerned about it as her old sister talked late. I feel it would be best to personal essay for common, have her checked to see if there is a problem because I believe early intervention is the key. I could go on but the long and short of it is thank you for providing a way that I can help this little girl articulate her words.

I get to see her quite often and university of guelph, I am sure this is going to help her tremendously. Thank you for personal essay application taking the time to put it all together. It is very much appreciated. You’re welome Fionna. Philosophy. What a good grandmother you are to take such an active role in the development of your granddaughter. You are so right, whenever possible early intervention is best.

I wish you the best of essay for common, luck with your granddaughter! First have your daughter imitate the /s/ sound and then the /k/ sound independent of each other. Philosophy In Enviroment. If she can say both sounds accurately in personal essay application, isolation (all by themselves) then she is ready to be taught the sk blend. Have her practice putting the sk sounds together (not in a word) until she is to write my essay, able to master this. Sometimes stretching the /s/ sound out before adding the /k/ sound helps, “sssssssk.” Once she has this down have her add a vowel to it for example, “ska, ski, sko” or “sku.” Once she has this down then have her practice the /sk/ blend in words. You may use the /sk/ words I have on my worksheets page under s blends. Once she gets this have her practice the /sk/ words in personal essay for common, sentences and then in fears essay, stories. Excellent web. page.

Thanks for sharing with us. I am looking forward to incorporating these techniques and worksheets more formally into my 4-year-old girl’s home preschool. She was born with a cleft palate and required a second surgery to personal essay, correct speech. Have you ever worked with cleft palate children? We’re doing pretty well correcting her b’s, d’s, f’s, a little trouble on t’s which she tends to my essay, do in her throat, and personal essay for common, s, sh, j, ch, g are all in her throat since that is the substitution she chose since she couldn’t make the sound. Any tips/advice unique to cleft palates? She is supposed to see a speech pathologist at new year book Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, but we’ve had trouble getting scheduled, and though they are excellent, I don’t get the sense they try to educate parents much about essay for common application, how they can help.

Speech is something that I have always been fascinated with probably since it’s related to in enviroment, singing and music which is closer to my area of application, expertise. Heidi, you have awesome resources here. Thanks! I’m wondering when a parent should decide its time for to write professional intervention. Essay For Common Application. My four and book, a half year old has issues with many sounds, including /f/, /s/ combos, /th/, /o/, /y/, /v/ and /l/. She is a very bright girl and I think it is causing her frustration, especially at school. My gut is that it’s time even though I’ve been told it can wait until kindergarten. Application. What do you think? In the mean time, we will definitely start using some if your worksheets!!

I would recommend you follow your gut. With some guided direction from a Speech Language Pathologist preschool age children can often times get their speech cleared up before they enter kindergarten. If it were my daughter, that’s what I would do. In the meantime. I hope the worksheets are able to help. Essays In Theatre. I think you would also find Articulation Station on the iPad a really fun and motivating tool to work on your daughters speech at home. I created it for parents (just like yourself), teachers and Speech Language Pathologists.

It’s been awhile since I have had any children with cleft palate on my caseload. So I don’t have any tips specific to cleft palate. Based on the information you have told me about your daughter I would recommend that you target the /t/ sound next. I would work on shaping the /t/ sound from the /d/ sound she is having success with since they are both made with the essay, tongue tip touching the alveolar ridge (bumpy spot behind the front teeth). To shape the sound start by having her say the /d/ sound and then have her say the /d/ sound quietly (in a whisper), then while saying the /d/ sound quietly have her speed up the repetitions until she starts to say the fears keats essay, /t/ sound. Tell her, “That is the /t/ sound.” Then encourage her to say the /t/ sound followed by essay a voiced vowel. Once she is able to maintain the common ap essay limit, /t/ sound before the voiced vowel you are ready to start working on the /t/ sound in words. You can use the /t/ worksheets on the worksheets page or you may be interested /t/ sound program in personal essay application, Articulation Station on the iPad for fun, motivating ways to practice the /t/ sound. Hope this helps!

I have searched online for so long looking for a way to help my 7 yr old daughter with her speech. Unfortunately, our resources are limited, therefore our options are limited. My daughter has struggled with TH words and V words and now she is entering the 3rd grade and common limit, kids make fun at how she pronounces words and she has become self-conscious. Your website is personal for common application, AWESOME. In Theatre University Of Guelph. We have begun to personal essay for common, use your excercises. Hi. I have a couple of questions. I work in the school system and work with gifted students. One of them is working in /r/ and when i have fears keats, the other is working on essay for common application /s/ and /z/. What is the best way to target r? He can do it in common ap essay, all levels but still has difficulty in conversations and carry over. I need a good resource for /r / and what games to play because they are 5th grade gifted speech kiddos.

Have you looked into “The Entire World of personal, R” products by Christine Ristuccia? She has a wide variety of products for working on the r phoneme. I have also had my r clients work on memorizing and reciting the r stories in Articulation Station based on the specific r they are targeting. When I Have Fears Essay. That way they can always review it when they need a refresher activity. Another good assignment for them is to personal essay, come up with an new year report, additional set of essay, words that contain the sound they are working on or have them write their own stories using words from their targeted word list. We also work on new year book report saying the r correctly during conversation. There is application, a conversation app out right now on the iPad and iPhone I just love called “Conversation Cards.” It’s a great way to common limit, practice that r sound while focusing on something else.

You may even try playing trash can basketball. Set the personal, timer for 5 minutes and have them speak out essay format, loud about personal application, a predetermined topic. While they are talking tally all correct and incorrect productions of the targeted r phoneme. At the report, end of the 5 minutes they can take a shot at throwing a paper ball into essay application, the trash can for every correct production and you get three foul shots for help to write every incorrect production. Kids have a ball with this activity. They really enjoy beating you! I hope this gives you a few new ideas. Thank you so much for this! I’ve had my daughter’s initial assessment along with some weekly sessions.

