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Photo research paper appendix

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Photo research paper appendix

AtT Corporation - Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background Information on AtT Corporation. Photo Research Paper. Bedminster, New Jersey 07921. It takes the right technology, the right people, and a bold vision to be the The World's Networking Company. For more than 125 years, ATT has been known for unparalleled quality and reliability in communications. Backed by thesis coach australia, the research and development capabilities of ATT Labs, our commitment to innovation has made us a global leader in local, long distance, Internet, and transaction-based voice and data services.

ATT Corporation organizes its business into two segments, business services and consumer services. ATT's consumer services business, the bedrock of photo research paper appendix its existence for more than a century, provides domestic and international long-distance telephone service to roughly 35 million residential customers in the United States, as well as Internet service through ATT Worldnet and ATT digital subscriber line (DSL) service to thesis coach a much smaller portion of the U.S. Photo. population. ATT's business services segment, which the company regards as its future, involves offering global communications services to three million customers, ranging from writing paper school small businesses to large, multinational corporations. For its corporate clientele, ATT provides domestic and international voice service, domestic and international data and Internet protocol (IP) services, networking services, and domestic and international wholesale transport services. ATT had its origin in the invention of the paper appendix, telephone in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. In 1877, Bell and by, several financial partners formed the Bell Telephone Company, and in 1878 they formed the photo research, New England Telephone Company to license telephone exchanges in repository, New England.

The two companies licensed local operating companies in Chicago, New York, and Boston. Over the next year, Bell and his backers sold a controlling interest in the companies to a group of photo appendix Boston financiers. The companies were soon embroiled in patent disputes with Western Union Telegraph Company, the world's largest telegraph company. During the dispute, the writing paper in high school, two Bell companies were consolidated into paper, the National Bell Telephone Company, and Theodore J. Dialogue Essays. Vail was named general manager. In November 1879, the patent suit was settled out of court. Western Union left the telephone business and sold its system of 56,000 telephones in 55 cities to Bell. Bell agreed to stay out photo research paper appendix, of the telegraph business and paid Western Union a 20 percent royalty on telephone equipment leases for the next 17 years. Between 1877 and 1881, Bell licensed numerous local operating companies as a way to promote the telephone without having to raise capital. The companies signed five- to ten-year contracts, under which Bell got $20 per telephone per year and the right to buy the licensee's property when the coach, contract expired. National became the American Bell Telephone Company in 1880 and obtained more capital at that time. Starting in 1881, Bell urged the locals to make the contracts permanent, rescinding Bell's right to photo research paper buy the respective properties but giving Bell variously 30 to 50 percent ownership of the writing a research in high school, operating companies.

The companies could build long-distance lines to connect exchanges in their territories, but they were prohibited from connecting them with those of other operating companies or independent phone companies. Photo Research Paper Appendix. Bell thus became a partner in the local telephone business, allowing it to influence the i love my mom, locals and conserve capital for long-distance operations. American Bell needed large amounts of equipment, and in 1881 it acquired Western Electric, a major Western Union supplier, to serve as its manufacturer. Bell then consolidated into research paper appendix, Western Electric several other manufacturers it had licensed to make telephones. More long-distance lines were being built as telephone technology improved. In 1884, Bell built an thesis australia experimental line between Boston and New York. The next year, it added a Philadelphia-New York line.

To construct, finance, and operate its long-distance system, Bell established the American Telephone and photo research appendix, Telegraph Company in dialogue, 1885 to operate as its long-distance subsidiary. At that time, the paper appendix, nascent U.S. telephone system was primarily a series of unconnected local networks. Vail, who was named ATT president, wanted to dialogue get a long-distance network in place before Bell's basic patents expired in 1894. By the time it established ATT, Bell was in firm control of the telephone business. It regulated the operating companies' long-distance lines and photo paper, Western Electric, their major supplier. It also had the right to take over their property if they violated their contracts. In 1888, a huge blizzard in New England knocked most telephones out of service. The company responded by dialogue, pushing to put more cables underground. Later that year, it became clear that a long-distance network would cost more than planned, and ATT floated $2 million in photo research appendix, bonds to raise capital. The company returned to essays written public investors frequently throughout its history to finance its ever-expanding enterprises. For decades, ATT stock was the most widely held in photo paper appendix, the world.

In order to attract so many investors, ATT was forced to ab initio written be efficient, even though it lacked real competition for much of its history. Photo Research Paper. Technical advances came regularly. The first coin-operated public telephone was installed in 1889. During 1891, two-party and four-party service was introduced, and the first automatic dial system was patented. A New York-Chicago long-distance line opened in 1892, and Boston-Chicago and New York-Cincinnati lines were initiated in 1893. Bell initially had a monopoly on thesis, the telephone because of its patents, but in research paper appendix, 1894 its patent expired.

Rather than compete by providing better and less expensive service, Bell often took the growing independent phone companies to court, claiming patent infringements. As Western Electric would not sell equipment to the independents, new manufacturers sprung up to accommodate them. The independents were particularly successful in rural areas in writing in high, the West and Midwest where Bell did not provide service. By 1898, some cities had two unconnected phone systems, one Bell and photo research appendix, one independent. This competition forced Bell to expand faster than it otherwise would have. It jumped from 240,000 phones in 1892 to 800,000 in 1899. The company needed capital to keep up with this expansion, and Massachusetts, where American Bell was based, presented far more regulatory interference than New York, where ATT was based. As a result, in 1899 ATT became the thesis coach australia, parent company of the Bell System until the breakup in 1984. ATT's capital jumped from $20 million to more than $70 million. By 1900, ATT was organizing itself into the vertical structure that characterized it for paper decades thereafter.

It had assets of $120 million compared with a total of $55 million for the independents, but its finances were run overly conservatively and its service was reputedly poor. Meanwhile, the telephone was having a dramatic impact on the United States, where large numbers of people still lived in the relative isolation of farms or small towns. The telephone lessened their isolation, and the response to the new invention was enthusiastic. Written. The number of rural telephones shot from 267,000 in 1902 to 1.4 million in 1907. The telephone was coming to appendix be viewed as indispensable by virtually all businesses and most private homes. My Mom. Fighting the Independents: Early 1900s. Competition from independents continued to mount. Their rates were sometimes half of Bell's, and research paper appendix, the United States was in an antimonopoly mood.

Many rural communities started their own not-for-profit phone companies that were later sold to independents or Bell. By 1907, the independents operated 51 percent of all phones. ATT was fighting back, having made the decision to take on the independents when it moved and changed its name. The company's first and most effective action was to slash rates. Uts Thesis Repository. The arrogance of early company officials was replaced by a desire to please customers. ATT also bought out independents, set up its own independents, and used its political and financial clout to strangle competitors. ATT's greatest advantage was its virtual monopoly of long-distance service, which it refused to research let independents use. The invention of writing a research school a certain electric device, the paper, loading coil, in 1899 gave long-distance service a push by allowing smaller-diameter wires to be used, which made underground long-distance cables feasible. They were implemented for an underground New York-Philadelphia line in 1906, but long-distance signals remained weak and difficult to hear until the invention of the vacuum-tube repeater in 1912. Competition had given ATT a necessary push, forcing it to expand and grow, but it also weakened its finances.

Between 1902 and writing paper, 1906, debt grew from $60 million to $200 million. Through a series of bond purchases starting in 1903, financier J.P. Morgan tried to wrest control of the company from the Boston capitalists, beginning a free-for-all that lasted several years. When the dust cleared in 1907, Morgan and appendix, his New York and London backers had won, and they brought back Vail as president. Vail had left in repository, 1887 because of differences with the research, Bostonians, whose view was focused narrowly on short-term profit. Vail and his backers had a wider vision than the Bostonians, believing they should create a comprehensive, nationwide communications system.

At the same time, Vail was a monopolist, believing competition had no place in the telephone industry. He and Morgan set out to make ATT the sole supplier of U.S. telecommunications services. In 1910, Vail became president of Western Union after ATT bought 30 percent of a research paper Western's stock. For the first time telegrams could be sent and delivered by photo research paper, phone. Telephone and telegraph lines could back each other up in spanish assignment rubric, emergencies. ATT gobbled up independent phone companies at an ever-increasing rate. Photo Paper. When Morgan found an independent in financial trouble, he used his power as a leading banker to squeeze its credit, often forcing it to in high school sell to photo research ATT. By 1911, ATT had bought so many small independents that Vail consolidated them into a smaller number of state and regional companies. ATT's ownership was motivated partly by profit but also by the desire to ensure good service. Antimonopoly pressures from consumers and written, government began to photo mount on writing school, ATT well before then.

A crucial turning point came in 1913, after Morgan's death, when Vail decided to sell Western Union and photo paper, allow independents access to ATT's long-distance lines. The move cost $10 million and ended ATT's dream of a national telecommunications monopoly, but it won ATT respect and ended growing pressure to dismember it. Coast-to-Coast Long-Distance Achieved in 1915. By that time, ATT was working on the first coast-to-coast telephone line, using loading coils and repeaters. On January 25, 1915, Alexander Graham Bell, in New York, and dialogue essays, former collaborator, Thomas Watson, in San Francisco, engaged in photo research, a coast-to-coast repeat of the first-ever telephone conversation 39 years earlier. ATT was also making important progress in automatic switching systems and sent the first transatlantic radio message in 1915. As the telephone became a matter of national interest, pressure for federal regulation mounted, and Vail welcomed it as long as regulators were independent. During World War I, the ATT network was used for domestic military communications. ATT also set up extensive radio and i love and dad, telephone communications lines in France.

The war pushed ATT's resources to the limit, with a $118 million construction budget for 1917. Paper. In 1918, a year in which ATT had ten million phones in service, the thesis coach australia, U.S. government took over the telephone system. The government set rates and put ATT under a branch of the post office, although the company continued to be run by its board of directors. One of the government's first decisions was to paper start a service connection charge. It then raised both local and long-distance rates. Lower rates had been touted as a major benefit of written by public ownership.

When the rates went up, support for government ownership collapsed, and in August 1919 the government gave up its control of ATT. Vail retired in research appendix, the same year, leaving the presidency to Harry Bates Thayer, and died in 1920. ATT grew rapidly as a regulated monopoly during the laissez-faire 1920s. The Graham Act of 1921 exempted telephony from the Sherman Antitrust Act. The Bell System controlled 64 percent Of almost 14 million telephones in the United States in 1921.

Another 32 percent, although owned by independents, were plugged into the ATT network. Commercial radio boomed, and essays spm, ATT entered cross-licensing patent agreements with General Electric, Westinghouse, and Radio Corporation of photo appendix America, with which it was soon embroiled in legal disputes. By the end of 1925, ATT had a national network of 17 radio stations. ATT put its first submarine cable into service between Key West, Florida, and Havana, Cuba, in 1921. A Research Paper In High. In 1925, Bell Labs became a separate company, jointly funded by photo appendix, ATT and spanish ab initio written, Western Electric. The same year, Thayer retired and was succeeded by Walter S. Gifford, who served for research paper appendix the next 23 years. I Love Essay. His influence on the U.S. Photo. telephone industry was second only to Vail's. Gifford quickly got ATT out of radio and other side ventures, although it tried to establish a controlling interest in motion picture sound technology in the late 1920s.

He reduced the fee licensees paid from the ab initio written assignment rubric, 4.5 percent of gross revenue established in 1902, to 4 percent in appendix, 1926, and 2 percent in 1928. ATT stockholders grew from spanish ab initio rubric 250,000 in 1922 to nearly 500,000 in 1929. Paper Appendix. In 1929, Bell Labs gave the first U.S. demonstration of color television. By 1932, ATT had the second largest financial interest in the film industry but sold it in 1936. The first years of the Great Depression badly hurt ATT. Many subscribers could no longer afford telephones. ATT sales for 1929 were $1.05 billion; by 1933, they were $853 million. Western Electric sales in 1929 were $411 million; 1933 sales were $70 million. Western Electric laid off 80 percent of its employees, and ATT laid off 20 percent. By 1933, telephone use began growing again, and by 1937 it exceeded pre-Depression levels. During the late 1930s, the newly formed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) conducted a long, damaging investigation of ATT's competitive practices that reopened the battle over ATT as a monopoly.

In 1939, ATT had assets of $5 billion, by far the largest amount of capital ever controlled by spanish ab initio written assignment, a corporation up to that time. It controlled 83 percent of all U.S. telephones and paper, 98 percent of essays long-distance wires. Photo Research Paper. Subsidiary Western Electric manufactured 90 percent of all U.S. telephone equipment. The FCC's final report was initially ignored due to coach the outbreak of World War II but had significant impact later. Growth During World War II. Telephone use, particularly long distance, grew tremendously during World War II, with 1.4 million new telephones installed in photo research paper, 1941 alone. Western Electric and Bell Labs devoted themselves primarily to military work from writing 1942 to 1945, filling thousands of photo research appendix government contracts and making technological innovations. The most important work was in radar, the experience that gave ATT a huge lead when microwave radio relay became the principal means of transmitting long-distance telephone and television signals in the postwar period. The end of the and dad essay, war brought serious labor trouble. ATT and photo research, the National Federation of Telephone Workers faced off over wages, working conditions, and benefits, producing a nationwide strike in 1947. Essay. Public opinion went against the strikers, and photo paper, the eventual compromise favored ATT.

Gifford retired in 1948, and Leroy A. Wilson became president. His first task was to push a rate increase past government regulators. He got one in 1949 that helped ATT sell more stock to raise needed capital. My Mom. As an photo paper outgrowth of the 1930s FCC investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice filed suit in 1949, seeking to split Western Electric from ATT. Essays By. ATT succeeded in research paper, delaying the case until the Eisenhower administration, which was not as interested in regulation, took power. In the meantime, the government talked Western Electric into taking over the management of an advanced weapons research laboratory. It formed Sandia Corp. in 1949 to do so.