I am unable at essay for common this point to continue, although she still needs the therapy. When Keats Essay. This is wonderful! You have provided the necessary tools for me to continue speech therapy with my daughter . Personal For Common Application. Thank you so much! My daughter is 4.5 and experiencing the same problem I see many of the other moms here describing; she cannot say her /s/ sound. Instead it is admissions essay format, always a /th/. I have been working with her for personal essay for common application a couple weeks in a gentle manner trying to keep it low stress, but with no improvement. She just does not say /s/ at all – even in isolation. What should I do? Seek professional help? This seems to be the only sound she has trouble forming, and I don’t mean to be overly concerned…

Thank you so much for creating this blog and helping us moms! The /s/ sound is typically mastered in all sound positions by the time a child is 5, so your daughter is not considered delayed at this time. Help To Write. However, what concerns me is that she is not able to produce an /s/ at all even in isolation after you have been working with her. If it were my daughter I would get her evaluated by a speech pathologist. If you go to the schools, she may not qualify for essay services since this is the only sound she is having trouble with. If that is the case ask them if they can give you some ideas of how to teach her to say the /s/ sound.

If you can afford private therapy that may be the route to take. In the meantime check out my post, “My Child has a Lisp, Should I be Concerned?” for chinese new year report some more ideas on how to elicit the /s/ all by itself. If you can get her to essay, produce a clear /s/ then you can use my /s/ worksheets found on my “worksheets” page to common ap essay, help her practice at application home. Or you may also be interested in buying the /s/ program in Articulation Station for iPad and iPhone found on the App Store. Hope this helps! hi! this is dr laxmi here and m serving in philosophy in enviroment ethics, army as an essay, eye specialist! my son is 2year 6mths old and does not speak except for mum and baba! doctor said mild autism but i cdnt find any such symptom! how to improve his speech ! Hi Dr. Laxmi. Common Ap Essay. I would recommend you have your son evaluated by a speech language pathologist for more information on what may be causing his delay and what you can do at essay for common home to help him.

In the university of guelph, meantime you may be interested in my post, “Using Turn Taking and personal application, Imitation to philosophy, Improve Communication.” My four year old has recently started adding -a to personal essay for common, the end of words. Ethics. Mommy-a, daddy-a, pee pee-a, any ideas. Sorry for the delay in response. If this problem is still persisting I would recommend contacting a speech therapist. From what you’re describing it could be a phonological process called epenthesis, where children will add a vowel, usually the personal essay for common, “a” sound between two consonants in the middle of words, or following a consonant at to write my essay the end of words i.e. Personal Application. “cup-a”, however, from the university of guelph, examples you used it sounds like your child’s doing this with all words, regardless of personal essay application, whether they end with a consonant or not. This could be considered a form of disfluency or stuttering. Chinese New Year Report. Given the opportunity to listen to your child and hear a language sample in an evaluation, a speech therapist would most likely be able to narrow down the probable cause to why your child is doing this and then would be able to give you suggestions for effective intervention. Good luck! I’m not sure if you’ll get this but do you have a printable of the pinwheel above. Or do you know where I could find a student-friendly version to help track them track their progress?

Many Thanks – your blog is UHH-Mazzing!! Just found the pinwheel #128578; Thank you!! Oh thank you. My son was just diagnosed with articulation disorder and of our three other children this is the personal essay for common, first time we’ve had to deal with something related to new year report, speech. We’re a little nervous and we are in the process of learning more about this.

He’ll be three in May and because of the closeness to personal essay for common application, his third birthday we have to chinese new year report, work through the school system. Unfortunately we are moving in two months so we will not be able to really settle with any specialists in personal essay for common application, the short time we have here. But long story short, I just want to say thank you for your website, it is by far the most complete and helpful I’ve found as I’ve been researching these past few days. When Fears. I’m learning so many new things and ways to help him, thank you again. Hi! My daughter is four and personal essay application, has been in speech therapy for help my essay a little over a year. She has issues with transitioning from one sound to another. For example if you ask her to say “puppy’s eat grass” she will say “puppy eat pass,” or if asked to say “fish swim in puddles” she will say “fis sim in fuddle.” We repeat sentences like the ones mentioned to personal essay, help her to practice transitioning to different sounds, but I am wondering if there could be more going on contributing to her speech delay. Philosophy In Enviroment. She has been evaluated, but they said that she just has a speech delay and for common, there is no underlying reason.

What do you think? It’s hard to say without evaluating her myself. From the examples you gave it looks like her speech errors could be phonological in nature. That means there may be a pattern to university, her mispronunciations. These patterns are not uncommon among children. Only, typically developing children will usually drop these patterns of substitutions at an earlier age.

Meaning, your daughter’s speech could easily be characterized as simply a speech delay. If you have concerns about the personal for common, pace of therapy or the progress she is making be sure and communicate that with your therapist. I’m sure she will be happy to essays in theatre, work with you so therapy can be a positive experience for essay for common everyone. Heidi is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Co-founder of Little Bee Speech Apps and lives in beautiful Utah with her husband and 4 children.

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For the Love of Romance, Leave Us to Our Fabulous Sex Lives! Have you read a good romance lately? Did you recommend it to a friend or colleague only to have them say, “I don’t read such things” or “I read crime novels or autobiographies”? Of course, they say it with an immense sense of personal essay superiority as though they’re more present in the ‘real world’ and that there is something wrong with someone for enjoying a good ‘happy ever after’. It makes me want to regress to in enviroment being a teenager, roll my eyes and reply, “whatever”. But I don’t. Until recently, I’ve smiled and nodded and changed the subject. On Facebook, I generally ignore the comments or provide a diplomatic response. Now before you get your knickers in personal essay application a knot, I’m neither referring to individuals who genuinely don’t have an university interest in romance (much as some people prefer tea to coffee) nor those who prefer other genres and will only pick up a romance occasionally and if a friend coerces them to. I’m also not referring to people who don’t believe in romance.

I respect that we all have pasts and can understand that some experiences don’t lend themselves to creating much belief in essay for common love. I am referring to in enviroment ethics the ‘heart haters’ those individuals who believe that they have the right to judge the romance reader and writer. The suppositions made by for common, them are that romance readers are sadly disillusioned or are overcompensating for a lack of sex, love and / or dating in their lives. I even came across an new year book article that refuted a statement that women who read romance novels “can become dangerously unbalanced”. ( In the same article, a crime writer is cited as stating, “#8221;My plea to romance writers: please stop writing. You are destroying marriages, the fabric of society, and the entire cosmos#8221;. Really? Judge much? Okay here, I think regression is personal essay application appropriate and to write, an eye roll is absolutely deserving and personal essay application, maybe a good shaking or two. The irony is that the keats statement made by this crime-writer is soaked with the for common very melodrama us romance writers and readers are often attributed with. (And I think he is just jealous because romance novels sell more than any other genre.) Thankfully, there are enough people out there who have the ethics kutzpah, the personal for common tenacity, to challenge the fabricators of such dribble. I found another interesting article on help to write my essay the demographics of romance readers ( and quite a few more on how romance can spice up one’s sex life, most notably, Teach Me Tonight ( So here are the application judgmental assumptions made about romance readers, facts I#8217;ve found and admissions format, of course, my take on things:

Assumption – Romance readers are sad and alone. Fact The majority of romance readers are married or in a committed relationship. My take – I know many romance writers, being one myself, and even more romance readers. Most of them are not only in relationships but also in essay application happy, supportive relationships. Who knows… maybe the hope and positive outcomes inherent within romance novels creates a mind-set more open to love and overcoming the in theatre university of guelph challenges relationships present.

Now I have what I refer to as a ‘gatvol’ stage. The direct translation of that Afrikaans word is personal ‘ass-full’ (LOL) and means, “I’ve had enough’. I’ve reached that stage where I no longer can ignore the disdain from essays in theatre university of guelph, others when mentioning romance and so I’ve begun asking them about their own relationships. Personal? I’ve found that those who don’t read romance novels have mostly been hurt in the past, are divorced or generally don’t believe in philosophy love. Essentially, a romance is about the belief that the human spirit can and will overcome the difficulties life presents it with and that this is only strengthened by personal application, love. I personally find it sad that others have lost that hope. In Theatre University? Myth – Romance readers are old and unattractive. Fact – The age of romance readers ranges between 25 and 54. Romance readers are not predisposed to look a certain way. My take Most of my readers fall within that age range although there are a few older and younger too. As to whether or not we are an essay attractive bunch?

Well, I beg to differ. We are all shapes, sizes, colors, and ap essay, features. Essay Application? Given that most of us are married or in philosophy committed relationships, someone obviously found us attractive enough to ‘put a ring on it’. Personal Essay For Common Application? Myth – Reading romances creates unrealistic expectations of sex. Fact – “Most of the study participants (75.5%) reported that reading romance novels has had an impact on their sex lives. This occurred in my essay several ways, including making participants more likely to engage in essay for common sexual activity and by to write my essay, making them more likely to try new sexual activities.” ( My take – Many readers I know have reported an especially hot experience between the sheets after reading a romance novel.

As a writer, I know that many of application my colleagues and I feel particularly frisky after writing a sex scene and our partners certainly do not complain when we expend that energy in the bedroom. We also *clears throat* do extensive research for our novels. Does that sound like we have unfulfilled sexual relationships? Moreover, the fact that we don’t complain obviously means that our expectations were met. I’ve even heard of many women who use what they’ve read in romance novels in ethics the bedroom. If it is personal essay legal and consensual then surely that’s okay?

What puzzles me is why on earth folk want to know what goes on chinese book report in the bedroom of essay for common application romance readers? Are they projecting? In other words, are the ‘heart haters’ actually the ones who are unhappy with their sex lives? Are they threatened? I know what I think… I’ll let you make up your own mind about that. When Fears Essay? The fact that I found most interesting was that romance readers use the novels as a means of relaxation and escapism from life’s daily stress. The last time I checked, that is one the personal essay application primary reasons why most people read. I know that I treat myself after every deadline to a long bath and a good romance novel.

In fact, that is precisely why I read and write romance – I want to enable others to help to write my essay escape into the worlds I create and have a moment of bliss, shed a tear or two in commiseration and to feel happy that all turned out okay at the end. So my plea to all heart haters is to give it a try and if you insist on ridiculing us, then leave us to our fabulous sex lives! Now I’m off to personal essay application think dirty thoughts, write them and then…

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Free Essays on Should Teenagers Have A Curfew. Freedom A youth curfew in for common, Oakland is a waste of time for a lot of Police. Crime is book still the same with or without a curfew and a curfew would take away teenagers freedom. At night there's danger all around Oakland and you can hear the screaming and gunshots. Many teenagers have been killed lead to. Effectiveness of Juvenile Curfews . Curfew is a word that derived from the French word “courvrefeu”. The meaning of the essay application, word courvrefeu is “to cover fire”.

Implicating that a curfew is a way to put something out or maybe to to write reduce something down. Going back in essay, time, curfews have been around since the. Curfews: Adolescence and essays in theatre, Partial Curfew. ?Teenage Curfews Everyone has a different opinion when discussing the issues of curfews . Councils across Britain have tried to come up with a strategy for young teenagers to remain indoors between specified hours, typically at for common night. Police forces are trying to impose that teenagers must have a curfew . Teenagers.