In the 1950s, Western Electric worked on the Nike antiaircraft missiles, making $112.5 million on the venture. Western and Bell Labs worked with others on a huge air-defense radar system. Dialogue Spm. These defense projects gave ATT a powerful lever against the antitrust suit. In a consent decree in 1956, ATT agreed to limit its business to providing common-carrier services and to limit Western Electric's to providing equipment for the Bell System, except for photo government contracts. The antitrust case was settled on and dad essay, this basis. In 1951, Wilson died and Cleo Craig became president. In the next few years, ATT made it possible to photo paper appendix dial directly to other cities without using an operator.

This and ensuing developments enabled long-distance charges to be repeatedly reduced. In 1955, ATT laid the first transatlantic telephone cable, jointly owned with the British Post Office and the Canadian Overseas Telecommunications Corporation. Craig retired in by, 1956, and Frederick R. Kappel became president. Expanding into Space: Bellcom and photo research paper appendix, Telstar. ATT formed Bellcom to supply most of the communications and guidance systems for writing school the U.S. space program from 1958 to 1969. Bell Labs worked intensively on satellite communications, and the first ATT satellite, Telstar, was launched in 1962.

Comsat, a half-public, half-private company handling U.S. satellite communications, was founded in research, 1962, with ATT owning 27.5 percent at a cost of $58 million. ATT worked on an electronic switching system throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Spanish Ab Initio Written Rubric. The project was more complicated than expected, and by the time the first electronic equipment was installed in 1965, ATT had spent about $500 million on the project. The speed and automation that electronic switches gave the phone system, however, made possible the vast increases in traffic volume in the 1970s and 1980s, as the United States moved to an information-based society. In the 1950s and 1960s, other companies began trying to research paper appendix capture specific portions of ATT's business. School. The Hush-a-Phone Company marketed a plastic telephone attachment that reduced background noise. Microwave Communications Inc. (MCI) tried to establish private-line service between Chicago and St. Louis. Carter Electronics Corporation marketed a device that connected two-way radios with the telephone system. ATT responded by forbidding the research, connection of competitors' equipment to the Bell System. Several FCC investigations followed, with decisions that created competition for terminal equipment and intercity private-line service.

ATT began to writing paper in high face serious competition for the first time in 50 years. Paper Appendix. Kappel retired in 1967 and was replaced by H.I. I Love My Mom Essay. Romnes, a former president of Western Electric. ATT's earnings were leveling off after tremendous growth in photo research, the early 1960s. There also were service problems in 1969 and 1970, with numerous consumer complaints in thesis coach, New York. Similar predicaments followed in photo paper, Boston, Denver, and Houston. Spanish Ab Initio Assignment. ATT borrowed money and raised rates to pay for repairs. More serious problems were beginning for ATT. In the early 1970s, sales by the interconnect industry were growing, and businesses were buying telephone equipment from ATT competitors.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accused ATT of discriminating against women and minorities. ATT, without admitting it had done so, signed consent decrees under which it agreed to increase the hiring, promotion, and salaries of women and minorities. MCI claimed ATT was still preventing it from competing and filed an antitrust lawsuit in paper appendix, 1974. The situation became disastrous when the thesis coach, Department of Justice (DOJ) filed another antitrust suit later in 1974, this time asking for the dismemberment of ATT. The DOJ charged that ATT had used its dominant position to suppress competition. The suit dragged on for years. Photo. During the years of the suit, ATT continued to grow. Both 1980 and 1981 were years of record profits. The $6.9 billion ATT made in thesis coach, 1981 was the highest profit for any company to that time.

The Breakup of the Bell System in the 1980s. The DOJ suit finally came to photo appendix trial in 1981. By then, ATT and thesis coach australia, the government both wanted to photo research paper appendix settle the case. ATT longed to get into computers and information services but was prevented from doing so by its 1956 agreement. In 1982, the FCC required ATT to set up a separate, unregulated subsidiary called American Bell to sell equipment and enhanced services. In January 1982, ATT and the DOJ jointly announced a deal to writing a research break up the Bell System, while freeing the remainder of ATT to compete in non-long-distance areas such as computers. Federal Judge Harold Greene gave final approval for the ATT breakup in photo research paper appendix, August 1983. At that time, ATT was the largest corporation in the world; its $155 billion in spanish written assignment, assets made it larger than General Motors, Mobil, and Exxon combined. After the breakup, on January 1, 1984, ATT had $34 billion in assets.

Its net income dropped from photo research $7.1 billion to $2.1 billion, and its workforce from 1.09 million to thesis 385,000. Its 22 regional operating companies were split off into seven regional holding companies, and ATT lost the research paper appendix, right to use the Bell name. ATT stockholders received one share in each of the regional companies for every ten ATT shares they owned. Rubric. ATT also lost the photo research paper appendix, highly profitable Yellow Pages, which went to the regional companies. The new ATT consisted of two primary parts: ATT Communications, the long-distance business, and i love, ATT Technologies, a group of other businesses that mainly involved the research, manufacture and sale of telecommunications equipment for consumers and businesses. Western Electric was broken up and folded into spanish written rubric, ATT Technologies. Long distance was expected to photo research paper provide the bulk of short-term revenue for the new ATT, but the unregulated technologies group, backed by Bell Labs, was expected to by quickly blossom. ATT Technologies initially concentrated on switching and transmissions systems for telephone companies. ATT was losing ground to paper appendix competitors in that sector and essays by, wanted to fight back. The company also worked on telephone-equipment sales, sold through ATT phone centers and such retailers as Sears. American Bell changed its name to ATT Information Systems and began pushing computers.

ATT International quickly signed a deal with the Dutch company N.V. Philips to sell switching equipment throughout the world, setting up ATT Network Systems International. To help pay for the breakup, ATT took a fourth-quarter charge of $5.2 billion in 1984, the largest to that time. ATT, however, was now free to go into computers, a field it had longed to get into since the 1956 consent decree, and the company began spending hundreds of millions of dollars to develop and market a line of computers. Research Appendix. James E. Essays Spm. Olson became president of photo research ATT in 1985, cutting 24,000 jobs from the rubric, information division later that year to paper appendix improve its profits.

In 1986, Olson became chairman, and Robert E. Allen became president. Olson concentrated on paper in high, centralizing management and refocusing company strategy around the idea of managing the flow of research information. The company chose Brussels, Belgium, as the site for its regional headquarters serving Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It also began joint ventures with companies in Spain, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, South Korea, and uts thesis, Taiwan to get its telecommunications products into foreign markets. Photo Paper. Still, foreign revenues accounted for only 10 percent of repository company earnings, compared with 40 percent for many other U.S.-based multinationals. Company earnings declined because of photo paper appendix a slumping business equipment market and greater than expected reorganization costs. Earnings also suffered from a drop in rental revenues as more ATT customers decided to buy their telecommunications equipment outright. Meanwhile ATT's computer operations were in i love and dad, trouble.

The company had developed a new operating system, Unix, for its computers. While Unix had some advantages, users of personal computers were not familiar with it, manufacturers of photo larger computers were committed to their own proprietary systems, and buyers stayed away. ATT computer operations lost $1.2 billion in 1986 alone. At the end of the year, the writing in high, company restructured its computer operations to concentrate on photo paper appendix, telecommunications-based computers and computer systems. It custom designed a system for American Express that automatically phoned customers while putting customer information on a terminal screen. At the writing a research paper school, end of 1986, ATT cut another 27,400 jobs and took a $3.2 billion charge. Income for the year was only $139 million. In 1987, the DOJ recommended that the regional operating companies be allowed to compete with ATT in long distance and telecommunications equipment manufacturing--its two core businesses. The idea was unacceptable to Judge Harold Greene, overseer of the ATT breakup.

Because of fierce competition from MCI and photo paper, other companies, ATT retained 76 percent of the long-distance market, down from 91 percent in 1983. Unix made some gains in 1986 and 1987, and ATT formed the Archer Group, a consortium of thesis coach computer makers manufacturing Unix systems. It included Unisys and Sun Microsystems. Photo Research Appendix. After nearly $2 billion in spanish ab initio, losses in photo appendix, computers, the data systems group finally signed a major contract with the U.S. Air Force in written, 1988. The $929 million contract for minicomputers provided only a slim profit margin, but ATT hoped that the deal would push its computers over the top, make Unix an industry standard, and lead to further government sales. Olson died in 1988, and Allen became chairman. More Changes in the Late 1980s. MCI and others continued to erode ATT's share of the photo appendix, $50 billion long-distance market, which stood at 68 percent at the end of 1988. To fight back, ATT redeployed 2,500 employees to sales positions and aggressively tackled the business communications market.

ATT also took a $6.7 billion charge to uts thesis repository modernize its telephone network and cut 16,000 positions. Research Paper Appendix. As a result, the writing school, company lost $1.7 billion in 1988, its first-ever yearly loss. Some industry analysts, however, felt the company was finally turning around after four years of confusion and photo research, drift. It won two major government contracts that year. One, expected to earn ATT $15 billion by 1989, was to build a new government telephone system. Thesis Coach Australia. Competitor US Sprint Communications won a $10 billion contract for a second part of the same system. Regulators finally gave ATT the right to match the low prices of MCI and US Sprint, leading to the end of the research paper, long-distance price wars waged since the ATT breakup. ATT showed a $2.7 billion profit for 1989, its largest since the breakup.

In mid-1990, ATT raised its long-distance rates after low second-quarter earnings. It had been hurt by declining long-distance revenue and slow equipment sales. The company, however, soon made several important sales. It received an extension of a $100 million personal computer sale to American Airlines's Sabre Travel Information Network and by, signed an photo research agreement to essays upgrade China's international communications system. ATT made its first entry into Mexico's communications market, winning a $130 million contract from Mexico's national telephone company, Telefonos de Mexico. It signed a $157 million contract to build an paper undersea fiber-optic cable between Hawaii and the U.S. mainland, and written assignment, announced that it planned to build a high-capacity undersea cable between Germany and the United States, with Deutsche Bundespost Telekom. It also won a $600 million contract from GTE Corporation to photo paper appendix build cellular network equipment. Hoping to uts thesis repository make money from its financial and information resources, ATT launched a credit card, Universal Card, in research, early 1990. Writing School. By late 1990, it was the eighth leading credit card in the United States, with revenue of $750 million.

Wall Street analysts, however, expected the research, credit card's startup costs to dialogue spm hold back ATT earnings until at least 1992. Bell Labs announced important breakthroughs in paper, computer technology in 1990, including the world's first computer using light. Products based on the new technologies were years off, but ATT continued to manufacture computers. Thesis. ATT signed an agreement with Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corporation to share memory-chip technology, and licensed technology from Japan's NEC Corporation to make semiconductors. Photo Research Appendix. Late in the year, Philips, under financial pressure, sold back its 15 percent stake in ATT Network Systems International. In the early 1990s, ATT's overseas ventures began bearing fruit. About 15 percent of its revenue, more than $5 billion yearly, came from international calling and sales to foreign buyers of equipment and services. In 1991, ATT made a major acquisition in the computer industry, buying NCR Corporation through an exchange of stock valued at $7.4 billion. ATT officials believed the purchase of NCR, which accounted for about 60 percent of its sales in international markets, would put ATT on the path to becoming a truly global company and thesis coach, a leader in networked computing.

NCR had introduced more new products than any other computer company in the preceding year. NCR officials saw advantages of the photo research, merger to spanish assignment rubric be an increased customer base, access to the research and development capabilities of Bell Labs, and the addition of ATT's technical, marketing, and sales resources. ATT's fortunes looked solid following the NCR acquisition. Photo. The company's stock price was climbing, and dialogue essays spm, several of its previously sluggish operations posted their best earnings figures in years. Photo Research Paper Appendix. One area in which ATT needed market presence was cellular telephone service, even though the a research paper in high, company was the largest manufacturer of photo research paper appendix cell phone system switching devices. In August 1993, the company acquired McCaw Cellular Communications for and dad essay $12.8 billion in stock.

The Kirkland, Washington-based McCaw operated one of the largest cellular systems in the United States, with coverage of one-third of the country. Division into Three Companies in 1995. Despite these positive developments, ATT was still having problems. NCR in particular was not earning its keep and lost $600 million in 1994. ATT's long-distance service profits accounted for appendix the bulk of the corporation's income, but competition was growing ever fiercer. On September 20, 1995, the company announced it was splitting up yet again, this time into three separate entities. The largest would be known as ATT Corporation and consist primarily of the long distance businesses, ATT Wireless, the Universal Credit Card, and ATT Labs. The next largest would be Lucent Technologies, which would consist of the company's consumer and business products operations and Bell Labs. The smallest would be NCR Corporation, consisting more or less of what it had been when ATT purchased it four years earlier.

The breakup, the writing a research paper in high school, largest corporate restructuring in history, was accomplished by means of a spin-off of photo stock to ATT shareholders. Some 40,000 of the company's employees were also expected to lose their jobs. Other developments at this time included ATT's first foray into the world of cyberspace, with the introduction of an thesis coach australia array of business and photo, home Internet access services. Also, in February 1996, Congress passed a new telecommunications act which ended monopolies for repository providers of local phone service. ATT vowed to become a presence in photo paper, the local service arena again, though this would entail leasing lines from the spm, largely unfriendly Baby Bells. In the months following the company's restructuring, corporate morale and investor confidence ebbed as ATT's efforts to fine-tune the reconfiguration proceeded slowly. CEO Bob Allen, nearing his planned retirement date of January 1998, saw his chosen successor rejected by the board in mid-1997.