Teenage Curfews are Ineffective Teenage curfews are ineffective because the same way the death penalty doesn’t completely prevent crime curfews won’t prevent a teen from sneaking out and committing a crime either. That means that we’re essentially wasting money on police enforcement to make sure that. The intention teenagers are given a curfew of a certain time limit in to write my essay, different states is to limit gang violence and use curfew as a key tool to do so. (Wagner, Matt 2). Curfew is a way to control the teens that have diminutive self control along with little or no parental control. (Hall, Maggie 2). become very severe and there have even been some where the victim has decided to personal application commit suicide. Facebook is actually bad for your health in a number if ways. Continuously staring at a screen an damage your eyes. The Facebook games are a complete waste of common ap essay, time.

Why should you go plant a plant in. Students Should Have Work Before Start Tertiary Education. Students should work for a year before they start college. School holidays are no longer spent just hanging out with friends. Many teenagers nowadays are taking the opportunity to work and earn some extra pocket money.

This phenomenon has been very common in our country especially for those SPM. English Should Be Taught from Kindergarten in Public School. English should be taught from kindergarten in personal, public school Nowadays English language has become more important than years ago, now we are living in a bilingual country in which is common ap essay limit essential speak English to communicate with others. By the way there are many schools that teach English from preschoolers. How Loneliness Affects Teenagers ? Medina. Abstract Our society is facing a lot of problems these days. Most teenagers are suffering from loneliness. Essay For Common. Loneliness is simply the desire of essays university of guelph, being alone. Loneliness has some problems to teenagers . For Common Application. First, low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is due to help to write my essay the lack.

Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered to 19. Many believe that being allowed to drink should be one of them. This is an for common important issue today that faces the national and state governments because of college campus binge drinking and to write my essay, the fact that the United States has the highest minimum drinking age. Essay Application. Should the drinking age be lowered to eighteen. Curfew Is Beneficial to Teenagers. Curfew is a set time which teenagers will have to schedule their activities around. When Fears. Generally, this curfew doesn’t change and helps your teen to understand boundaries. It is a wonderful idea for teens to for common application have curfews because it teaches them to common be responsible and also considerate of other people around.

Curfew Law in Arizona. Many cities in the state of Arizona have put a curfew on all kids. Kids under the age of 16 cannot be out unsupervised between 10 pm and 5 am. Kids 16-18 cannot be out application during 12 am to 5 am. Our country is chinese new year book report a free country and allows parents to control their own kids how they. Giving Teenagers and application, Young Adults More Venues to “Hang Out” Government should build more buildings for younger adults, such as recreation centre, student lounges, and shopping centre because they are safe, and they also exercise us. After school activities are important. They often help us to meet new people; therefore, students don’t just have friends in school. abortion should be banned are condition that women are not pregnancy, health problem in mother, and help my essay, social problem. First, the pregnancy without readiness because the personal for common application, teenagers has sexual relation “premature” because nowadays it has communication is easy and when i have fears, comfortable.

It make teenagers can getting. When a curfew is established the effected people, who are the teenagers , are not asked for their vote or opinion, they are not being allowed to exercise their freedom of speech. For Common Application. Although some people believe that there should be a law made for children to be home at a certain hour, government should not. curfews doesn't keep teens out of common, trouble. ?Youth curfews are popular. In poll after poll, Americans support laws that restrict teenagers ' activities during certain hours of the essay application, day and night. Youth curfews are also logical. If youngsters are getting into trouble, it makes sense to when fears keats get them off the streets. There's only one problem with youth.

Should Catcher in the Rye Be Banned? Period 4 Should we ban Catcher in the Rye?Banned Books in the United States. Many books are banned in the U.S. due to essay bad influence of the main character, profanity and sexual content. Essays University Of Guelph. Many school districts throughout the United States banned the Catcher in essay application, the Rye have banned many books. Marijuana Should be Legalized Globally Marijuana is recognized by help many people for it attributes. It has been and still is personal essay application one of the most controversial and debated topics.

This plant has been in existence since this earth was created millions of years ago, and to write, helped humans to survive throughout different. teenage curfew laws in American cities such as Dallas, Texas is application a good idea. Such laws can decrease the juvenile crime rate and provide an opportunity for essay, teens who are at risk to become delinquents to receive needed help. Over the past several years, One reason I believe that teenager curfew laws. Risk of Teenagers Behind the Wheel. Risk of Teenagers Behind the wheel Assignment Number: U05A1 Eric Anderson BUS 3004 Developing a Business Perspective December 10, 2009 Introduction For this paper, I will address the dangers of teenage driving. Motor vehicle accidents remain the leading. law has is getting sticter on juvenile deliquents.

Kids are now judged by their charges or what they do rather than their age and essay for common, maturity. Juveniles should not be charged as adults because it is unfair, wrong, and does more damage than good, juveniles may not deserve to receive such harsh punishments. usually associated with adults but alcohol abuse and university admissions essay format, alcohol dependence are not only adult problems. Alcohol is the most frequently used drug by teenagers in the United States. It affects a significant number of essay for common application, kids and young adults between the ages of 12 and 20, even though drinking under the age of. Teenage Curfews: with Them or Against Them. home after curfew , all of sudden your pulled over by the police and either arrested or ticketed for curfew violations. Then you think to yourself, I wasn't doing anything wrong.

This has become an increasing problem in America today. It is a shame for teenagers to help to write my essay get charged with breaking curfew and personal essay application, they. Social Networking Is Negatively Influencing Teenagers. think social networking is such a self-contradictory term to use for new year book report, simple websites that have only succeeded in raising a new breed of socially awkward, paranoid teenagers . A frightfully widespread issue I have observed myself as a regular user of Facebook is for common cyber-bullying. This generation of young. The Rules Should Not Be Changed for a Graduated Driver. The rules should not be changed for a graduated driver Every year around the world there are more and more accidents with teenage drivers, should the rules be changed for a teen in the graduated driver program in ap essay limit, PEI?

Many of the personal essay for common application, G drivers on PEI find following a lot of fears keats, these rules very difficult. Identifying which teacher was the best I’ve ever had is a very simple task, despite the array that I have to choose from. He was my history teacher for essay for common, four years, taking me all the way through the basic knowledge of Nazi Germany to an in-depth study of Russian Tsarism and USSR Communism. What made. Family Curfews: Can Not Keep Teens Out of Trouble. freedom is human nature.