Finally, on November 1, Hughes Electronics CEO C. Michael Armstrong was approved to take over the reins at paper appendix, ATT, and Allen stepped down. Armstrong quickly set about cutting fat and implementing new strategies. He sold the company's credit card unit to Citibank for $3.5 billion, and its communications outsourcing business to Cincinnati Bell for $625 million. He purchased Teleport Communications Group, a local exchange business-service carrier in New York and 65 other cities, for $11.3 billion. International efforts, always a weak point with ATT, were boosted by i love and dad essay, the formation of a joint venture with British Telecom. Advertising expenses were cut for photo a second time in two years, and spm, an additional 18,000 layoffs were announced.

Armstrong's biggest move during his first year came in the summer of 1998, when he cut a deal to purchase cable television giant TCI for $53.5 billion in research paper appendix, stock. In October 1998, the company merged its Wireless Services division with Vanguard Cellular Systems, a Northeast U.S.-based cell phone company with 625,000 subscribers. ATT also started its own dial-around service, Lucky Dog. A host of new competitors had emerged who were offering low residential long-distance rates via special 7-digit access numbers. The heavily advertised Lucky Dog was an attempt to tap into this market and was promoted with no mention of its corporate owner. In December, a deal worth $5 billion was reached to assignment buy IBM's Global Network Internet access business, which was expected to provide a starting point for the joint venture with British Telecom. Restructuring at the Turn of the 21st Century.

Armstrong's first year performance was winning rave reviews, and he continued at full throttle in 1999 with the $60 billion acquisition of appendix a second major cable provider, MediaOne. In a heated battle, ATT had outbid both Comcast and Microsoft. Uts Thesis Repository. As a sop to the latter, an agreement was reached to sell the computer giant $5 billion in ATT stock and to use Microsoft products in the company's new cable boxes. Deals with Comcast and Time Warner also brought more cable subscribers to the company. Armstrong's vision for paper ATT's future was to offer both telephone and thesis coach, Internet services through the newly acquired cable TV networks, taking advantage of the large data-transmission capacity they offered. This would eliminate the slow download speed experienced by Internet users who connected via telephone line and modem. Billions of dollars would have to be invested to retrofit cable systems for interactivity and telephone use for the plan to photo appendix succeed. One constant during ATT's development was change, particularly during the thesis coach australia, latter half of the 20th century. As the company prepared for the 21st century, its inconstancy was true to form, as ATT struggled to find a lasting identity for itself. In October 2000, a little more than two years after Armstrong hailed the beginning of new age for ATT, the company announced plans to research split into essays written, four separate companies.

Armstrong's vision of photo research using cable-TV networks to deliver broadband Internet access and local phone service to australia residential customers was abandoned, shelved in favor of creating four distinct businesses: ATT Consumer, ATT Business, ATT Broadband, and ATT Wireless. Photo Research Paper Appendix. The creation of these four companies, Armstrong remarked in a November 6, 2000 interview with Business Week, is the foundation for a path to value creation. A Research Paper In High. The journey hasn't been simple, but I believe it will be successful. As the company entered a new decade, the appendix, process of stripping itself down to assume a new strategic stance began again, although not according to Armstrong's plan. Major facets of ATT's business were divested, leaving the company focused on two business areas.

In mid-2001, Comcast Corp. offered $40 billion for ATT Broadband, eventually gaining the assets after it increased its bid to essays written $72 billion at the end of photo research paper appendix 2001. In early 2004, Cingular Wireless and Vodafone Group launched a bidding war for i love my mom and dad essay ATT Wireless, with Cingular's $41 billion cash offer emerging the winner. The deal was approved by ATT shareholders in May 2004, leaving ATT with two business segments, ATT consumer services and ATT business services. By the end 2004, ATT was preparing for the beginning a new era. The company's residential telephone business, described by Armstrong in paper appendix, a November 8, 2000 interview with Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News as in systemic decline, offered little opportunity for future growth.

In July 2004, the company announced it would stop courting residential customers and instead focus its future on australia, its business services segment. In the years ahead, ATT planned on providing global voice and paper, data communications services to clients ranging from small businesses to large multinational conglomerates, hoping its expertise in networking, Internet protocol (IP), and e-commerce services would provide a stable foundation for future growth. Principal Subsidiaries: ACC Corporation; Alascom, Inc.; ATTCapital Holdings, Inc.; ATTCredit Holdings, Inc.; ATTCommunications, Inc.; ATTCommunications of California, Inc.; ATTCommunications of Delaware, LLC; ATTCommunications of dialogue essays spm Hawaii, Inc.; ATTCommunications of Illinois, Inc.; ATTCommunications of Indiana, Inc.; ATTCommunications of Maryland, LLC; ATTCommunications of Michigan, Inc.; ATTCommunications of the Midwest, Inc.; ATTCommunications of the Mountain States, Inc.; ATTCommunications of Nevada, Inc.; ATTCommunications of New England, Inc.; ATTCommunications of New Hampshire, Inc.; ATTNew Jersey Holdings, LLC; ATTCommunications of New York, Inc.; ATTCommunications of Ohio, Inc.; ATTCommunications of the Pacific Northwest, Inc.; ATTCommunications of Pennsylvania, LLC; ATTCommunications of the photo, South Central States, LLC; ATTCommunications of the Southern States, LLC; ATTCommunications of the Southwest, Inc.; ATTCommunications of Virginia, LLC; ATTCommunications of Washington D.C., LLC; ATTCommunications of West Virginia, Inc.; ATTCommunications Holdings of Wisconsin, LLC.; ATTCommunications Services International Inc.; ATTGlobal Communications Services Inc.; ATTCommunications Services of ab initio written rubric Jamaica LLC; ATTSolutions Inc.; ATTGlobal Network Services Group LLC; ATTof Puerto Rico, Inc.; ATTof the Virgin Islands, Inc.; Cuban American Telephone Telegraph Company (Cuba); Global Card Holdings Inc.; Teleport Communications Group Inc. Principal Operating Units: ATT Business Services; ATT Consumer Services. Principal Competitors: MCI Inc.; Sprint Corporation; Verizon Communications Inc. Key Dates: 1885: The American Telephone and Telegraph Company (ATT) is formed, establishing the first national telephone network.

1889: The first coin-operated pay phone is installed in Hartford, Connecticut. Photo. 1908: ATT begins reducing its prices to essays written by wrest control away from research paper appendix independent telephone companies. 1922: ATT establishes WEAF in New York City, marking its entry in the commercial radio business. 1947: Microwave radio becomes the technological basis of long-distance telephone calls. 1962: Telstar, the first ATT satellite, is launched. 1983: Plans for writing a research in high the breakup of ATT are approved, leading to the creation of independent, regional telephone companies and freeing ATT to enter non-telecommunications businesses. 1984: ATT is organized into two divisions, ATT Communications and ATT Technologies. 1991: ATT acquires NCR Corporation, a computer maker, in a $7.4 billion transaction. 1993: ATT enters the cellular telephone business with the $12.8 billion acquisition of McCaw Cellular Communications.

1995: ATT announces it is research paper appendix splitting into three companies, ATT Corporation, Lucent Technologies, and NCR Corporation. 1999: ATT acquires cable television giant, Tele-Communications Inc., in a $53.5 billion deal. 1999: ATT outbids Comcast and Microsoft to paper in high school acquire MediaOne Inc., making the research appendix, company the nation's largest operator of cable television. 2001: Comcast acquires ATT Broadband for $72 billion. 2004: ATT Wireless is sold for $41 billion to Cingular Wireless. Public Company Incorporated: 1885 as American Telephone and Telegraph Company Employees: 61,600 Sales: $34.52 billion (2003) Stock Exchanges: New York Ticker Symbol: T NAIC: 517110 Wired Telecommunications Carriers; 334111 Electronic Computer Manufacturing; 334210 Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing; 515210 Cable and Other Subscription Programming; 522298 All Other Non-Depository Credit Intermediation; 522320 Financial Transactions Processing, Reserve, and Clearing House. Anderson, Julia, Clark County, Wash., ATT Broadband Subscribers to Become Customers of Comcast, Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News , December 5, 2002.

ATT: Breaking up Is Still Hard to Do, Business Week , November 6, 2000, p. 173. Bonamici, Kate, Bells and Whistles, Fortune , April 19, 2004, p. And Dad. 146. Brooks, John, Telephone: The First Hundred Years , New York: Harper and photo paper appendix, Row, 1976. Evans, David S., ed., Breaking Up Bell: Essays on Industrial Organization and paper in high school, Regulation , New York: Elsevier Science Publishing Co., 1983. Faletra, Robert, What Is ATT Thinking with Its Dramatic Shift in Channels, Computer Reseller News , October 18, 2004, p. 94. Finneran, Michael, The ATT Breakup: A New Model for a Global Telecom Colossus, Business Communications Review , November 1995, pp. 78-9. Goldblatt, Henry, ATT Finally Has an Operator, Fortune , February 16, 1998, pp. 79-80. Photo Paper. Greenfield, Karl Taro, Ma Everything!, Time , May 17, 1999, pp.

58-60. Written. Greenwald, John, ATT's Power Shake, Time , July 6, 1998, pp. 76-8. Howe, Peter J., ATT Chairman Addresses Boston Audience on Future of Company, Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News , November 8, 2000. Kirkpatrick, David, Could ATT Rule the World?, Fortune , May 17, 1993, p. 54. ------, ATT Has the Plan, Fortune , October 16, 1995, pp. 84-6. Research. Kosseff, Jeffrey, Comcast, ATT Merger Will Alter 2 Million E-Mail Addresses, Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News , December 4, 2002. Repository. Kupfer, Andrew, ATT's $12 Billion Cellular Dream, Fortune , December 12, 1994, p. Photo Research Appendix. 100. ------, ATT: Ready to Run, Nowhere to Hide, Fortune , April 29, 1996, pp. Spm. 116-18. ------, ATT Gets Lucky, Fortune , November 9, 1998, pp. 108-10.

Loomis, Carol J., ATT Has No Clothes, Fortune , February 5, 1996, pp. 78-80. Mehta, Stephanie N., Great Balls of Fire, Fortune, November 13, 2000, p. 44. ------, The New ATT: Not Quite Its Old Self, Fortune , July 12, 2004, p. 34. McCarroll, Thomas, How ATT Plans to Reach out and Touch Everyone, Time , July 5, 1993, p. 44. Scheisel, Seth, ATT Conjures up Its Vision for Cable, But Can It Deliver?, New York Times , May 7, 1999, p. 1C. Sims, Calvin, ATT's New Call to Arms, New York Times , January 22, 1989. Slutsker, Gary, The Tortoise and the Hare, Forbes , February 1, 1993, p. 66. Research Appendix. Snyder, Beth, ATT Joins Wave of Marketers Hiding IDs Behind New Brands: Lucky Dog Dial-Around Service Aims for Value-Conscious Crowd, Advertising Age , November 2, 1998, p. 17. Trager, Louis, ATT Sticks to Consumer Path, Interactive Week Online , May 3, 1999.

Villano, Matt, Who Ya Gonna Call?, Computer Reseller News , November 1, 2004, p. A Research. 80. Waserman, Todd, ATT: We're All About Business Now, Brandweek , August 9, 2004, p. Research Paper. 4. By. This web site and associated pages are not associated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by AtT Corporation and has no official or unofficial affiliation with AtT Corporation.

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Mom Hero Essays and Research Papers. ? “The Working Mom versus the Stay at Home Mom ” “The Working Mom versus . the Stay at Home Mom ” One major difference between a man and a woman that anyone would refuse to argue with is research, that women have the ability to bear children. Coach Australia. Most of the time, it is in the traditional marriage setting but this is not always the case. Many children are born outside of research paper appendix, wedlock as well as many marriages end in divorce where the children are raised primarily by one. Childhood , Developmental psychology , Family 1302 Words | 4 Pages. Hero A hero is defined as many things. While many people consider heroes to be . larger than life figured, Christopher Reeves says that, A hero is an ordinary person, who preserves, and endures despite overwhelming challenges. This quote analyzes an writing a research in high unconventional definition of a hero from Christopher Reeve's point of view. What truly makes a hero is the courage to say that, it is not one, which is the hero it is research paper appendix, someone else. Someone else that fought. Christopher Reeve , Hero , John McCain 935 Words | 3 Pages.

concept of “The Literary Hero : A Quest for thesis australia Bravery”? You need to paper appendix, use QUOTATIONS from both of the dialogue work to research paper appendix, solidify your ideas. Try to avoid the written rubric . obvious. Saying that Rasheed is not a hero is paper, probably unnecessary. You will need to use ample quotations from ab initio written, both Hamlet and A Thousand Splendid Suns to support your proposals as to which characters possess honor (serve as heroic characters) and which do not satisfy this role. Photo. You need to explore your own definition of repository, honor and hero based on your belief system-great. A Thousand Splendid Suns , Characters in Hamlet , Gertrude 1455 Words | 5 Pages. ?-1The True Hero There is always a person that one is photo research appendix, always looking up to; that person could almost bring tears to one’s eyes just though . their shear integrity. That is what a hero is to me. Heroes are not figures like Spiderman, Batman, Superman, or any of those so-called heroes.

They are merely figures as I previously stated. Superheroes would be heroes to me if they didn’t have to wear flamboyant outfits or use ludicrous superpowers. Superpowers in movies, comics, or books are usually things. American films , English-language films , Family 922 Words | 3 Pages. world. When the word, hero , comes to mind, a picture of someone who gives an unforced and voluntary reaction that endeavors to save, protect or . restore another person or persons from a situation that threatens safety, freedom or humanity appears. There is no concrete definition of a hero because everyone has a different perspective and different viewpoints. For you it could be a fireman, it could be the president, and uts thesis it could be a brave dog that protected you. Research Paper Appendix. But to a nun her hero could be God and. Actor , Boy , Concrete 1065 Words | 3 Pages.

?Water and Fire “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself,” -Joseph Campbell. Before I can read and . write, a hero was someone in by the movie who knows how to fight. All heroes made in the movies know how to fight and photo research paper they never get hit by the bullet. Then after many years of being tricked, I finally found out the truth that most of all my favorite heroes were just celebrities. Coach. On the internet, define Hero as a person who, in the opinion of others.

1998 in research appendix film , Brad Pitt , English-language films 861 Words | 3 Pages. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLSearch Results Hero - IMDb Rating: 7.9/10 - ?123,269 votes . Directed by Yimou Zhang. By. With Jet Li, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Maggie Cheung, Ziyi Zhang. One man defeated three assassins who sought to murder the research paper most . Ab Initio Written Assignment Rubric. Hero - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A hero (heroine for photo a female) (Ancient Greek: ????, h?ros ), in Greek mythology and folklore, was originally a demigod, their cult being one of the most . ? Hero (disambiguation) -. Cinema of uts thesis repository, China , Enrique Iglesias , Hero 529 Words | 3 Pages. Who deserves the photo paper appendix right to be called a hero ? I have heard many stories of people that have risen to a challenge to help someone in need.

I . do, however, disagree with the media’s interpretation of heroism. The media is essays by, usually uplifting a celebrity for an act of paper, kindness, when there are so many others that show sacrifice, perseverance and confidence on and dad essay a daily basis. Just because a person is research appendix, famous, does not give them the by right to be labeled a hero . I feel celebrities and heroes are. Actor , Acts of the Apostles , Angelina Jolie 584 Words | 4 Pages. people who are just normal, yet are called heroes not for photo paper appendix their powers, but for the achievements they have accomplished through their lives. A . Coach Australia. hero is someone who makes a change in many lives including his or her own life. Defining the photo research paper appendix word hero may differ from one culture to another, but they share some essential characteristics.

Polster (2001) writes that a hero definition must include these following characteristics “first respect human life, second have a strong sense of personal choice and effectiveness. Courage , Harriet Tubman , Hero 1178 Words | 4 Pages. ?My Hero My hero is one that is essays written by, very close to me. My hero is the person that gave birth to me. My . hero is photo paper appendix, my mother. Writing In High. I chose my mom as my hero because to me that is what she is and more. My mom is photo, literally the backbone in the family. She takes care of everything in my mom and dad essay the family and around the house.

Before I began to photo appendix, drive my mom would take me everywhere. My mother like many others has been to the moon and back just to help me. She is such a kind person, she gives me advice about anything, she. Family , Father , First-person narrative 1645 Words | 4 Pages. masterpiece with Hero . With stunning photography, intricate choreography, great acting, and an intriguing story, how could one disagree? The . photography, mise en scene, ideology, acting, and i love and dad essay narration, all blend together to reveal poetic reverence, philosophy, and photo research paper questions of in high school, ethics. Yimou has composed a film which not only dazzles us with astonishing martial arts choreography, but also contains philosophical depth, causing us to examine our own moral integrity. The photography of appendix, Hero is possibly. Actor , Aesthetics , Hero 1672 Words | 5 Pages. Stay at spanish written assignment Home vs Working Mothers Stay at Home vs Working Mothers I have been fortunate enough to experience being both a stay at photo research paper home . And Dad. mom and a work away from home mom . Currently there is a societal debate on which approach raises a healthier and better adjusted child.

On that I cannot comment as I have not yet raised a child to adulthood, but having my own mixed feelings on this topic I can clearly see the photo research vast differences to each method. A Research School. Does working away from home make a more secure. 2009 singles , Child , Family 1050 Words | 3 Pages. Fatima Saucedo Mr. Lewton English 101 6 December 2012 The Value of Stay-At-Home Moms Now days, many people tend to look down at . stay-at-home moms rather than working mothers. This happens to many women, making it more difficult for them to choose between their children or work.

For the first time in research paper twenty-five years, the i love and dad percentage of mothers returning to the workforce has fallen from fifty-nine percent in 1998 to fifty-five percent in photo research paper 2000 (Adrienne Fox, Jan. 2002). This shows that. Family , Father , Infant 837 Words | 3 Pages. how the rise in media has had a negative effect on motherhood. Repository. Many women often wonder about why their lives seem so stressful; however the lives of other . women such as “Celebrity Moms ” seem to research, be rewarding and joyous (220).

Douglas and Meredith go into i love my mom essay further detail on how the rise in media influences new moms today. From the paper collection of real life stories from thesis coach, all different women, we see how the choices a mother makes deeply depends on the choices the mother down the street makes, or what. Family , Father , Mom 1090 Words | 3 Pages. The Difference Between Good and Bad Mothers. real mother she treated Elvia like a real daughter with she loved Elvia when Elvia ran away to find her mom and she called Sandy from the pay . Research Paper Appendix. phone Sandy told Elvia “If you find her, and thesis australia it doesn’t work out, come here, okay? You remember where? Be careful. If you need me, call me again. Research Paper. Please.” (Page 101) Sandy didn’t have to invite Elvia back into her home if things didn’t work out essays written with her mom she could’ve just told her to photo research paper appendix, go back to a research paper in high, her father even if things didn’t work out with Serafina. Sandy.

2001 albums , Bad , Family 1271 Words | 3 Pages. find up to three million viewers tuning in to watch the show Teen Mom , which is a spinoff of the paper appendix reality show 16 and Pregnant that started in . 2009. The girls on the show have volunteered themselves to put their lives on television and have people across the nation watch them struggle to survive as a teenager with a child right by their side. Today's pop culture celebrates teen pregnancy by i love essay having shows on television like MTV's Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant, not to mention, the stars on the show being. 16 and Pregnant , Adolescence , Mother 1451 Words | 5 Pages. belongs to all.

Each time that you run short of condiments come to stock up here without fear, (p.25).” Instead of research appendix, taking acts of witchcraft against australia . Sundiata, the witches say, “nothing can be done against a heart full of kindness, (p.26).” He becomes a hero in the eyes of those that tried to harm him. His selflessness is on even greater display when he speaks with Fakoli, “I defend the weak, I defend the innocent Fakoli. You have suffered an injustice so I will render you justice, but I have lieutenants. Claustrophobia , Fear , Hero 1278 Words | 3 Pages. to the paper imaginary friend. Repository. As we grow from children to young adults our heroes change to those more tangible, movie stars or athletes.

When we reach . adulthood, the definition of hero becomes clear and our heroes become those that we love and can look up to. Research. It took me a while to realize it but my hero is an 83 year old woman. In 1986, at the ripe age of 6, I was given the news that a big storm was coming. As a child the news of a big storm frightened me, I was paralyzed by. Apartment , Condominium , Hero 699 Words | 4 Pages. Old-English epic poem, is characteristic of ab initio written assignment, its Nordic-Germanic roots as a tale of a great Scandinavian hero Beowulf, who saves a neighboring . Photo Research. kingdom from the wrath of the destructive, blood-thirsty monster, Grendel, and a research in high school eventually becomes the research paper appendix king of his own people, the australia Geats. Paper Appendix. Closely related to modern day tribal and gang customs, it is questioned as to whether Beowulf should be considered a hero . He proves to be a great warrior and protector by killing three terrorizing beasts, a provider by bringing. Beowulf , Hero , Tribe 1028 Words | 3 Pages. Analysis of Beowulf as an Epic Hero The definition of a hero from ancient times to present day has evolved greatly, but they . often still possess characteristics synonymous across all cultures and timespans. In modern times, they are often thought of as role models for repository others to live up to, and are generally humble, honest, and not afraid to appendix, put others in front of themselves. In ancient times, more emphasis was put on strength and fearlessness, and epic heroes were often saviors of the land, sent.

Albert Lord , Beowulf , Combat 880 Words | 3 Pages. hundreds to before Christ was born, I'm talking Anglo-Saxon time, I'm talking Celtic, early roman days in great Britain. Spanish Written Assignment Rubric. Before there were superstars and all . these talks of these fictional comic book characters there were heroes. Now when I say the word hero or when people hear it now days the first thought that comes to mind are superman, and batman, but no, those aren't heroes. Photo Paper. What your going to dialogue essays, read today is the research appendix difference of heroes then and now, yes there's a big difference, I know your thinking all. American films , Combat , English-language films 1253 Words | 3 Pages. 2013 Are You My Hero ? When the word “ hero ” comes to mind, what do you see? A guy in tights with a cape or a person fighting for . something they believe in?

A hero is in high, someone who is strong and can handle anything thrown at them, willing and able and ready at any moment, right? Karl Marlantes’s story shows such heroism during the Vietnam War and research paper my mother’s story show’s a more personal heroism. There are heroes all over, but let’s start with what it really means to be a hero . A hero is defined as “a. Family , Father , Hero 1400 Words | 3 Pages. Epic… Hero …? When I was a little girl, I always believed a hero , perhaps a young prince, would save me from my mom essay, my awful parents. Photo Appendix. . That prince would be my hero and we would live happily ever after.

I know now, that’s not realistic, yet the media keeps pushing this ridiculous idea on little girls everywhere. They wait, in despair, for a prince who will never arrive. Heroes like this are classified into several schemas in i love my mom and dad literature. An epic hero is superhuman in contrast to the romantic hero who has. Emotion , Hero , Prince Humperdinck 904 Words | 3 Pages.

THE HEMINGWAY CODE HERO Closely related to the concept of stoicism is the research appendix Code Hero , a phrase used to australia, describe the main . character in many of Hemingway's novels. Research Appendix. Some critics regard Santiago as the finest, most developed example of australia, these code heroes. Research Paper. In this phrase, code means a set of rules or guidelines for conduct. In Hemingway's code, the principal ideals are honor, courage, and by endurance in a life of stress, misfortune, and photo research pain. Often in Hemingway's stories, the hero's world is violent. AfterLife , American literature , Ernest Hemingway 1170 Words | 4 Pages.

Allison Fain Bukowski English 4A 19 April, 2013 Is Beowulf an epic? An epic hero is a brave and spm noble character in an epic poem, . Research Paper Appendix. admired for written great achievements or affected by grand events. An epic poem, “The main character or protagonist is appendix, heroically larger then life, often the source and subject of legend or a national hero .”(Robert) An epic poem is an old English poem filled with both complex people and tribes, supernatural figures of monsters and dragons. Also they can be a mixture. Beowulf , Character , Courage 913 Words | 3 Pages. What does qualities of a hero mean? Its simple qualities of a hero are what make a hero to become a special person . for someone out there in the world. Stockton’s “The Griffin amp; The Minor Canon” amp; Stone’s “Where I Find My Heroes” provide what are the qualities of a hero . Also does Mariah Carey’s “ Hero ” and Bulfinch’s “The Quest of the golden fleece”. The qualities of a great hero are bravery, courage, amp; strongness.

An excellent hero needs bravery to accomplish things they want to succeed. Anxiety , Courage , Hero 920 Words | 3 Pages. What is a hero ? 1 Have you ever asked yourself, “What is a hero ?” A hero is “a mythological or . legendary figure” ( Heroes have “divine ancestry, great courage and are “celebrated for bold exploits” (Houghton Mifflin, The American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition). This essay will highlight these qualities and how they are exemplified in the lives of my mom and dad essay, Odysseus of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, the four priest who were on photo research paper the Titanic, Neil Armstrong, the. Achilles , Hero , Iliad 670 Words | 3 Pages.

Odysseus: Epic Hero ? The question has been raised as to whether or not Odysseus, the paper hero of photo, Homers the i love Odyssey, is an paper appendix epic . hero . An epic Hero portrays many classic properties, including being very strong and courageous. Odysseus is an epic hero , because he portrays many of these and i love my mom essay other traits, such as having a goal that is foremost in his mind, and having descended into the underworld. An epic hero is almost overwhelmed with difficulty, often beyond that which a normal man could withstand. Athena , Goddess , Greek mythology 1332 Words | 4 Pages. Hamlet Hero Paper I. My concept of a hero Hamlet, as one of the appendix most eminent plays in paper in high school history, possesses an intricate . conflict between the photo protagonists and antagonists. Nonetheless, there is confusion about who the protagonists and the antagonists are, and uts thesis how heroes should be defined in this well-known play. Heroes, for paper appendix a long time in essays my life, have been defined as people who are able to do supernatural, super-human work in favor of the public. My favorite hero was, and still is, the photo appendix amazing. Adolf Hitler , Characters in Hamlet , Courage 2686 Words | 7 Pages. Brian Wang Period 4 Ms. Dialogue Essays. Hollingsworth November 2, 2012 The Meaning of photo, a True Hero . . Aeneas , Aeneid , Clara Barton 892 Words | 3 Pages.

? HERO 1 HERO 2 Is the dialogue essays true meaning of the word hero being diluted . in today’s media? In today’s world anyone who does anything good no matter how small is recognized as a hero , when in fact it should be chalked up to just doing the morally right thing. While the research paper appendix word “ hero ” should be reserved for the people who have truly made a difference and essays spm inspired greatness for research others. The media is always looking for tomorrow’s hero , it brings in viewers and. Chesley Sullenberger , Hero , Military 2583 Words | 6 Pages. to three orphaned sisters. Essays By. His previous life as a villain is forgotten, and he becomes a great hero and dad. Gru morphs into a completely . Appendix. different person from the beginning of the repository movie to end with the support of many helpers and a new found arch nemesis, or shadow figure, Vector. Gru’s character completely evolves from the beginning of the movie to the end.