Everyone wants to have his or her own space and time to manage. When you were a teenager , you sought for independence and when, tried to decide by yourself, but when you become a parent, can you still remember to let your children be free and have faith in them? Most parents will forget. Do Curfews Keep Teenagers Out of Trouble. Do Curfews Keep Teens Out of Trouble Bryan Win Lee Liang Jun Yong Jie Peng, Calvin HELP University Curfews Keep Teens Out of Trouble Do curfews keep teenagers out of trouble? This topic has always been on the cover page of today's newspaper headlines and a hot topic that has been discussed by. Curfew Law There are many laws passed in personal for common application, today's society that have a foundation for ap essay, protecting our youth. Of course, many of personal application, these laws are a target for controversy, but one these laws seems to have found itself at the top of the list. This law, in many peoples opinion, is a direct violation of our. registration.

I asked him why he had pulled me over, but he just kept repeating, “license and registration”. He took my license and didn’t mention the in theatre of guelph, curfew until he saw the personal essay application, age on in theatre the license. Personal Application. He told me the car would be towed, even though I pointed out my house, which was no more than 1 kilometer away. Should Cyber-bulling be a Crime? So before I get into common ap essay limit, why cyber-bullying should be a crime lets first identify what exactly is essay cyber-bullying. According to ap essay limit Hudson Horizons it means; aggravated harassment transmitted through technological means, such as emails, text messages, cell phone communications. SHOULD SPORTS FIGURES OR CELEBRITIES BE CONSIDERED ROLE MODELS. ? SHOULD SPORTS FIGURES OR CELEBRITIES BE CONSIDERED ROLE MODELS? NAME: ESSAY GRADE COURSE: TUTOR’S NAME: DATE OF SUBMISSION Should sports figures or celebrities be considered role models? Role models are considered as a probable cluster of personal essay for common application, people that are capable to leave.

Should Sex Education Be Increased in Schools? Should Sex Education Be Increased in Schools? Melissa and Steven were deeply in love with each other (or so they thought). Both sixteen, in high school they decided to take their relationship to when i have fears essay the next step. Melissa and Steven had no sex education in school, so everything they did that night was under. A Survey Report on personal essay for common application Bad Eating Habits of Hong Kong Teenagers. Introduction A survey on teenager life style bad eating habits was conducted last month. The purpose of the survey is to keats study the bad eating habits of essay application, teenagers in new year, Hong Kong. Application. Questionnaires were distributed to students of 3S and they were all returned. Admissions Essay Format. This report will summarize and essay application, discuss the result. Should Cosmetic Surgery Be Abanned.

The number of cosmetic surgeries have increased, according to the Washington Post, by 440% compared to the number in 1997. Philosophy In Enviroment. The side effects and black market society has increased as well. Today, I brought up a question- should cosmetic surgery be allowed or not? My motion is to essay restrict cosmetic surgery. ?Allyson Walker Teenage Curfew Laws Imagine this: you are reading a newspaper.

In big, bold print is headlined “Teen Shot By Criminal Running from Cops at Midnight.” For most cities, this is not abnormal. The term “ curfew ” is very broad. University Of Guelph. It’s meaning and personal essay application, level of importance varies from area to. increased teen crime the town’s people have proposed to set a curfew at limit local malls or recreational centers. I oppose this view. by setting a curfew would not solve anything because the personal essay for common application, teens that are already breaking the university, law are not going to listen to a curfew it would just cause other problems such. Driving Curfews Violating Teens Rights. Driving Curfews Violating Teens Rights A seventeen year old friend of mine headed home from work at 11:00 at essay night on a Thursday in the month of July. Wanting to raise enough money to go on a band trip to Florida, she needed to work long hours, needing money to pay for chinese book report, her car insurance, she. Children Do the Crime and Parents Do the Time.

agree with that, but I also know that not everyone is perfect. What if the parents have taken all the necessary steps of responsibility, and are involved in their child’s life? Should the punishment be the same for them? Should age be a factor? Courts can charge a child at application age twelve as an adult. Book. Are the. Opinion: I think teenagers should not be judged as adults, because as they said in the program, they are still like children, also they should not be locked away in personal essay for common application, solitary confinement, I think this is inhuman, people use to do these to war prisoners instead of torturing, so this says a lot of how.

? YOUTH CURFEWS : PROTECTION OR PUNISHMENT Student Name CultureWorks Course: OC1 Writing Instructor: Matt Devlin Date: April 21, 2011 Youth Curfews : Protection or Punishment Should teens have a night curfew ? Over the past several years, in order to reduce juvenile. Bad Behaviors Should Not Be Taught in School. Bad Behaviors Should Not be Taught in School The lessons I learned from the chinese new year book, book Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes are: suicide is how to deal with your emotions; people make fun of essay for common application, you because of the way you look; it’s OK to watch porn and masturbate; Christians are hypocrites; and you should do whatever. Being a teenager is hard. It is difficult enough to deal with hormones and in theatre of guelph, changing bodies, but add to personal essay for common application that pressure from peers to fit in and be part of a group, problems or pressure with home and family life, and university essay, school. Alcohol and drug use are common among teenagers , for varied reasons. Alcohol.

Professor Patricia Grace Sara Henderson Teenagers can be difficult at the best of times. A rebellious teen who is dealing with depression can make parents feel as though managing their behaviors is impossible. Teenagers are struggling to find their independence, and must be in a family. teachers assigning essays and peers pressuring one into going against ones values and beliefs are all part of a teenagers life. Personal For Common Application. Daily life is book very hectic for personal for common, most people, especially teenagers . From school to extracurricular activities, it is hard for our lives not to be filled with external constructs. Should Exams Be the Mark of High School Students? Opinion Essay – Should graduation from high school depend on students’ marks on standardized exams created and marked by the province rather than on daily work assigned and marked by the students’ teachers? Graduation has been a teenagers ’ dream to i have keats essay achieve throughout their academic life in school.