According to Seger, in most stories a hero starts out as an paper appendix average person, stuck in the normalcy of his or her everyday life or routine. Despicable Me , English-language films , Hero 1334 Words | 4 Pages. Juergensen Cucinell Block 4 Big Question Essay What Does It Mean to Be a True Hero ? The dictionary defines a hero as a man of . distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities, but not everyone chooses to uts thesis repository, interpret a hero this way. Paper. There are many ways someone can choose to see a hero as, such as soldier, superhero, or just an ordinary person who chooses to australia, do a heroic act. In my opinion, a hero is someone who goes out of his or her way to make a significant and positive.

Hero , Spider-Man , Spider-Man 2 1059 Words | 5 Pages. Beowulf illustrates an ideal example of the photo paper appendix desire to achieve fame. Beowulf is a young adventurer eager for fame and is also classified as an epic . hero . An epic hero is someone who is on a quest, risks his or her life for glory or fame, and embodies the ideals or values of writing paper in high, his or her culture. Clearly Beowulf possesses all of these essentials of an epic hero throughout the poem. One of the essentials that Beowulf possesses is the unquenchable desire for a quest. Beowulf is measured as an research paper appendix immense. Anglo-Saxons , Beowulf , Epic poetry 869 Words | 3 Pages.

Dainel Hageman A hero is essays spm, a person who has distinguished courage and ability and photo appendix can be looked at as a model or ideal. In One Flew Over the . Cuckoo’s Nest Randle Patrick McMurphy is seen to be the hero of the essays story. When McMurphy gets entered into the ward he is the only person in there who has any idea of what the outside world is like anymore. Throughout the movie McMurphy tries to makes the research paper guys, which were already in the ward, understand what the thesis coach australia outside world is like and that the only reason. Beat Generation , Hero , Ken Kesey 1715 Words | 4 Pages. Grant, that allow for paper growth and fulfillment of dialogue spm, one’s existence. As the novel progresses Gaines provides the right elements to allow for self-fulfillment and . growth for both characters that lead to life changing epiphanies and ultimately allow for a hero figure to photo research paper appendix, rise. Writing Paper In High School. Although almost opposite in composition both Jefferson and Grant lack elements that allow them to feel whole and truly live.

As individuals both struggle to live in photo research a world that seeks to oppress causing each to barely live, but through. A Lesson Before Dying , African American , Black people 1181 Words | 3 Pages. Teen Mom and Effects on American Culture. shown on a reality television show called 16 and Pregnant. It follows a group of teenage girls throughout their pregnancy and repository a few weeks after. It shows the . trials, worries, and changes in these girls’ lives.

There is also a follow up show called Teen Mom that follows 4 girls from the research paper first season of the show. I will be expanding on spanish ab initio assignment these girls’ lives from the beginning of their pregnancy to photo, their lives now. Repository. Maci Bookout was just your ordinary teenage girl. She was an excellent student, played softball. Adolescence , Family , Father 1229 Words | 3 Pages. Epic heroes in many cases are guarded and aided by gods, but posses common qualities and photo research paper admirable characteristics. Odysseus, the main character of the . Odyssey by Homer, fits the mold of an epic hero because he is courageous, persistent, and Odysseus’ courage exemplifies that characteristics of an thesis coach australia epic hero . One thing that shows his courageousness was his escape from photo research appendix, Polyphemus. Australia. He was courageous to stab out photo paper Polyphemus’s eyes using a burning pole.

Odysseus states: I took my twelve best fighters and. Cyclops , Greek mythology , Hero 807 Words | 3 Pages. perfect hero . Written By. Always full of strength and research appendix indifferent to death Beowulf defeated his enemies fearlessly and without pity. People were thankful . to thesis australia, him for saving their lives, kings gave him treasures for paper appendix his honorable service, and yet he remained humble, knowing he was nothing but a man, and repository no matter his strength one day or another he might die. However, no matter how many characteristic of the mighty Beowulf is photo research paper appendix, considered to be, in my opinion he is not really that close to be the perfect hero , actually. Beowulf , Epic poetry , Grendel 1214 Words | 4 Pages. ?Amanda Schnur ENG3U1 Ms.

Kidd y-03-18 A Female Anti- Hero In the movie “Divergent” directed by Neil Burger, the central character Beatrice, . Repository. shows many different characteristics of research paper appendix, being an anti- hero . Beatrice Prior otherwise known as Tris is the thesis australia main protagonist character and the narrator of the research film. She is a strong willed 16 year old who lives in a society divided into groups called factions, based on individual human virtues. With her coming of age, she must now choose one of the factions. Faction , Film , Hero 1436 Words | 4 Pages. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a hero in the following ways: a) a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed . with great strength or ability b) an coach illustrious warrior c) a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities d) one that shows great courage.

Most of society considers a hero to be someone that saves another person's life. The person doesn't necessarily have great strength or ability. Photo Paper Appendix. In mythology, a hero is a role model with extreme courage that does. Fear , Greek mythology , Hades 1520 Words | 4 Pages. QUALITIES OF A HERO Sacrifice - is the coach forfiture of something highly valued for paper appendix the sake of one considered to have a greater value or claim. . Determination - is repository, a fixed intention or resolution; a firmness of purpose or resolve. Loyalty - is the feeling of allegiance or the act of binding oneself to a course of action. Courage - is that firmness of spirit and swell of research paper, soul which meets danger without fear. Dedication - is a selfless devotion; complete and whole hearted fidelity or the act of binding. Courage , Frodo Baggins , Harry Potter 732 Words | 3 Pages.

British Literature 9/28/13 Beowulf vs. Batman The model hero owns power, ethics; and, above all, fights evil. This definition was . Writing Paper. functional in the time of appendix, Beowulf and still is functional in today’s time only slightly altered. Due to the use of such inventions such as television and internet, our culture has come to value physical desirability and sensual feelings, as evident in the example of Batman, a 21st century hero . In addition, humility has become a desired value in modern times, whereas. Anglo-Saxons , Batman , Batsuit 1526 Words | 4 Pages. ?Chenneal Hyman Ms.Posner English I April 7, 2013 Odysseus as a Hero When I was younger, I used to watch the figures on TV: athletes, . singers, and actors trying to essays spm, pick which one should be my hero . Granted they were fabulous, did being on TV make them a hero ? From many sources that supply countless definitions, one can say that Homer’s Odysseus can fit the true ideal of a hero because he obtains self-control in photo appendix rigorous situations, cleverness that outwits all mortals, and spanish written assignment rubric selfless that at many. Achilles , Athena , Hero 968 Words | 3 Pages. ? Hero Essay A hero is different to every person. However, societies normally have similar views when it comes to a . Photo. hero . Two American heroes, Edward Bloom and Chris McCandless are to repository, some extent viewed the same way the Greeks viewed their own ancient Greek hero , Odysseus. These 3 heroes all have characteristics, traits, and projected ideals admired and pursued by their societies and for this very reason when both are compared, Chris McCandless is the better American hero when compared to Edward. Ancient Greece , Greece , Greek mythology 1301 Words | 3 Pages.

The hero is an photo age-old concept that describes someone that will defend their honor to the end. In Beowulf, the author portrays the warrior . Beowulf and his three battles in thesis australia such a way as to photo research, clearly define what it means to by, be a hero . Fred Robinson and J. R. Research. R. Tolkien addressed heroism in Beowulf regarding the uts thesis repository warrior’s traits, as well as his battles and photo research appendix burial. Dialogue. The author of Beowulf defines the hero through Beowulf’s three battles with Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon. In this poem, each. Beowulf , Divine filiation , Funeral 1625 Words | 4 Pages. Heroes: Hero and photo research appendix Good Moral Character. ? Last 1 First Last ENG 122 Professor Blank 24 Jan 14 A Hero Lies in uts thesis All of Us? The dictionary refers to a . hero as someone who is photo appendix, admired for his deeds, abilities or noble qualities. This could include anyone for assignment anything! Today there are so many people that are considered heroes – though many of them do not deserve the photo research appendix title for one reason or another. Some believe sports players like famous football and baseball players to be heroes because they can play their sport well.

Child , Good moral character , Hero 1203 Words | 3 Pages. and brave in coach significant ways their values are different. Research Appendix. Atticus is a family man while Ethan is not. Atticus fights for what he believes in essays and wants racial . equality. Ethan on photo paper the other hand is full of hate against the Native Americans. The greater hero of these two in my opinion is Atticus Finch, This is because Atticus’ values are still held today and have relation to today’s issues.

In the dialogue essays film the searchers Ethan Edwards values was hard work and humility, he is also a very prejudice character. African American , American Civil War , Atticus Finch 1344 Words | 4 Pages. My Hero : Jesus Christ I know that it is only Jesus Christ who fulfills the photo definition of a true hero . Dialogue Essays. I looked up . Photo. “ hero ” in the dictionary and this is what it said: 1. A man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for dialogue his brave deeds and noble qualities. 2. A person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal: e.g., He was a local hero when he saved the drowning child. 3. The principal male character in a story, play.

Christianity , God , God in photo paper Christianity 1045 Words | 3 Pages. A Hero in Disguise A hero is written rubric, one who often times has immense physical strength, romantic appeal, and has a great deal of research appendix, . Uts Thesis. strength in appendix battle. A hero can be defined as a mythological or legendary figure often of my mom, divine descent endowed with great strength or ability (Merriam-Webster). Many times one can find a hero possessing these qualities in fairy tales, mythological stories, or even in their own home. He may be the prince who wakes his Sleeping Beauty, Hercules who endures much turmoil, or a.

2000 albums , American films , English-language films 961 Words | 3 Pages. Odysseus: A Hero Heroism was not an invention of the Greeks. Yet, through the photo appendix first hundreds years of their civilization, the by Greek . literature has already given birth to highly polished and research paper appendix complex long epics that revolved around heroes. These literature works gave many possibilities of definition of heroism. The Greeks illustrated heroism to obey the rules laid down by the gods and goddesses, and those who obey the rules would gain honor and fame.

The Greeks regarded intelligence as one of. Circe , Goddess , Greeks 1351 Words | 4 Pages. Herakles, and Cu Chulainn). Shaman as a Hero Traditionally, the shaman is a character in a religious position who communicates with the . afterlife in some way. By altering forms of writing a research paper in high school, consciousness, the photo shaman is able to encounter and and dad essay interact with the spirit world. In early myths and photo research paper appendix tales in oral literature the motif of shaman like characteristics is a trend that is evident. However, in these tales the shaman is intertwined with the stereotypical epic Hero . This creates characters that are complicated. Afterlife , Death , Enkidu 914 Words | 3 Pages.

an example for dialogue essays spm the rest of the novels cast. Another name for this super being, is a hero , a man admired for his achievements and noble . qualities (Webster). In Twains novel, Huckleberry Finn, it is evident that Huck is the hero of the novel. Throughout this book, Huck demonstrates the epitome of heroism, for photo paper appendix the attitude that he posses, as well as his actions and willingness to change. Huck can be called a hero for a great number or reasons throughout the book. In every chapter we notice little. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , Alan Parsons , Character 1264 Words | 3 Pages. Beowulf The Hero “… A fiend out of hell”(Heaney 100). These words describe the monster Grendel, who is truly an evil entity. Only an epic . hero with strength, courage and confidence is thesis australia, able to paper, defeat this mighty foe. This hero’s name is Beowulf.

He displays all of these throughout the epic. Beowulf’s first epic hero trait is confidence. Beowulf displays confidence when he talked to Unferth in the great hall Heorot. Beowulf said, “…but he will find me different. I will show him how Geats shape. Beowulf , Combat , Epic poetry 990 Words | 3 Pages. The story of Gilgamesh, the King of essays, Uruk who is two thirds god and one third human, is a interesting and intriguing piece of literature. The story tells of . Gilgameshs' strength, bravery, intelligence, looks, and loyalty making him a true model hero . It says that Gilgamesh was (pg.13), given a perfect body and endowed with beauty and courage and his beauty surpassed all others. Throughout the story he is constantly going into battle and going on long adventures to find answers that will better. Cedar Forest , Enkidu , Epic of Gilgamesh 1746 Words | 4 Pages.

The American Hero Every child has fantasy#8217;s of being a super hero and leaping tall buildings in a single bound or . staring death in the face everyday and somehow finding a way to escape. All of these imaginative thoughts have been derived from the past literary works by the great writers of the early American literary period. These early writers entered society into a world of action and adventure, where one can see spectacular events unfolding through the research eyes of a research in high school, a notorious man of. Hero , Indiana Jones , James Fenimore Cooper 2214 Words | 6 Pages. article, Berg told us that real heroes were ordinary people around us. Because Berg’s daughter chose her friend as a hero who saved her from . drowning in a creek, Berg realized a hero wouldn’t have to be a famous person. When Mrs. Zinz, an eighth-grade English teacher, was harassed by Berg and photo research paper appendix her friend, she wasn’t angry. Essays Written. Mrs.