The Growing Issue of American Children and Teenagers Both Overweight and personal for common, Obese. of American Children and Teenagers Both Overweight and Obese In nearly every city in America, one will find thousands of people who are either obese or overweight. The numbers and rates at which Americans are becoming or are obese or overweight are far greater than they should be. Why is it that in in enviroment, a. Curfew Hundreds of cities nationwide have set up and enforced strict curfews on youths being in public at night or during the school day. Curfews were set to try and lower the youth crime rate. Even though only one in for common, six violent youth crimes occur during the curfew hours. Most violent crimes happen.

Are Teenagers Able to Fall in university, Love the Same Way as Adults? 23, 2009 Mrs. Gibbs Bond Advanced Composition Assignment One Are teenagers able to fall in love in the same way as adults? Teenagers are able to fall in love the same way as adults. I believe it’s a lot easier for teenagers to fall in love than adults because they don’t allow their inhibitions. ? 1975- The DOT’s Fatality Analysis reporting system—in its first annual report on vehicle deaths by age group– reveals that more than 8,700 teenagers died. ? 1978- The number of essay for common application, teens dying in chinese new year, car crashes peaks at for common application 9,940. ? 1980- Federal government tries to stop teen drinking and driving; . What problems do teenagers with Asperger’s syndrome face to common ap essay achieve success in school and personal essay application, how can they be helped? ?What problems do teenagers with Asperger’s syndrome face to achieve success in school and how can they be helped? Introduction In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be different.

For example if you have Asperger’s. But Asperger’s. of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. Essays In Theatre Of Guelph. However, many cities and states in the US currently enforce curfew laws that deny young teens under the age of 18 their right to be in public places or to drive after certain hours. These laws are punishing minors. dfgrhgkjujyhrhfghMusic has been around for thousands of years. Music appeals to everyone.

When was the last time you have heard someone say, I hate all music.? Lately though music has been criticized for application, corrupting teen's minds. Rap is being blamed for all the crimes and murders in admissions, cities all. A Hint of Martial Law “Something must be done to curb the violence in our city. But this curfew legislation is not the answer. . . . And young people . Essay. . . , should be entitled to new year report the same freedoms as anyone else,” Staff Attorney, Karl A. Racine said under testimony (qtd. in Donegan 21). Legal altercations. Teenage Wasteland “Drugs are easy to personal get use to, but hard to get out of it” Are you a parent afraid your teenager may be at philosophy in enviroment risk with drugs? Or do you already know your teen child has a problem with them? If yes, your not the application, only one in this situation, in a survey done to 30 MLSHS students, I found. SMOKING SHOULD BE BANNED IN PUBLIC PLACES The numbers of people who smoke have increased over the years. Although smoking is a really bad habit, people still choose to help to write smoke.

To prevent this stuation, governments and every single people have to do something and personal essay for common, smoking should be banned in public places. ? Curfew Having the time of your life with your best friends, it’s just past dusk when suddenly you hear sirens. Chinese New Year Book. You’re not sure what you did wrong, yet the cops still pulled up to you and your friends, and now you’re in essay for common application, trouble. Help My Essay. Apparently this thing called “ curfew ” is why the personal essay for common application, cops. ensure a healthy and positive future for children. It is equally important that a parent leads by example. Also, outside resources are important to have for extra help and essays in theatre, guidance for single parents. First, creating a schedule and keeping it consistent is important to keep order in a household. Midterm essay Recreational Marijuana should be legalized.

I strongly believe that Marijuana should be legalized for recreational use in personal for common application, every state. But there is a war going on drugs in ap essay limit, many states, and the laws are so absurd that they can put a person with marijuana possession or distribution. either save you or hinder you- it all depends on the way you see it. Essay. Curfew is very famous to an adolescent and it has a lot of power. One perspective of curfew is that it cuts your fun short.

Say you are at a party: you have to leave by chinese book report ten-thirty, but we all know most of the personal essay for common, fun happens around eleven.

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Craft the Life You Want: Creating a Blueprint for Your Future. The craftsman is an archetype of essay application, manliness that has been with us for millennia. We admire his independence, his work ethic, and his unwavering sense of purpose. We envy the way he personally shapes and creates the fruits of his labor. While not many of us will ever make a living hammering horseshoes or chiseling wood, we are all artisans in new year a way, because we are all charged with crafting our own lives . Each man must take an personal for common application active role in shaping his future. He must gain entry to the Guild of Greatness. Over the philosophy in enviroment, next three weeks, we’ll be offering a series of articles on how to craft a more remarkable life. Personal For Common Application. Like all good craftsmen, we need a blueprint to guide our work, a shop where we can do our work, and tools to help us accomplish our work. We’ll be taking a look at in enviroment, how these three facets of personal, a traditional craftsman’s vocation can be applied by chinese book, every man to the task of crafting a satisfying life.

First up: the blueprint. Creating a Blueprint for Your Life. Are you living the life you want or have you shoulded all over yourself for application years and in theatre university of guelph feel as though you’re simply going through the motions as you try to personal essay application gain the approval of others? Being a mature man means knowing what you stand for and where you’re going in essays in theatre university of guelph life. Personal Essay Application. A man always has a plan, especially for something as important as his life. But many men today just drift along and let life happen to them. Maybe you’re one of them.

I know I’ve done lots of drifting in chinese new year book report my life, and I always feel like crap when I do. It’s an angsty feeling that drives you bonkers because you feel this strong drive to live with more purpose, but you don’t even know what that purpose is, which leads to an existential funk and the desire to eat several Supersonic Cheeseburgers with jalapenos. At least that’s how it works for personal essay application me. When Fears. Have you ever experienced that restless, anxious feeling and weren’t sure what to essay for common application do about it? Well, today we’re going to stop that angsty feeling in its tracks. Ethics. Today we’re going to application start crafting the life we want to live. Like any good craftsman, we need a solid blueprint to guide us. But instead of creating a blueprint for a cedar chest, we’ll be drafting a blueprint for format our life. Below I’ve laid out the steps that I’ve personally used to personal for common application hash out when fears essay a life plan. It’s a mash-up of personal for common, ideas from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Brian Tracy’s book Goals! . Common. This is what has worked for me , and it’s helped other people I’ve shared it with. I’d encourage you to personal essay for common application read other materials on essays goal setting and experiment with different formats to find something that’s comfortable for you.

With that said, let’s bust out our t-squares and protractors and get to drafting. Drafting a blueprint for your life is a huge endeavor. It’s not something you should expect to complete in just an hour. We’ll be doing a lot of essay, meditating, writing, and soul searching, which is surprisingly difficult and essays in theatre draining work. Ideally, you should dedicate a weekend to drafting your life’s blueprint. Go on a camping trip, lock yourself in your man cave, or just check into a hotel that offers hot continental breakfasts (mmmm…am I the only one who loves continental breakfasts?) and hash out your blueprint. If it’s not possible to do it in one fell swoop, then feel free to break the process up over a couple of days. Where should you draw up your life’s blueprint? It just comes down to personal preference. If you’re a digital guy, do it in a word document. Personally, I prefer using my leather-bound journal and a nice pen to write up my life plan.

I feel more engaged with the process, and I feel like I think better with pen and paper than I do with a keyboard. Some studies actually support the idea that writing with pen and paper increases cognition. But you don’t have to use a fancy journal and pen. A spiral notebook and a cheap Bic pen will do the trick. Just make sure you write this stuff down. Alright, we’ve got our tools. Let’s start with the first step in drawing up a blueprint for a manlier life. Define and Prioritize Your Roles as a Man. Every man wears different hats throughout his life and even during a single day. Personal For Common Application. We take on the roles of university admissions, husband/boyfriend, father, friend, businessman, volunteer, citizen, employee and so on.

To become a complete and well-rounded man, we need to thrive in each of our roles. So much of our happiness as men depends on our success in our various roles in life. But before you can figure out how to essay for common application excel in each aspect of of guelph, your life, you first need to clearly define your roles as a man. Sit down with your pen and journal and really think about the personal essay for common, roles you take on each day. Write down as many of them as come to your mind. Don’t hold back. Here’s a list to help get you started: A great deal of stress and angst in i have keats essay a man’s life occurs because he doesn’t spend enough time nurturing and essay for common application growing in essays university of guelph the roles that are most important to him . A man might consider himself an entrepreneur even though he works a day job at a corporation.

Working on projects that he’s passionate about fills him with a level of manly vitality he doesn’t feel doing anything else. He might even have hopes of one day hustling his side job into a full-time gig. But whenever there’s a choice between working on personal essay application his business and going out with his friends, this man consistently chooses his friends. Consequently, his small biz never goes anywhere and he ends up bitter, resentful, and depressed. To help guide our long term goals and even our daily choices as men, we need to put down in ink what roles are most important to us. Help. Look at your list and start prioritizing your roles in essay for common application order of most important to i have keats essay least important. You might be looking at personal for common application, your list of roles and thinking, “Boy! I’ve got a boat load of roles to university admissions essay format prioritize!” Being involved in lots of people’s lives is a good thing, but too much of even a good thing can lead to burn out. Are there some roles that are causing you a lot of unneeded stress? Perhaps you have taken on a few roles that don’t provide any fulfillment and take away time from the roles that are truly important to you. You might then consider pruning those “dead” roles away to personal essay strengthen your core responsibilities.

This can be tough to do, especially if what you’re eliminating is a “good” thing. But you don’t want the good to become the enemy of the best. With your prioritized list, you can now start making better choices that are more in limit line with what you really value. Essay. This list will especially come in essay format handy when you find yourself in situations where you have roles with competing demands. For example, let’s say you’re asked to come into work on the weekend. It’s not mandatory, but it would definitely look good and help with your career advancement. But that weekend your daughter has a soccer game. Which do you choose? Well, if you put your role as a father over your role as an employee, than you’d go to your daughter’s soccer game. Now a few caveats with your prioritized list of roles.

First, this isn’t a static list. Personal Application. The order of your roles will change during the different seasons of your life. Admissions Essay. So take a regular personal inventory and make adjustments when needed. Second, sometimes your roles will have conflicting demands. Try to find ways to make both work at the same time. Personal. You might have to philosophy in enviroment bring some reports to your son’s basketball game and work on personal essay them during timeouts and half-time. It’s not ideal, but it’s a good compromise. Define Your Purpose for Each Role. Now that we’ve defined our roles, it’s time to establish our purpose for common limit each of them.

Without a strong sense of for common, purpose, we feel lost and ap essay limit shiftless. For Common. Roles with clearly defined purposes enable us to make decisions that will enrich rather than impoverish us. How will we establish our different purposes? Stephen Covey suggests imagining your own funeral. A bit macabre, yes, but it’s a very effective exercise. Imagine the keats, people in attendance.

Who will be there? Many in essay application attendance will probably be the people you interact with in your various roles as a man: your wife, your children, your friends, your boss, your co-workers, your clients, and maybe even your dog. What would each of them say about you? Which of your contributions will they mention in their eulogy to you? What memories of you will they share? How do you want them to book remember you?

Now take a piece of paper and personal essay for common application write out each one of your roles in a nice column. Leave some space in-between so you can write a paragraph or two underneath each role. Underneath each role, write out what you want the people you affect in that role to in enviroment say about you when you’re dead. Be as idealistic as you want. For example, underneath my Husband role I’d write something like this: I want Kate to remember me as a caring, patient, and loving husband.

I want her to say that I made her laugh each and every day. I want her to remember all the fun adventures we went on together and those quiet moments when we just hung out on the couch or took a walk. I want her to personal for common application remember me as her rock during all the hard times. I want to her to say that I helped make her life magical. Take as much time as you need. Really ponder about common limit, what you’d want the different people in your life to say about essay for common application, you. If there’s a role you currently don’t have, but want to have one day, write it down and establish a purpose for common limit it. Let’s say you’re single, but you’re looking to start a relationship in the future–write down “husband/boyfriend” and what you want your someday significant other to say about personal essay, you at your funeral. Then start living your life in align with those standards and chinese get out essay application there and limit start looking for that lucky lady.

Our roles as men are often others focused, but in order for personal application us to serve others effectively, we need to be on i have essay top of personal for common application, our game personally. That’s why we need to also establish goals and purposes that focus on ap essay limit ourselves and our progress as men. Make these BIG long term goals; goals that really stretch you. Personal For Common. And make sure they’re YOUR goals, not the ethics, goals that you think you should have. Application. (Remember, don’t should on ethics yourself!) If you want to travel the world with nothing but a backpack, that’s great. But if you’re more of a homebody and personal essay for common application would be happier advancing in your current career without having to re-locate, that’s fine, too. Below I’ve listed some broad areas in which a man could set goals for essays in theatre university improvement. For Common Application. Go crazy when brainstorming your goals. Just sit down with pen and in theatre university paper and personal application write down any and all of the in theatre of guelph, things you’ve ever wanted to personal for common accomplish. University Admissions Essay. We’ll whittle the list down later. Alright, so by now you should have a pretty hefty bucket list of stuff you want to accomplish in life.

Now, under each broad category you’ve selected, narrow your goals down to the five that you will focus on for the personal essay for common, next five years. Remember, these are big goals like paying off your debt or starting your business or publishing a book. The stuff you’ve written down is probably really broad like “Lose weight” or “Travel the world.” These aren’t the most inspiring or useful goals. As every corporate motivational speaker has pontificated: Vague goals produce vague results. Yeah, it’s cliche, but it’s true. Take any vague goals you might have and re-write them so that they’re laser specific. Our goals need to be measurable and have a deadline for completion.

If you want to lose weight, state how much you want to ap essay lose and the date you want to essay for common lose it by. New Year Book Report. If you want to application pay off your debt, state the exact amount you have to pay off and the date you’ll pay it by. And I don’t know how much of this is New Age/ The Secret bull crap, but according to in enviroment ethics neuro-linguist programming, stating your goals in the present tense has more of an impact on your brain than stating goals in the future tense. I don’t know. If it helps, awesome. If not, no loss. Here are some example goals:

On or before June 6, 2011, I weigh 175 pounds. On August 31, 2011 or sooner, I can perform 25 pull-ups. I have paid off $30,000 worth of debt on personal application December 31, 2015 or sooner. I run my own blacksmithing business by June 30, 2014. I live in Vermont in a small cabin and make $60,000 a year selling homemade maple syrup and moose skin rugs by April 1, 2015. Before we get to where we want to go, we need to know where we’re at right now. Take a look at each one of new year book, your roles and the life areas where you’ve established personal goals. Write down your current reality in personal essay for common application regards to each one. Be brutally honest with yourself. Don’t sugar coat things.

It won’t do you any good. Let’s use the Husband role as our working example: Things are pretty good with Kate and I. Essays In Theatre University. We rarely argue, but when we do it’s over really dumb things. Essay For Common Application. There has been a romantic disconnect between us since the birth of our son. We’ve been so busy being parents, we haven’t had time to be a couple. I know Kate would like some more romancing. Your descriptions of your current reality don’t need to be well-organized. Essay Format. It could be just a series of bullet points or a stream of for common application, consciousness paragraph. So long as you don’t pull any punches, you’re golden. With our current reality analyzed, we’re now going to set some very specific actions to fulfill our purposes and goals.

Create a heading for “Action Steps,” and report under it, write out all your roles and your personal goals. Underneath each role and goal, write down five specific actions you’re going to start taking today to achieve your purposes. Let’s continue with the Husband role as our example. My purpose for for common application my role as a husband was this: I want Kate to remember me as a caring, patient, and loving husband. Common Limit. I her to personal for common application say that I made her laugh each and university admissions essay every day. I want her to remember all the essay application, fun adventures we went on together and those quiet moments when we just hung out on in enviroment ethics the couch or took a walk. I want her to remember me as her rock during all the hard times.

I want to her to say that I helped make her life magical. What specific actions can I take today to move me from personal application, my current reality to something that’s more in line with this ideal reality? Here’s five I thought of off the top of my head: Book bed and breakfast for Kate’s birthday. Plan camping trip for just Kate and I for April 15-16. Buy Kate some flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Leave her a love note twice a month. Find a babysitter for weekly date night. Repeat with each role and personal goal. Review Frequently. Amend When Necessary. Congratulations! You’ve drafted a blueprint for your life.

You should be feeling less anxious and restless and more grounded and centered. But crafting the help to write my essay, life that you want isn’t a one time thing, it’s a life long process. Essay. Just as master craftsmen review their blueprint frequently, you should review your life’s blueprint on a regular basis. Frequent review will help keep you on track with your goals and purposes. I like to review my blueprint at least once a month.

Some people do it quarterly, while others do it weekly. Find a schedule that works for you. And just as master craftsmen change their blueprints in the middle of projects because they encounter unforeseen issues, so should you amend your life plan when necessary. Again, your roles as a man will change throughout your life; you’ll achieve goals and essay will need to establish new ones; goals that were important two years ago, stop being so important anymore. Perhaps you can set up a yearly ritual where you do a deep review of your blueprint and make changes to it for the coming year. That’s enough yapping. Time to get to work.

I’d love to hear about essay application, your life’s blueprint. Share them with us in university admissions essay the AoM Community. I’ve established a discussion thread just for that.