Zinz didn’t lower herself and become mean. Another hero in Berg’s mind was her grandfather who was kind, warm and friendly. He liked to make his grandchild laugh. Sylvia, Berg’s. Family , Hero 972 Words | 3 Pages. husband allegorizes selfishness, false heroism and research cowardice. This can be seen in repository how wants to be regarded as a Messiah in the eyes of Nigerians but cannot . be a hero to his own family to which he owes the greatest allegiance. When danger comes his way he quickly escapes leaving his wife to deal with his mess while he is safe. A true hero would have seen to the welfare of his family before thinking of paper, his own well being. The female character in the short story allegorizes bravery and selflessness. Character , Courage , Ernest Shonekan 781 Words | 3 Pages.

‘We only need heroes in writing paper in high times of war or catastrophe’. Paper. Discuss with reference to a film or text of your choice. The film ‘ Hero ’ (2002), . directed by Yimou Zhang, is set during the ‘Warring States Period’ of essays, Chinese Antiquity, prior to the unification of these states by the ‘first’ Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang , the historic model for the film’s King of Qin . In a climate of terror and ruthless violence, minorities defend their right to photo paper appendix, exist as independent people, with separate linguistic and. Assassination , Hero , Qin 1256 Words | 4 Pages. What is hero ? Hero can mean many things and can be anybody depending on how people plan to thesis australia, look at it. Appendix. In ancient Greek the thesis . Paper. concept of a hero is different from our own cultures. In ancient Greek hero is a religious figure, a dead person who received cult honors. In literature years ago they define hero as a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability. However, in some literatures that have been written during the nineteenth and the twentieth century.

Ancient Greece , Ancient Greek , Greek language 982 Words | 3 Pages.

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9 Sample Biodata Format For Marriage With Bonus Writing Tips! Jodi Logik has lined up nine different biodata format for marriage templates for paper, download. Seven of these biodata formats for spanish ab initio written rubric, marriage are in a PDF format while we have two attractive biodata format for photo appendix, marriage in Word format. We have also included marriage biodata sample content suitable for a boy and a girl so that you can use these as a reference when creating your biodata for marriage. We have included marriage biodata sample content suitable for a boy and a girl so that you can use these as a reference when creating your biodata for marriage. Considering the fact that some of us may have a unique personal situation, we have included a marriage biodata format for a handicapped man as well.

1. Thesis Coach. Biodata for Matrimony for photo research paper appendix, a Girl. Biodata format for marriage Working girl from a traditional family. My Mom And Dad Essay. If you like the photo paper, sample biodata, we just made it easy for you to copy the transcripts for the About Myself and Expectations sections. Make sure you modify it for your own biodata. I am a petite, cheerful person with a happy and contended life. My Mom And Dad Essay. I am currently working for photo paper, IBM in Bangalore as a Sr. Data Analyst. I love painting and you will find some of my painting adorning the walls of a few offices in Bangalore!

I use my paintings to shine a spotlight on the beauty of thesis, nature all around us. My parents tell me I am quite handy when it comes to taking up household chores. Research Paper Appendix. Actually, I enjoy decorating my home but I am also a stickler for cleanliness. I love spending time with my family and have a big circle of friends as well. I am looking for a tall and handsome professional based out of Bangalore. He should have a fulfilling career and should be able to support my career as well.

I travel occasionally and I am hoping to find someone who will be available to spend time with me. I prefer a teetotaler. Smoking is dialogue, also a strict no-no. I have a modern outlook on life but I believe in traditional values such as respect for research paper, parents and helping others in written, need. I am willing to change my opinions if you can convince me and you should be open-minded about your opinions as well. This biodata format for paper, marriage achieves two important goals that most of us ignore 1. The layout and the organisation of content don#8217;t make it look like another job resume format, 2. I Love My Mom Essay. The biodata format highlights all the key information and the photo to allow for research, a quick review of the document.

2. Sample Biodata for Marriage for a Man. Biodata format for essays, marriage Businessman, parents no more. If you like the sample marriage biodata, just copy the transcripts for the About Myself and Expectations sections. Photo Paper Appendix. Make sure you modify it to suit your personal situation. Spanish Written Rubric. I am a self-made man that has been through a lot of challenges in research paper, life. I am currently the MD of Sethi Exports Imports, Mumbai.

I rely on yoga to i love my mom essay, maintain a balance in research paper appendix, my life and deal with my work pressure. I end up travelling a lot to meet my customers. I love the surprises that spring up on my travels and essays, love meeting people from appendix different cultures and i love my mom and dad, backgrounds. Research Appendix. I believe that there is a lot to learn from this world and have a deep sense of curiosity. Reading is a research paper, yet another passion that I pursue whenever I find the research appendix, time. Spanish Written Assignment. Keeping up with politics, economy, social issues and culture keep me charged up. I am looking to marry a career-oriented, Hindu girl who is financially independent, strong-willed, and has a strong network of family and friends. Caste does not matter to me and. I am a teetotaler and photo paper, a non-smoker and hence expect the women I marry to appreciate my preference. My business requires that I spend over 6-months in the year travelling outside Indian.

Ability to lead an independent life while I am away is a key requirement. Writing A Research In High School. I am based out of Mumbai, and I will prefer to photo paper, marry someone from by Mumbai or Pune. I don’t believe in research paper appendix, horoscope matching. However, I can send my horoscope if required. Spanish Written Assignment Rubric. This biodata sample has an exceptionally well-written partner expectations.

The boy clearly brings out the fact that he travels a lot and hence expects his future wife to be career oriented and have the ability to lead an independent life during his absence. 3. Marriage Biodata Sample For A Handicapped Man. Biodata format for marriage Handicapped boy living with parents. Just copy the transcripts for the About Myself and research paper appendix, Partner Expectations sections from this sample and use it for your own biodata for marriage. I am a 25-year old man from a conservative, Arora family in coach australia, Amritsar. I lost my legs in a road accident 5-years ago.

I did go through a lot of struggles as I went through physical rehabilitation and photo paper, adjustment to my new lifestyle on wheels! My rather unfortunate experience has a silver lining as well. Essays Written. My perspective towards life and what we take for appendix, granted has changed completely and I am now a much more confident and spanish ab initio assignment rubric, determined in my pursuits. I live each day as if it is my last day on earth and enjoy life to the fullest extent. I am financially independent and run a successful corporate training and consulting business from home. My family and friends have been my pillar of support.

I am looking for paper appendix, an educated woman who has an essays written, independent career of her own. I am searching for someone who can see beyond the fact that I am bound to my wheelchair. Height (or any other physical disability) certainly doesn’t matter to me :). While I have grown up to handle everything that life can throw at me, I am looking for a companion who wouldn’t mind providing a helping hand when I am outside. It would be great to marry someone who has prior exposure to working with physically disabled people or have been exposed to their lifestyle. Someone with a great sense of humour, having experienced adversity and paper appendix, overcome them in the past will probably be able to appreciate my point of view better. Handicapped people face twin challenges in arranged marriages. First of all, their self-esteem has already taken a beating and they are defined by their handicapped. The second challenge is that their options to look for a prospective match are limited (for all practical purposes) to essays written by, other physically challenged men or women. Photo Research. 4. Biodata Sample for a Software Engineer. Biodata format for marriage Software engineer who enjoys travelling.

We made it easy for you to use the content of this sample marriage biodata. Copy the transcripts below and spanish ab initio assignment rubric, make it your own. Originally from Hyderabad, I have been living in Chennai for over 10 years. I am 6 feet tall and moderately built. My fitness obsession helps me in keeping my body fat at bay! My job as a software engineer has made me a patient man and improved my negotiation skills! My job also keeps me on my toes, as I am always trying to learn new skills to photo research paper, keep pace with the changing technology landscape. I especially value humour, ability to dialogue spm, laugh at yourself, being able to communicate, respect for culture, staying healthy, and the freedom to think out of the box. I am looking for a killer smile and a spark in her eyes. I am tall, so you will have to be at research paper least 5 feet 5 inches in height.

My future wife should enjoy travelling with me as I follow the Indian cricket team worldwide! It goes without saying that you should know the difference between point and ab initio written, gully. My prospective match should be a nature lover and enjoy living in a secluded home that is far removed from the hustle and the bustle of the city. In this sample bio data, you will notice that the boy has called out all of his likes and dislikes clearly not only in the expectations section but also in the about myself section. The highlight of this biodata is the fact that your expectations and research paper appendix, interests have a direct bearing on the person reading your bio data.

Calling out how your lifestyle could change or influence the a research in high school, lifestyle of the person that you intend to marry is research paper appendix, something that we can learn from. 5. Indian Marriage Biodata Format for a Girl. Biodata format for marriage Divorced girl. Copy and reuse the written by, written descriptions for this sample marriage biodata. I am an outgoing person and I believe in making a difference to those around me. Research. I run my own non-profit organisation that provides training to victims of domestic abuse so that they can lead an independent life. I started this initiative as I went through a brief marriage that ended in a divorce.

While I had the tools and resources to get back on repository track, I was moved by the plight of countless other women around me who are trapped in abusive marriages. I also dabble in photo appendix, painting and I am currently taking painting lessons to develop my skills. Both painting and my social activism give me plenty of opportunities to express myself. Religion or caste does not matter to me. However, I am looking for someone who respects women, not too egotistical, and essays, an ability to empathise with others. Having a great sense of humour and appendix, not taking yourself too seriously will be a definite plus. I expect the person I marry to be a non-smoker. My Mom And Dad Essay. Social drinking is acceptable. Career oriented yet having a sense of responsibility towards family are traits that I appreciate a lot in the person I plan to marry. Divorcees with no children are OK. While second marriages are definitely on the rise in India, women, as well as men, tend to get defensive about why they got divorced when writing their biodata for marriage.

In this sample, you will notice that the girl has confidently highlighted the positive outcome that came out of her divorce. 6. Marriage Biodata Format for Muslim Girl. Biodata format for marriage Muslim girl. Appendix. Go ahead, copy and i love my mom essay, use the descriptions below to photo research appendix, create your biodata for marriage. I am an easy-going person with a positive attitude towards life. I am simple, soft-spoken, respectful, an educated person with the right mix of modern and traditional cultures.

I am God fearing and read the Quran every day and dialogue essays spm, perform the Namaz five times a day. I am an artist who is passionate about Islamic art and calligraphy. I have created fonts based on Islamic art and I currently work as a freelance graphics designer for several e-commerce brands. I love good food and I also dabble in cooking whenever I get a chance at home. Photo Research Paper. I am looking for someone who can be a true friend for life. He should be calm, understanding, caring, loving, and at least be moderately religious. While I believe in Allah, I expect my partner to have the open mind to mingle with people from other religions and backgrounds. My ideal match would be someone who is successful in his career, well settled and has a positive outlook on life even when the going gets tough. Notice how this Muslim girl has cleverly managed to include details about her religious belief without sounding too traditional. She has indicated how many time she performs namaz, her Umrah and Hajj trips, and has left her decision open regarding hijab after marriage. 7.Marriage Biodata Format for Christian Girl.

Biodata format for coach, marriage Christian girl. Go ahead, copy and use the descriptions below to create your biodata for marriage. Photo Research Paper. I am a God-fearing, devout Christian with a positive outlook towards life. I take each day as it comes and believes that God has a plan for every one of i love my mom, us and research, we will have to coach australia, be patient with his plan to photo research paper appendix, unfold. Uts Thesis Repository. I believe in respecting elders and love the religious as well as cultural traditions of our family. While I am a Tamilian, I have lived all my life in New Delhi and can speak Hindi fluently. I have a management degree from the photo research, Indian Institute of essay, Management, Kozhikode, and work for research, an IT MNC in New Delhi.

I have progressed well in my career and will continue with it after marriage. I am looking for a God-fearing, honest Roman Catholic Christian. Someone from the same caste will be preferred. He should be caring, hardworking, and have old-fashioned values such as respect for elders, chivalry, and the deep sense of responsibility to and dad essay, be a torch bearer of the religion and the culture. Photo Paper Appendix. Someone who has a successful career, a good educational background and a teetotaler will be an ideal match.

This biodata format for marriage is an example of how a Christian girl projects her beliefs and thesis, value systems and the same time striking a balance with contemporary lifestyle. She calls out lifestyle choices and expectations very clearly including offbeat choices such as choosing to be a vegetarian lifestyle when her family is non-vegetarian. If you just need to download a simple marriage biodata format for marriage so that you can use them as a template, download one of the documents. The first sample bio data below doesn#8217;t include details of parents as well as horoscope relation information. The second marriage biodata format includes both!

8. Click on research the image below to download the sample biodata format in Word. Written By. 9. Click on the image below to download the modern version of biodata format in photo research paper appendix, Word. I Love My Mom And Dad. Once you download a biodata format for marriage template, you can click on the relevant sections to fill in the information based on research the labels or instructions. We have also included samples for #8220; About Me #8221; and #8220;Expectations#8220; so that you can write something that is meaningful and truly represents your personality. With Jodi Logik, you have two different options to written by, share your stunning marriage biodata. 1. You can create a detailed and stunning online biodata that you can then circulate via trackable email invitations.

2. You can also choose from one of our 7 stunningly beautiful templates for biodata format for paper appendix, marriage to essays written by, print a summary version of your biodata or download a PDF copy of research paper, your marriage biodata. Essays Spm. Click Here To Create Your Stunning Marriage Biodata Now! Why your biodata format for marriage is useless! The first step in any arranged marriage is to create a marriage biodata or biodata for marriage. The marriage data comes in handy in the following scenarios: Parents can circulate a printed copy of the marriage biodata among family and friends. Appendix. People who express interest through online matrimony expect to see a marriage biodata before initiating a conversation or a arranged marriage first meeting. But, the challenge is in finding the right format for dialogue, your marriage biodata. The search term #8220;marriage biodata format#8221; seems to be very popular. On an average, there are over 2000 searches every month for #8220;marriage biodata format#8221; as you can see below. While there is a big demand for a marriage biodata format, the photo paper appendix, options available on the Internet fall short of requirements. My Mom And Dad. Here are a few reasons why: Here are a few reasons why biodata formats for marriage available elsewhere are inadequate!

Most of the marriage biodata formats available online resemble a job resume . They are devoid of any character (in other words, design) and photo research, are boring! If you use a generic marriage biodata format, you will end up doing your best to hide your personality and make yourself a part of the #8220;crowd#8221; of marriage biodata that people use. Focussing only on writing school hard facts with the aim of shortlisting a prospective match and then sharing more details is a great idea. The only photo appendix, problem is that its a huge waste of written by, your time and invariably sets you up for disappointment. You will realise that when you meet a shortlisted match, they will not meet your expectations or vice versa ! Not having a custom biodata for research, marriage makes you a great candidate for outright rejection. Would you buy a soap wrapped in a white paper and has no label on it? Here is what you will see when you search for a marriage biodata format!

If you look closely, you will fall asleep! That#8217;s why we believe not having a proper marriage biodata format is a lost opportunity for: Standing out from the crowd Differentiate yourself by sharing a biodata that is significantly different from what others typically use. Creating a great first impression Scientists have found that people form an i love, impression in 1/10th of a second. Use a great marriage biodata format for getting noticed and most importantly get more responses from prospective matches. Interacting with the right matches Use the paper appendix, right marriage biodata format to share all the information you will need to weed out mismatched profiles. There is no value in wasting time with people that cannot meet your expectations or vice versa. 10 writing tips for your marriage biodata. We have lined up the best tips for coming up with an attractive marriage biodata. 1. Choose the right template for biodata for marriage: Yes, there are different ways of presenting yourself through your marriage biodata. This depends on what information you want to project.

If you choose the wrong biodata model for marriage, you will end up discounting everything you value. Click here to find out essays why Jodi Logik is the best online tool to create your marriage biodata! 2. Spelling and photo research paper appendix, grammar: Use tools like Grammarly (their free version is good enough) when writing your marriage biodata. Grammar mistakes and spelling errors can get your marriage biodata straight to thesis coach, the trash can. Research Paper Appendix. 3. About yourself : Writing about yourself is probably the written by, most important section in any marriage biodata format. Write about your personality, lifestyle, interests, talents, aspirations, and hobbies to research paper appendix, name a few. Listing hobbies in marriage biodata for the sake of written by, listing them is photo, no good. Provide specific examples or details such as the name of your favourite book is you have listed reading as a hobby. Click here to read 7 About Myself samples for your biodata for matrimony. 4. Profile photograph : This is probably one aspect of your marriage biodata that will decide if you get a call or you will hear silence.

So choose your profile photograph wisely. Here are some great tips for creating an uts thesis, attractive matrimonial profile photograph. 5. Express expectations : Being honest and upfront in expressing expectations through your biodata for marriage is a good way to screen people that don#8217;t match your expectations. Please do not list only your dislikes, but don#8217;t shy away from listing non-negotiable (such as smoking, drinking habits). Click here to read 7 different samples for writing your partner expectations. 6. Calling out research paper sensitive information : If you are divorced, have a physical disability or have any other sensitive information that you believe will help others quickly decide if they want to have the next round of written by, conversation, please remember to call it out in your marriage biodata.

7. Horoscope: if you believe in photo research paper, astrology and a horoscope match, include basic information such as your birth star, sub-sect, place and essays written by, time of photo research appendix, birth. A detailed horoscope can be exchanged if there is a preliminary match and essays spm, interest. 8. Skin colour : While it is photo paper, OK to include height and body type (lean, medium built, toned to name a few), do not include your skin colour and thesis coach, steer clear of #8220;wheatish complexion#8221; as you are only reinforcing racism and stereotypes! In short, avoid mentioning complexion in photo appendix, marriage biodata. Let your profile photograph speak for itself. 9. Salary or money : Steer clear of your salary or your bank balance in essays by, your marriage biodata. You don#8217;t want prospective matches attaching too much importance to your bank balance and marriages should happen for paper, the right reasons. 10. Your family : While it is OK to list the names and spanish ab initio written, occupations of photo paper, your parents, keep in in high, mind that this is photo research paper, your marriage biodata and not a family biodata for marriage! Listing gory details about your parents and grandparents don#8217;t really make a difference at this stage of the arranged marriage.

We created 7 different family description samples for my mom and dad essay, your marriage biodata that you can reuse! Click here to photo research paper appendix, read the samples. Christian Marriage Biodata Format Samples For Download. How to Write a Muslim Marriage Biodata? Samples You Can Copy! 7 Stunning Biodata Format That Will Get You A Response (GURANTEED!) [#8230;] you want to and dad essay, create just another biodata for photo, marriage that will appeal to thesis coach australia, parents, download these templates and don#8217;t bother to read the rest of this blog [#8230;] [#8230;] After spending several hours or sometimes days to research appendix, complete your matrimonial biodata, you then start worrying about what#8217;s next?

Your parents may possibly want to include a copy of your horoscope (if you are a Hindu) and pick out the most embarrassing photograph along with your marriage biodata. [#8230;] [#8230;] Marriage Biodata Format For Download [#8230;] Comments are closed. Copyrights 2017-2018 Makeover Magic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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English and photo research paper Comparative Literary Studies. This handbook is a guide that I’m hoping will enable you. Essay? It is geared, in research appendix particular, towards the seventeenth-century literature and culture module but I hope you will find it useful at other times too. I would like to stress, though, that it is not the only way to do things. It may be that you have much better ideas about what makes for a successful essay and i love my mom and dad essay have tried and tested methods of executing your research. There isn’t necessarily a right way and so I hope you will not see this as proscriptive and limiting. You should talk to all your tutors about what makes for a good essay to get a sense of the different ways that you might construct an essay. 1. Essay writing (p.2) 2. Close reading (p. 4) 4. Constructing an argument (p.

8) 5. Paper Appendix? Help with this particular assessment (p. 9) 6. Writing A Research Paper School? Grade descriptions (p. 10) 1. ESSAY WRITING (and historicist writing in particular) Essay writing has four stages: reading, planning, writing and proof-reading. Excepting the last, you may not find that they are not particularly discrete but rather interlinked and photo research paper mutually informative. If any stage is thesis australia skipped or done badly, though, it will impair your work. 1) Read the text and make sure you understand it. Photo Research? Use the Oxford English Dictionary online to look up any words you don’t understand or if they are operating in an unfamiliar context.

Available on the Warwick web: 2) Do a close reading. Make a list technical features (cf. the writing page in paper appendix this booklet entitled ‘close reading’; refer to the section on poetic form in thesis the back of your Norton Anthologies pp. Research? 2944-52). Uts Thesis Repository? Ask yourself: ‘how does the photo text achieve its effects?’ Then ask yourself: ‘how do those poetic effects relate to the meaning of the my mom and dad essay text?’. 3) Do some research, particularly on the historical theme, period, cultural group that you’re interested in. You could begin with a general history and research paper appendix then do a literature search for i love my mom and dad more specialist books and articles.

It may help you to narrow your research to a particular theme or idea that is suggested, hopefully by your reading in 1) and 2). Research Paper? Rather than trying to find out essays by about the whole of seventeenth-century culture, limit your research to appendix the restoration, cavalier culture, medicine, the family or whatever. Writing A Research In High? (See the handout on research). 4) Be careful when you take notes so that you will make no mistake, when you come to photo appendix writing and referencing your work, about what is your work and what is essays by someone else’s. Read and be clear about the university’s rules on plagiarism which are laid out in the blue booklet ‘Essay Writing and Scholarly Practice’ which you can get from the general office. 1) Begin by photo appendix, making a spider plan of all your ideas and the relationships between them. IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPIDERS FORGET THIS BIT. 2) Then write out essays a paragraph (which you will not include in your essay necessarily) called ‘MY LINE OF ARGUMENT’. This will be information to yourself (so it can be very boringly and functionally written) about research what you intend to say. Ideally this should be a single big idea, which you can sustain for the length of the essay, made up of stages that can be demonstrated with reference to the passage in question. My Mom? It may well be that you want to write something similar to photo research paper this ‘line of argument’ paragraph, only in a more dynamic and i love my mom essay elegant way, for your introduction.

See the photo research paper appendix page entitled ‘constructing an my mom and dad, argument’ that has an example of photo a ‘line of argument’ paragraph. 3) Then write out a linear plan of repository your essay with a logical ARGUMENT, an argument that is assertively stated and then proved through the course of your piece. TIP: try not to separate out paper style, content and context; discuss them together to show how the relate to one another. I Love Essay? You are aiming to produce something that identifies and describes both the wood and the trees; indeed, the trees are your evidence for the existence of the wood! You need to put together a big argument out of lots of bits of photo research evidence. 1) Everyone has his or her own way of writing. I sometimes find it easier to write the middle of the essay first and then come to the introduction last, which is perhaps the hardest bit to write. Australia? You may find that your ideas change and are worked out more fully as you start to write. Research? In which case go back to B) and produce another plan.

Present your ideas as a finished thought, rather than a thought process. 2) Keep yourself closely to writing your argument by imagining your reader. Perhaps a friend, a tutor or a parent might serve: imagine them behind you as you write asking ‘SO WHAT?’, making you insist on its relevance and trying to photo paper appendix prove a particular point. Imagine that you are a newspaper editor writing a polemic, trying to convince your readership of a particular point of view. 3) Inventing a title and writing an introduction. Writing A Research Paper? You should try to research make your essay interesting to an examiner. Which do you think is the best of these three titles: ‘Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko’; ‘Discuss the question of race in Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko’; ‘The “gallant slave”: the idea of the noble savage in Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko’. Similarly with the introduction. The first sentence should grab the coach australia examiner immediately.

Which is photo paper a better first sentence: ‘Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko was published in 1688 and is a prose work about Surinam’; ‘At the heart of Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko stands the deep paradox of the ‘royal slave’. 4) Using secondary literary criticism. My Mom And Dad Essay? It is, of course, good to read lots and to photo appendix incorporate that reading into your work. What you are attempting to do, though, is to position your independently arrived at ideas in relation to coach australia other critics in the field. You shouldn’t be deferential or let the ideas of others drag you off course. You should USE other people’s work in the service of your own argument.

For example, you might disagree with a critic; you might apply their theory about one text to another; you might say that their work hasn’t gone far enough in its assessment. Never use a quotation from someone else to clinch an argument: just because someone famous has said x or y it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily true. I sometimes find it useful to write a draft of my paper that includes no secondary reading at all, basing it just on research paper, my general knowledge of the critical field. I then do some detailed research in secondary criticism before writing a second draft. This means that the agenda is not dictated by essays, other scholars, and ensures that I use them rather than becoming their spokeswoman. Make sure, of course, that all your reading is properly referenced to research avoid a charge of plagiarism. 1) Check the ab initio written assignment spelling: in particular the names of the author and the text that you’re looking at MUST be spelled correctly. 2) Check your punctuation. If you don’t know how to use particular punctuation marks please get a book and learn how. Photo Research? In particular the misuse of apostrophes is deeply irritating to repository an examiner. Photo Paper? The Collins gem guides are really good also Lynne Truss, Eats, Shoots and Leaves is thesis coach australia fun and informative.

3) Make sure that you get hold of the blue booklet, ‘Essay Writing and Scholarly Practice’, from the general office. You must use the reference guide in paper there. I favor the MHRA guidelines; you may prefer the MLA style. If you do reference a website it is best to put it in a footnote rather than the text were it looks ugly. You should always include some close detailed analysis of the literary text(s) that you’re discussing in your essay. This demonstrates your sensitivity to the forms, textures and i love and dad essay ideological purpose of language.

You should aim to appendix show the relationship between form and meaning, between the text and its world. Before you can put together an by, argument about the research paper relationship between a text and its time you will need to do some close reading, compiling a list of dialogue essays spm technical features in a text or an excerpt from a text. Choose excerpts that relate to themes or passages that interest you. Then you can develop a checklist of appendix features to look for. Use this as a guide but you may want to add to, or amend it. *** What you see will be very different from what other people see. Writing A Research Paper In High? So, although it looks like a slightly dry exercise, this is where your ideas, your originality will come from. Research Paper Appendix? Close reading, in writing a research in high any module, will make your essays sparkle. *** #61623; Prose, drama or poetry? #61623; Genre? (e.g. is photo it panegyric, epic, restoration comedy or what ever) #61623; Does it remind you of anything? Can you compare or contrast it with something of a similar date?

Or, alternatively, compare it with something of a similar genre from the previous or next decade, for example, in order to investigate change over time. #61623; Poetry: metre, rhythm and rhyme. Look at the section on poetic form at the back of the Norton Anthology (p. 2944) and other guides. Don’t just describe metre etc but ask yourself how it works in that particular passage. How are units of meaning created by the line divisions?

When a poet downplays or emphasizes a particular word through positioning it in a particular way, what effect does it have? How does the poet manage tone, pace and coach register with his use of rhyme and rhythm? iF THESE FEATURES ARE NOT IMPORTANT IN YOUR PIECE IGNORE THEM. #61623; Drama: look at the length / speed of the photo paper appendix speeches, the essays written stage directions, the entrances and exits. #61623; Prose: rhetorical features and research appendix clause structure are the things to look out for in particular. Are the sentences complex or simple? Is it in hypotaxis or parataxis? What about word order and syntax, is there anything unusual or unexpected there? #61623; What is the overall structure of the writing a research in high school passage / text?

Are there abrupt changes or a progression from one idea to another? #61623; What other structures are there? Symmetries, comparisons and research paper appendix contrasts, digressions, asides, repetition. Is there any dialogue? Are the arguments circular or progressive? #61623; Are there any words you don’t fully understand? If you aren’t in a closed exam you could look them up in the Oxford English Dictionary online. This would also give you a sense of the other meanings that that word might have. Are there any puns? #61623; Think about grammatical features: tenses, conditional constructions, the passive voice. Is the passage in the first, second or third person?

Perhaps there are tense or person shifts; what effect do these produce? #61623; Look out for spanish written assignment rubric predominance: several superlatives or comparative adjectives and adverbs; a lot of words that mean a similar thing, repetitions of photo possessive pronouns or what ever. #61623; What kind of language is being used? i.e. what register is it in? Is it elevated or earthy, legal or lyrical, rhetorical or religious? Why? #61623; Look for particular rhetorical features: metaphor and simile, hyperbole and litotes, personification, metonymy and so on. #61623; Look at uts thesis, punctuation (but be careful: it could be the intervention of research paper appendix a printer or a later editor). Essays Spm? Look out for: enjambment, parentheses, direct speech?

When the punctuation is sparse, why? Is it because there is research paper appendix a proliferation of uts thesis conjunctions that resist punctuation like, for photo paper example, the word ‘and’. This may indicate parataxis or a very conversational style. #61623; Look out for allusions and references, often to the bible or classical stories. If you don’t know them and you’re not in a closed exam, look them up in a reference dictionary or on the internet. #61623; What is the tone of the passage? Is it homiletic, comic, anxious, melancholy or ironic?

How is spanish written this effect created? #61623; Where else does that poet use similar phrases, ideas, patterns and images? What does it say about his or her concerns and art? TIP: Don’t make simple associations between sense and sound. For example, whilst there are a lot of warm words that begin with ‘m’ (like, for research paper example, milkmaid, mother, magic etc) there are also some, like ‘malice’, ‘muscular’, ‘murder’ which evoke quite different associations. You then need to essays spm think how those technical features, which you’ve noted construct the research paper appendix meaning of the passage / text. Do not think about form and in high school content as separate things as if form were a kind of cloak in which meaning is dressed: they are organically connected.

Above and beyond that you will also need to research appendix think about how that text (both its form and its meaning) relate to the particular concerns and fashions (literary, political, philosophical etc) of its time. You might think about the way in which repeated ideas in essays by your text / excerpt link to significant contemporary discourses. Look for substituted vocabularies: i.e. when love / sex is discussed with the language of money / credit for example. Could that be related to prevailing economic trends and ideas? When you are constructing your ARGUMENT and writing your essay, consult your close reading list. Not everything there will be relevant to your ARGUMENT; you only photo, want to include the things that relate, that offer evidence for a particular point of essays view about how the text is placed culturally, politically, socially and / or historically. Research is photo research paper appendix crucial for any essay and requires a certain amount of initiative. You will partly have to learn by trial and error. Essays Written By? Here are a few tips and ideas, though. Read both narrowly (and address the theme of photo appendix your essay) and also widely. Dialogue Essays? So if you are, for example, researching infanticide, also research the family or law / crime.

When you research a context it might be worth look at the work of photo research philosophers, painters, and theologians and see what they were saying / doing in this period. Spanish Assignment Rubric? An essay which looked at the early modern patriarchal family in the light of Robert Filmer’s political tract Patriarchia, for example, would be much more interesting than one that only looked at modern historians’ account of the early modern family. An essay that discussed the photo paper panegyric written to, or on a particular king, alongside the portraits that were painted of him could also be very suggestive. EEBO might be very useful here at helping you to find out about, say, sermon culture or advice literature. (look at the last page of this booklet for some help here). Think of some the areas, themes, historical moments, authors and ideas that you want to find out i love essay about. List them as key words. For example: Aphra Behn, Oroonoko, race, royalism, restoration, early modern, colonialism, slavery etc Do not be limited here.

Think of terms / phrases that will give you some background too. How about ‘cheap print’, ‘renaissance politics’ etc Then begin on the computer. Be careful of stuff that you find on the ordinary WWW. It is research appendix not usually very reliable. Written By? Often this is stuff that people can’t publish in proper books. Use it is a guide and be very critical. 1) (through the Warwick network only). Here you can read articles from reputable, peer-reviewed journals on research appendix, line. An excellent starting point. Try various combinations of your search terms in either the by Basic search (will give you hundreds of items) or in the advanced search form (which will give you much narrower and photo research appendix probably more useful stuff.

Try it out; go to the advanced search form: A) In the box marked ‘All of these words’ insert the word ‘Behn’. Rubric? Then tick the box marked ‘title’ and then also the box marked ‘article’. Press the ‘Search’ button. See if you can identify any articles with a particularly historicist bent.

B) In the box marked ‘All of paper appendix these words’ insert the words ‘White’ and ‘Black’ and ‘England’. In the box marked ‘exact phrase’ enter ‘Seventeenth-century’. Press search and essays spm see what you get out. Try other, similar search terms. C) In the box marked ‘All of these words’ insert the photo research word ‘Royalist’. In the box marked ‘at least one of these words’ enter the words ‘print culture’. Perhaps limit to articles by checking the dialogue relevant tick box.

Press search and see if any of those are useful. [you will see that sometimes you have to do some considerable sifting to find good things.] 2) The Modern Language Association of America database direct access from the Warwick network at: The bibliographic databases are listed alphabetically so scroll down to ‘M’. Photo? Select ‘MLA’. This will give you the uts thesis repository reference only (although Warwick may provide a link to the on-line journal).

You may find that some of the things that are listed you won’t be able to get because Warwick doesn’t subscribe to that journal or perhaps the item is a doctoral dissertation from another institution. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to read everything under the sun. Leave those things that you can’t get. Try it out: put in the search terms ‘Aphra’, ‘Behn’ and ‘race’ into the keywords box. Press search and research see what you get. 3) Historical abstracts: Again, use this database to help you compile a list of articles or books that you could look at either on-line, if Warwick has a link, or in the library. Ignore the essays spm things that you can’t get hold of. A) Put the photo research paper appendix search terms ‘restoration’, ‘race’ and ‘England’ into the keywords box. Press search. B) Put the writing a research paper in high search terms ‘early modern’ and ‘print culture’ into paper appendix the keywords box.

Press search. Again you will have to decide what’s useful / relevant. 4) Use the library catalogue, don’t limit yourself to uts thesis repository books about English. Put in search terms that will give you books on the historical background that you’re looking for. Once you have found one book on the shelf look around in that same area for others that will be related by subject. 5) Look on your reading list for general background books. CONSTRUCTING AN ARGUMENT. Producing a successful argument is a process that has a number of stages.

Often you will understand your argument better after you have started writing. It is important that you go back and re-plan your work, taking into account your new findings. Appendix? You will need to develop a provisional thesis, however, so that you have somewhere to australia start: a focus for your close reading and research. You don’t need to argue that history is photo paper important for i love the study of literature. You can take that as a given and move on photo paper, to say something a bit more sophisticated about how the particular poem / play or prose piece you’re working on essays by, intersects with a particular set of events or ideas in a specific historical moment. A good argument should be fairly specific rather than general and comprehensive. In particular, when writing a historicist essay, do not list the ways in which one text is embedded in its period. Instead choose one of those ways and research it in more depth.

So, rather than writing about, say, Ben Jonson’s interest in research paper appendix Anabaptists, Spanishness, alchemy, the plague, etc in The Alchemist, choose one of these themes and ab initio written assignment find out about it in the historiography of the seventeenth century and couple this research with a close reading of those sections of the play that treat that theme. Your readings of the text and photo the history of the times should suggest your detailed argument. Don’t think of your argument first and a research school then try to press it onto the play or poem you’re interested in; allow your idea to grow out of research your reading. Below is coach australia my best attempt at a LINE OF ARGUMENT for an essay on Rochester and Milton. Again, I should stress that this is only by way of demonstration what I would do. This is research very different from what you would do. There is no one way and your ideas will be as interesting / valid as mine. Don’t think that you have to produce something the same, or even necessarily similar I have done this just to uts thesis repository give you an example of what I mean. I have tried to paper appendix construct an argument which uses both close reading and historical context.

Imagining the future in writing a research in high the restoration: a critical comparison of the poetry of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester and John Milton. Line of Argument: This essay will argue that Rochester’s poetry is not only everywhere fascinated by time, regularly exploring what it is and how it operates, but that this interest betrays his sophisticated engagement with contemporary political philosophy. It will closely interrogate the forms of several of Rochester’s time-related poems for their political sensibilities. It will then contrast those poetic forms and political sensibilities with those in the poetry of John Milton and especially Paradise Regained. Milton as I shall show with the use of historical evidence is very differently socially and politically placed, indeed at paper appendix, the other end of the ideological spectrum from the Earl of Rochester. I shall show that the difference is one of dispossession (Rochester) and providence (Milton). Uts Thesis? Rochester’s narrators exist in fear of, and photo research paper subject to an arbitrary and spm absolute future; Milton’s Paradise Regained, on the other hand, asks an imagined republican reader to wait in anticipation of a future in which God will deliver their political success. I shall explore the way in which Rochester’s pessimism the idea and photo research paper appendix tone of dispossession in his poetry and repository Milton’s optimism the visionary quality of his providential allegory stand in contrast to the respective fortunes of the political groups to which those poets actually belonged and at the particular times when the poems I’m discussing here were written and published: i.e.

Rochester’s being part of the paper royal court and Milton’s being displaced from his office at the restoration of Charles II. This will arrive at, by way of conclusion, the demonstrable sadness of some of Rochester’s verse which indicates the complex circumspection with which he viewed his own aristocratic, political community and its limited expectations of thesis coach australia monarchical authority. HELP FOR THIS PARTICULAR ASSESSMENT. Details of what you are expected to do are on the departmental website at: There you will find a list of research appendix texts and spanish ab initio written details of how to find them on research appendix, EEBO (Early English Books Online). Their website is at: You need to uts thesis repository download those texts, read them and then choose one to write about.

You could also read the essays, published on the EEBO website, by previous Warwick students that have won prizes for their attempts at this assignment. Research Paper? You might also use EEBO in your essay research. Try the subject list in particular. If you get yourself to the search form at you can click on the link marked ‘select from a list’ next to the subject keyword box. This has all sorts of interesting categories: look up, for example, ‘anti-catholicism’ or ‘restoration’, ‘credit’ or ‘murder’. I would like you to do what you can in terms of paper placing the research paper appendix text of your choice, and researching it.

Then I’d like you to come and my mom and dad essay see me at the end of research term with a title and a line of argument. You could also, if you wish, bring a longer essay plan. This is Isabel talking to her group. We will all be available on email over the holidays--do ask. Gabriel won't be here after the holidays--he lives in London--but do come and see me, his group, if you need a person to talk to. USING THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY. The OED can be found online (through the Warwick network) at When we read an edited text we often have a helpful gloss which an editor has provided so that words and phrases that we don’t understand are defined for us. In this assignment you will have to put together that gloss for yourself and the best way to start to do that is with the OED. Paper In High School? The OED is an extraordinary resource that will give you assistance in all sorts of ways. For example: a) it will obviously help you to understand words which you don’t understand or unusual applications.

It will also help you to find obsolete and photo dialect words. b) it will help you to see how words have changed their meanings or emphases over time. c) it will help you to identify puns. There may be sexual or religious connotations to a particular word that we may have lost. Some times our modern definitions will co-exist with old, and now obsolete meanings. d) it will tell you the earliest use of a particular word.

This is spanish assignment useful for photo appendix working out which of several definitions might apply to the word you’re looking at. Look at the examples, that is the quotations that are given, and note their dates. It may be that you find that the word was new or recently borrowed from another language. Click the ‘date chart’ button to uts thesis repository see the uses represented on research, a time line. It may be that you will find that a word is used differently and in different contexts at different points of the seventeenth century: what might the use of uts thesis a particular word / phrase tell us about an author’s engagement with political, historical or sociological movements? e) Look at the etymology: this might tell you about how the text you’re looking at engages with particular fashions or imperial encounters.

Look up, for example, ‘chocolate’ where does the word come from? At what period does it come into photo research the language? f) the uts thesis examples given in the dictionary will also help you to see how other contemporaries used the word or phrase you’re interested in, and in what sort of contexts it came up. Photo Paper? In this way it can operate as a concordance. You should investigate the concordances available in the library, by the way.

Similarly they will give you a sense of how a particular word or phrase is used elsewhere. You should use the OED not just to look up words that you don’t understand but also other words, especially those that are used in an unfamiliar way. Essays Written By? You will find more interesting things if you look up lexical, rather than grammatical words. Research? That means verbs, adjectives, adverbs and nouns rather than prepositions, articles and written pronouns. You need to remember that there was no standard spelling in photo research the early modern period; the move to standardize spelling did not occur until the middle of the eighteenth century. This means that when you have a word you don’t understand it you may not get an adequate definition by putting it in exactly as it is into the OED search box. Try that first but if it isn’t found, or you get a definition that is not right (i.e. the examples indicate that its earliest use was a lot later than your text) you should try different spellings. In particular the vowels are often interchangeable.

Try every vowel combination that you can think of. Try substituting ts and cs, us and vs and other related consonants. Try out the OED. Look up the following words: how have their meanings have changed? Where do the words come from?

How were the words used at different points in history? And in the seventeenth century in particular? Department of thesis australia English and Comparative Literary Studies, Humanities Building, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL.