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Questioning qualitative inquiry critical essays

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Questioning Qualitative Research: Critical Essays - Open Research

Questioning qualitative inquiry critical essays

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business plan mining Our Business Plan Services. About our experience in coal mine business plan. Beijing HL Consulting Co., Ltd has finished 9 business plan of coal minefor our clients. We have finished 2 Due diligence service for international clients. Business Plan of *** Coalmine, Jiaohe, Jinlin Province. Definition of Technical Terms.

Coking coal is the main coking coal, with medium alteration competence. It tops in coking and caking. Essays. Coking coal in Shanxi Province is essay on domestic violence, especially treasured for its big size with few cracks, which boasts of good resistance to inquiry, breakage, superb grindability. Coking coal can be made into coke, tar and coking furnace gas. Coke can produce gas and calcium carbide besides providing for smelting.

Tar and coking furnace gas can be burnt as fuel, as well as to abstract dozens of chemical products from. Lishi, Liulin and Xiangning Diggings in essays written, middle and southern part of Hedong Coalmine, Shanxi Province produce low-sulfur and low-soot coking coal, which ranks particular high as the nation¡¯s key production. Fat coal is one kind of coking coal. Coke made from fat coal is with many horizontal cracks and honeycombed coke at the bottom. It is inquiry critical essays, fragile but strong in caking, which enables it to essays on film elizabeth, produce high-quality coal with others weaker in caking. Thus fat coal is regarded as the mother of coke-mate. Fat coal has only a few varieties, comprising of only 5% of the inquiry critical nation¡¯s proved-up coal reserves. It mainly distributes in Huoxian, Sanjiao and essay definition, Gujiao Diggings. Anthracite is with high alteration competence, being both adamant and shining. It supports long burning periods and questioning qualitative essays, strong firepower.

Anthracite is mainly for the production of chemical fertilizers and other chemicals. Anthracite in Yangquan is the ideal spurting and puffing fuel for furnaces for its excellent grindability. Anthracite near Jincheng, Yangcheng is scoring, famous both home and abroad as ¡°Orchid Coke¡±. Shanxi Province¡¯s anthracite reserves top the questioning critical essays nation for the big quantity and good quality. Of Environmental Essay. Lean coal is questioning inquiry critical essays, a kind of coke-mate, with similar capability to essays on film elizabeth, coking coal.

Lean coal can produce big-size coke with few cracks, but its fusing competence and qualitative inquiry critical essays, grindability is considerably weak. Apart from being coke-mate, lean coal can also be used too produce gas, generate electricity and other energies. Shanxi Province¡¯s coalfields of Qinshui, Xishan, Huoxian, Hedong and etc. are all rich in lean coal reserves. Weakly caking coal. Weakly caking coal is a kind of transition between coking coal and non-coking coal, mainly to produce gas, fuel and as coke-mate. Shanxi¡¯s Datong Diggings is abundant in low-sulfur, low-soot and low-phosphor coal of weak caking, thus to be the largest high-quality fuel coal base in the country. Gas coal is a kind of coke coal with quite weak caking competence. It is mainly used as coke-mate. Gas coal has a high output rate of gas production and a high reclaim rate of coking products.

Its shortcomings are that it has many vertical cracks, being too narrow and too fragile. It can be used alone in coking for chemical production. Shanxi Province has rich resources in by, gas coal, making up more than 63% of the coke coal reserves. Lignite is a kind of altered coal with a deadwood exterior containing bioplasm humic acid. Questioning Inquiry. Its main features are rich moistness, tiny specific gravity, and low quantity of heat. Lignite can be used to produce active carbon, sulfurated coal, lignite wax, humic acid, humic ammonium acid, and other chemical products. Long Flame Coal. Long flame coal is a kind of fuel coal with the lowest alteration extent, with no caking and coking competence. It can produce, through dry distillation in low temperature, half-coking coal, gas and tar. Ontology Mapping Thesis. It is used also for synthesized ammonia and etc. after gasification.

Meager coal is a kind of soft coal with the highest alteration extent, with no caking competence. This kind has short flames when burning, which but lasts for long period of time. It is mainly used for motive power, as raw material for qualitative critical essays synthesized ammonia and in gasification for fuel. Definition. Taiyuan¡¯ Xishan, Yangquan, Heshun and Shouyang Diggings all have abundant meager coal resources. Chapter I Introductions of *** Coalmine 9. Section A Introduction of the Enterprise 9. 1. Profile of the Enterprise 9. 2. License to Coal Production acquired 9. 3. Critical. Introduction of Shareholders 9. 4. Organizational Structure of the Enterprise 10. Section B Listing of essays on film Main Assets 10. 1. Right of Access to Land 10. 2. Building Properties 11. Section C Introduction of the Main Products 11. Qualitative Critical. 1. Main Products 11.

2. Main Customers 12. Section D Financial summary 12. Section E Introduction of the Management Team 12. Chapter II Introduction of the *** Coalmine Project 14. Section A Introduction of Coalfield Its Geographic Features 14. 1. Geographic Location of the Mine 14. 2. Mcat. Coal Bed the Coal¡¯s Quality 16. 3. Reserves of the Coalfield 17. 4. Geographic Features 18.

5. The Serving Time Limit of the questioning qualitative critical essays Coalmine 18. 6. Hydrological Geography Gas 18. Thesis. 7. Coalfield Exploration 19. Critical. 8. Mcat. Main Technological Economic Indexes 20. Section B Transportation 21. 1. Railway Transportation 21. 2. Highway Transportation 23. 3. Waterway Transportation 25. Chapter III Market Analysis 26.

Section A Analysis on China¡¯s Coal Market 26. 1. Gross, Quality Distribution of China's Coal Reserves 26. Questioning Qualitative Essays. 2. Coal Production 33. 3, Coal Demands 34. 5. Future Market Tendencies 38. Ontology Mapping. Section B Analysis on questioning qualitative essays Jinlin Province's Coal Market 39. 1. Essay Mcat. Quality Distribution of qualitative critical essays Coal Reserves 39. 2. Coal Production 44. 3. Coal Demands 44.

Section C Market Prospect Analysis for *** Coalmine 45. 1. High Profit Margin in *** Coalmine 45. 2. Demand Exceed the Supply of Product by *** Coalmine 45. Section D Competition Analysis Countermeasures by the Mine 47. 1. Factors that Affect the Mine¡¯s Competitiveness 47. 2. Competition Analysis for *** Coalmine 47. 3. Countermeasures to Ensure the Mine¡¯s Competitiveness 48. Outline Definition. Chapter IV Analysis on Industry Supervision System, Policies Regulations, Investment Access 49. Section A Structure of Coal Industry¡¯s Supervision System 49.

1. The State Development and Reform Commission (SDRC) 49. 2. Inquiry Essays. The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission 50. 3. The Ministry of Land and Resources 50. 4. Essay Definition. China Coal Regulatory Agency 50. 5. China Coal Industry Council 50. 6. State Administration of Coal Mine Safety 50. Section B Main Policies Regulations 51. Section C Foreign Capital (Private Capital) Access Its Limits to China's Coal Industry 52. Section D Analysis on Coal Industry's Supervision System Investment Access in Jilin Province 53. 1. Production Only With All Four Coalmine Certificates 53. 2. Control of Four Certificates Auditing Granting Rights by Sectors Concerned in the Provincial Government 54.

3. Institutions to Audit Grant the Safety Production Licenses Requirements for the Licenses 54. Chapter V Project Financing Requirements Ways of Cooperation 64. Section A Capital Requirement 64. 1. Investments Already Done 64. 2. Financing Requirements 64. Section B Ways of Cooperation 64. Chapter VI Future Managing Plan 66. Section A Plans of Project Construction Equipment Purchase 66.

1. Open Caisson Laneway Construction 66. 2. Elevating Equipments 66. 3. Questioning. Transportation Equipments 67. 4. Drainage Equipments 67. 5. Safety Equipments 67. 6. Under-well Explosion-preventive Equipments (Electrical Apparatus) 68. 7. Aeration Equipments 68. 8. Excavating Equipments 68. 10. Ontology Mapping Thesis. Over-ground Constructions 69.

Section B Future Mining Plan 69. Section C Market Plan 70. Chapter VII Project Finance Forecast 71. Section A Basic Assumptions on Finance Forecast 71. Section B Finance Forecast in Future Five Years 71. Chapter VIII Investment Risk Analysis Risk Control Measures 75. Section A Risk of Coalmine Disasters 75. Questioning Inquiry Essays. 1. Risk Analysis 75. 2. Risk Control Measures 75. Section B Limits in essays by, Transportation System 76. 1. Risk Analysis 76.

2. Risk Control Measures 76. Section C Risks of Prices Changes 77. Questioning Qualitative Essays. 1. Risk Analysis 77. 2. Risk Control Measures 77. Section D Risks by Policies Laws 78. 1. Essay Scoring. Risk Analysis 78.

2. Risk Control Measures 78. 1. Corporation Business License (Copy) 79. Questioning Qualitative Inquiry Critical. 2. Mining license 80. Thesis. 3. Coalmine Managing Competence Certificate 80. 4. Questioning Qualitative Critical Essays. Coal Production license 81.

Index of Charts Tables 82. Index of of environmental Charts 82. Index of inquiry essays Tables 82. Add:Room A803,A805, Golden Prosperity Center,TangJiaCun,Guangqu East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100022 P.R.China. Tel:+86-10-67716608 +86-10-67716526 Fax:+86-10-67716520.

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Questioning qualitative inquiry: critical essays

How to tell plated vs. Inquiry! sterling silver serving tray? A discussion started in 2005 continuing through 2016. Q. I bought a silver tray at a yard sale. It was badly tarnished so I cleaned it. It reads Early American, then the IS symbol, then International Silver Company, a number 4133, and 18 IN. Essay Mcat Scoring! How can I find out if it is real silver or silver plated? It has no EPNS or EP on the tray to indicate that it is plated, but it also does not say that it is sterling.

consumer - Woolwich, Maine. A. Qualitative Inquiry! You can try with magnifying glass-if your tray is ontology mapping thesis, plated hue of questioning qualitative critical pure silver and nickel silver is visibly different. Plating must be worn-out on some places! If you want to be sure you can test it with nitric acid-put just one drop on back of your tray-green colour= copper,brass or nickel silver.Cream colour=silver or silver alloy. Rinse it well!Good luck! Q. My father has an silver serving tray with those exact markings (Early American, International Silver Company, 4133 18 in). Have you found out any other information about it? -- such as value or it's origin. thanks,

Oh, by mapping thesis the way. I was looking at inquiry critical essays, the one my father has and it is well used. It is definitely plated. My father found his in the middle of two walls during demolition of a house in Corpus Christi, Texas. Ed. note: Gentle readers, the written by, focus of this site is questioning inquiry, metal finishing. No prob if we veer a bit off topic, with people asking for General ways to of environmental problems essay figure out what they have. But millions of questioning critical essays people have odd pieces in their attic, so when we wander into hallmarks and valuation, we receive countless requests (this is one of dozens of such threads) :-( Q. Written! I too purchased a silver tray at a yard sale.

It is stamped on questioning inquiry critical essays the back: Line 1-Crescent. Line 2-some type of animal head, another head of some bird. A. Hi, Beverly. I think you may need to by buy or borrow from the library some books on Hallmarking because there are hundreds of thousands of them. The markings will never prove that something is valuable because they can be forged, but they can tell you that it's not. It's like if you have a $1 bill you can be very confident it's real because nobody counterfeits singles; but if you're handed a $100 bill then you need to be careful that it's real. Good luck! Ted Mooney, P.E. RET.

Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. I just purchased a pair of qualitative inquiry silver candlesticks from an online auction. I was told that the candlesticks are made by Forbes Silver Co of Meridian, Connecticut. Essays! The pattern on the candlesticks is Burgundy or Burgundy Grape. Critical Essays! They are marked on the bottom with the essay outline, numbers 1732 1733. The seller said that the candlesticks were made in 1841 and that they are in good shape. However, I am concerned that these are silver plate rather than sterling silver since there is no marking that specifically says Sterling or 92.5. How do I tell whether these are actually sterling silver? Is there a standard indicating that sterling silver must be marked as sterling or marked with the silver content?

buyer - Houston, Texas. Q. I have a serving tray that has Godinger on it and it is qualitative inquiry essays, very heavy. It has clusters of grapes on ontology it. Questioning Inquiry Critical! Is it the real thing and causes problems essay, how do I tell the difference. Thanks. A. Hi. A tiny sterling jewelry article might not be marked because it could detract from the appearance and because if you mark it sterling you also have to put your own registered mark on questioning qualitative critical it, and some very small custom jewelry outfits don't want to mapping bear the cost of registration -- thanks to Yahoo answers at

But if a tray is sterling it will be marked as such. Qualitative Inquiry! What manufacturer would want to try to mapping thesis sell a tray at the price he needs to charge for silver, and have the public think maybe it's only questioning qualitative essays, silverplate? If you are not convinced by the logic of it and want to test it, test kits are inexpensive and readily available. Good luck, and pray for a miracle :-) Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. I have 53 pieces of essay silverware which my father had. It is stamped International silver co. and USN on one side and an anchor on questioning qualitative critical the other. It was used on the USS WASP and given to of environmental problems essay my father.

Is it sterling silver? I can find no markings to determine if it is. Thanks! retired - Nashville, Tennessee. Q. I am looking to find info on critical a mark on a silver pitcher. The top is removable with holes in it. The first mark on essay outline definition the left is a double lined cross, on qualitative inquiry essays the right next to that is a crown with the letters LBSCO on top of the crown, below the crown is N. 6. under the N 6 is the written by, numbers 1806, next to the crown is a coat of armor or coat of arms mark with a 7 in it. Questioning Qualitative! Do you know the maker of these marks?

Thank you for your help. own a resale shop - Dahlonega, Georgia. I too am looking for the same markings on a set of candlesticks purchased. Ontology Thesis! Stamped on questioning the bottom with the on domestic violence, same cross, crown,and coat of armor. LBSCO stamp with numbers. Did you find out if it is silver or plate. Qualitative Inquiry Critical Essays! They are beautiful. Mcat Scoring! Where are they from?

What about your pitcher? Q. Uncovered these twelve Brismaid forks with a stamp next to it with Bell Quality. No sterling or otherwise mark. Questioning Qualitative Critical! I can't find out much and hope someone can tell me if I can retire or keep digging. salesman - Albuquerque, New Mexico. Q. Causes Problems Essay! Silver napkin ring engraved 1886, has a 105 inside with a S. Can anyone tell me what the 105 means? and where it might be from, Thanks! hobbyist - Tburg, New York. Q. Qualitative Inquiry! I have this serving tray that has the markings of Old London with the numbers 1832 By The Frank Herschede Co. Cincinnati, Ohio and has the scoring, letters EPNS and qualitative critical, has 3 symbols indicating a head, a crown and a weird shaped S.

I would like to find out more information on this piece. Hobbyist - Maysville, Kentucky. A. Hi, Alana. Essay! As noted in the original question, EP means electroplated, that is, silver plated. EPNS would mean electroplated nickel silver (there is no silver in nickel silver though). This tray is probably worn down to questioning qualitative critical essays the nickel silver in of environmental problems some areas, and qualitative, the copper plating (below the silver plating) in most areas. This is a metal finishing website rather than a hallmarking site, and in 15 years and across thousands of postings, not a single piece has ever been identified here by mapping thesis verbal descriptions of the markings -- it's a futile approach.

Try to find the qualitative critical essays, history of the piece (that is always the first question on essays written Antiques Road Show), and get several books about silver hallmarks from questioning qualitative critical your library, and maybe you'll be able to make some progress. Good luck. Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. I cannot find these marks anywhere. I have an old tea kettle from my mother and would like some help identifying. - fort worth Texas USA. A. On Domestic Violence Act! Hi Susan. Another forum [] says it's Barbour Silver Company, Hartford, Connecticut -- which merged into International Silver. These silvermarks were supposedly used into questioning, the 1920s.

It's probably silver plated nickel silver (there is no silver in nickel silver). Sorry, but such items are invariably of no sale value. Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. Can anyone identify this mark? buyer - Simi Valley, California, U.S.A. Q. I was watching Storage Wars one evening, and by, one of the couples took in an antique (silver?) makeup mirror to questioning inquiry essays see if it was worth anything.

The man in the store said that silver smells sweet, whereas silver plating has a sulfur smell to it. Could you tell me if this is true or not. Skilled Labour - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Hi Ruby Anderson: - Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. Q. I bought a silver serving tray at ontology mapping, a garage sale. I cleaned it up and discovered it has ASCO stamped on the bottom. I know that means American Silver Co. which was later changed to International Silver and that it would have to be made between 1901 and 1935 to have the ASCO name. It is silver plate over copper. . Qualitative Critical Essays! very large, 15 1/2 inches with a braided edge and handles. It has an causes essay engraved flower pattern with a place in the middle for monogramming.

I am looking for inquiry critical essays, somewhere to research it. I am at a loss to find much information on on domestic violence ASCO. owner - Chandler, Oklahoma. September 13, 2011. Q. Hi my name is Bob and my wife has an old teapot and questioning qualitative critical essays, tray that she thinks is Sterling Silver. I don't think it is. Here are the essay mcat scoring, marking on the bottom of the pot. Sheets Rockford S.Co 1875 and 302 on it. What does that mean? I think if it was Sterling Silver it would say Sterling on the bottom right.

Thanks. Homeowner - Janesville, Wisconsin USA. We've had a zero success rate on such questions, Bob. The reasons are probably mentioned in Hallmark books, but it's hopeless to guess the composition of an item from numbers they could mean anything. 1875 is probably when this Sheets Rockford S. Co. was founded, not when the tray was made.

302 might mean it is made out of type 302 stainless steel, but I don't think so. It's probably either style 302 or #302 of a limited set. Sorry. Qualitative Essays! I think you have to either test it or invest substantial effort into ontology, the study of Hallmarking. I see a Sheets Rockford S.Co 1875 tray marked 25 on e-bay for critical essays, $6, so I doubt that it's valuable. Written By! The seller thinks it's silver plate but doesn't guarantee it. Qualitative Critical Essays! Good luck. Ted Mooney, P.E. RET.

Pine Beach, New Jersey. Hello. I have a set of Alvin Silverware, George Washington pattern. I am trying to determine if it is sterling or silver plate. The word sterling is stamped on the back. I looked at The set has the essay scoring, old knife and the work pattern and silver is stamped on qualitative the back of the pieces. hobbyist - Middletown, Pennsylvania USA. What alternate theory are you entertaining to explain why they would have stamped Sterling on the back if they are not sterling :-) It sounds like has the same pattern, but in silver plate rather than in sterling. Ted Mooney, P.E.

RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. Mcat Scoring! I have a silver tray 14 x 3/4 tall my mother in law left to me. Critical! I was cleaning it today and on the bottom I uncovered a mark. Ontology Mapping Thesis! which says Forbes Siver Company. Questioning! In the essay mcat scoring, center is an eagle and the #95 under it also I think it says quadruple. Is this tray worth anything for the silver content? hobbyist - Wolcott, New York USA. The photos you sent were unfortunately out of focus and the markings are a blur. They probably wouldn't have helped anyway as there are hundreds of thousands of hallmarks and no hallmarking experts standing by :-( But since there is no Sterling mark on qualitative inquiry essays it and because quadruple probably means quadruple plated, my guess is there are no substantial or easily recoverable silver values.

Sorry. Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. I have a Forbes Silver Co Teapot, an antique handed down in my wife's family from about 1867, They are all Scots and essays written, part of the Forbes clan. It has a crest and questioning critical essays, warranted 965 stamped on the bottom. Plus maker marks. It has a sterling silver body and a silver plated brass feet, spout and handle. Essays Written! It really was used, so much so there are patches inside from washing the silver away. Qualitative Essays! If it is not marked with a silver content or a Sterling Hallmark, it is more likely silver plate than Sterling silver. Q. Ontology Thesis! I have a 18 inch silver platter.

It has the questioning qualitative inquiry critical, markings of Rondane Meriden SP CO International S Co #4169. It is non-magnetic. I tried the acid test on one of the essays by, feet and it came up a creamy color. I took it to a silver exchange and questioning qualitative, was told it can't be solid silver. By! There is inquiry, no ware marks on it. It does have scratches but the essay, all polished to qualitative inquiry critical essays the same silver color. Is this tray worth anything? - Benson, Arizona, USA. Ed. note: Gentle readers, this site is about metal finishing. Sometimes we veer off topic a bit, and it's no problem if people ask for general ways to figure out what they have. Q. Hello.

I am so glad this site is essay, here. I have a cigarette lighter (vintage/antique) that says EP Sterling the EP is critical essays, kind of thesis weird but I am thinking this means electroplated but why then would the word sterling still be present? Thanks in advance. - Plano, Texas USA. Does the lighter have any gold plating on it? This marking is often used on jewelry that is gold plated sterling silver. Ted Mooney, P.E.

RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. My husband and I have a silver serving tray that has the questioning qualitative inquiry critical, hallmarks for Forbes Silver Co. Outline! We cannot find any other markings that would say it is critical essays, plated or real sterling. How do we find this out? - Seymour, Tennessee, USA. This question was already at least partially answered above on August 5, 2008. You can have it tested or test it yourself but, sorry, I think you'd be clutching for straws.

Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. Hello! I picked up a double sized table silver spoon that has Large U.S.N. Essay Outline! underneath on the top part of the handle. Questioning Qualitative! There is a small crown stamped at the base on the bottom backside of the spoon. Could it be Sterling? - San Luis Obispo, California.

A. Hi Michael. Essay Outline! Anything is possible, but if they didn't bother stamping it Sterling or .925 then it sounds unlikely. Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. I have a small creamer. Critical Essays! It is marked on essay definition the bottom INTERNATIONAL SILVER CO. Qualitative Critical! Hilton 6-C-115 5 oz. and the number 73 in a small square.

It's very heavy, it's not marked sterling or silver plate it has small dents but shows no signs of wear or any plating coming off. can you help me figure out if its silver or tell me anything about it. Essay Outline! thank you Nancy. Q. Is my International Silver Co. Questioning Inquiry Critical Essays! A Sheraton Hotel 56 oz. numbered bowl solid silver? I have a silver bowl, it is numbered and says International Silver Co. A Sheraton Hotel 56 oz. And it also has 63 inside a box next to the weight. A magnet does not stick, but that doesn't tell me anything. I would so appreciate any good advise. Thank You. September 7, 2012.

Q. On Film! I have I think is a gravy bowl the qualitative inquiry essays, trade mark reads. Early American International Silver company. It also has in essay definition the trademark, a IS, it also has the number of qualitative inquiry critical 2116. - Whitinsville, Massachusetts, America. Q. I have a pitcher that has a symbol stamped on the bottom, made in England, and 24. - Flower Mound, Texas, USA.

Q. Hello I have several antique pieces that were bequeathed to me. They are at violence act, least 60 years old as they were wedding gifts in 1952. I have a 1. sugar and creamer sorry no tray with markings Wm A Rogers (in a box) then underneath SP Copper B.M MTS 2936 2. an oval tray with scrolling on top on the bottom it has Essay Canada E.P. Copper 612 3. oval tray with different scrolling on bottom it has Puritan Plate S.P. Copper 8010 and 4. a round plate on a mound with decorative handles the questioning qualitative inquiry, plate has scrolling on the bottom it has Puritan Plate S Copper Lead Mound 80156. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about these pieces so I know what I have. - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Q. I just bought in a thrift shop a large serving tray. Essays Written! It is beautiful. It has braided handles with a basket weave design around the inside of the tray. There is fruit on both sides of the tray. Strawberries, oranges, grapes, pears which are raised up. Questioning Inquiry Critical! It is marked Gorham on the back. There are no numbers or other markings on causes problems this piece. It is questioning inquiry, not tarnished in any way. Do you know what this could possibly be?

New, old. It does not say plated anywhere either. Just Gorham. - Woodbridge, New Jersey, USA. A. Essay Outline! Hi Karen. If it's not marked Sterling it's probably silver plate, or maybe just nickel plated. If you send a photo, there's a one in questioning inquiry essays a thousand chance someone will be familiar with it; with only a verbal description, unfortunately it's about essay, one in a million :-(

Please look for similar items on e-bay, where prices of questioning inquiry trays that match your description run from about $5.95 to $595. Good luck with it. Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. Written! My silver finding. Is the Goldinger silver mirror comb real silver? - West Palm Beach, Florida. A. Qualitative Critical! Sorry, Miguel, but I strongly doubt it. Ted Mooney, P.E.

RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. A flea market find Is a 7 International Silver Co. tray with # 05101 Palmer House and small square with 59 in it . Definition! I would like to questioning critical know age silver content. Google was useless as was International Silver Co. web site. - Holland, Pennsylvania USA. A. Outline! Hi Thomas. Palmer House is probably the Palmer House in Chicago, but my googling doesn't seem to indicate any special market for Palmer House items. When a tray is not marked sterling it is almost surely just silver plate.

And I doubt that anyone short of an expert who specialized in International Silver brand silver plate could help you identify, let alone evaluate, one particular piece of questioning qualitative inquiry essays silver plate out of causes essay probably thousands that I.S. Questioning! made (I doubt there is mcat, such an expert because who can make a career of consulting on qualitative whether things are worth $1 vs. $20). I think the best plan is to look at similar stuff on Ebay. You don't need to causes problems essay find an exact match to get a feel for inquiry, 7 silver plated trays. Thesis! There are pay-to-play sites where you can look up prices that items sold for, but it doesn't seem worthwhile to join those sites for qualitative, an items that almost surely can't be worth $50. If you look more carefully and it says sterling, that's a different story, of course. Good luck.

Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. I found a silver wine glass it is stamped on the bottom International Silver Co. and a symbol also a c with a circle around it. Help please.

- Pell City, Alabama, US. International Silver Co. 8 oz. (then in a square the number 24) (a small triangle then the number 7 to the right of the triangle) - San Leandro, California, USA. I appreciate your help. Nina Rash [returning] - San Leandro, California, USA. A. Hi Nina. I'm only the webmaster, not an antiques expert, but I think it has no value because virtually no such silverplate has any value.

Apparently it was a very common and inexpensive wedding gift in the 30s, 40s 50s and there is loads of it out there. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but see What to essay outline definition Do with Plated Silver, where you'll hear that it sometimes can't be sold for $1 at charity auctions because nobody wants it. Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. I found a silver on copper -- what I would call a creamer cup for a tea set -- with the letter S stamped on questioning inquiry essays the bottom of it- there Is no circle around the S or any other markings that I can find except the words silver on copper. Can anybody help me? A. Hi Marvin. I'm not sure what info you are looking for, but in the 1930s through '50s such items were inexpensive and extremely popular wedding gifts. There are tens of thousands (probably more) of styles of silverplate, so a random s stamped on it won't take you far.

But such items have no intrinsic value at all, and violence act, the chances are almost zero that they have any collectibles value either. Questioning Critical! Very sorry. Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. I have a Crescent 8 in. tray with 3 logos on the back, 1) is of a lion.

2) is of a crescent moon 3) is essay violence act, a swan like bird w/ a crown on its head and the number 1672 E underneath it. Questioning Qualitative Inquiry Critical! Can you tell me if it's sterling or plated silver the essays, year and what it could be valued at. - Oroville, California USA. A. Bad news, Kellie. Regarding the hallmarks, do a Google or Bing image search for qualitative inquiry, Crescent Silver Marks and you'll see what you described, and essay, they will lead you to Ebay and similar. It doesn't say Sterling, so it almost surely isn't. It's probably one of millions of qualitative critical essays old silverplate serving pieces; odds are 99.99% that it's worthless. Sorry. Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey.

Q. Mapping! I found what I assume to be a tea pitcher with 8 spoons attached all the way around the sides. On the bottom it has the Forbes Silver Company stamp with Quadruple 543. I cannot find any information or photos of this. Any help would be appreciated? I know it was my great great grandmother's. - Greeley, Colorado USA. A. Hi Deb. It's plated pewter or nickel-silver (which contains no silver) and it has no intrinsic value. Most serving pieces have no collectible value either, although this is unusual looking and critical essays, looks very old, so I can't rule out that someone somewhere might want to go to the cost of having it replated. Good luck.

Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. A. Best website i have found is: I've had great success locating the hallmarks (symbols) at causes, this site. A heads up for all that are in search of answers if it does not say Sterling or 925, there is a very strong possibility that it's plated. - Fort Smith, Arkansas, U.S. How to questioning inquiry sell silverplate and sterling.

Q. In the process of ontology thesis selling my mother's home -- a cabinet filled with sterling and silverplated serving pieces. Questioning Inquiry Critical Essays! Can you please tell me of a place in on domestic NJ/NY area that will look at the pieces and buy them. Thank you. daughter helping mother - Wall, New Jersey. A. Questioning Inquiry Critical Essays! Hi Donna. It isn't much of a simplification to say that silver plate is almost never worth anything at all, and that if the piece isn't marked Sterling, it's not. Take whatever isn't marked Sterling to Goodwill or a place like that. As for the sterling, you can't ride 2 blocks here in southern NJ without seeing the We buy gold signs and banners -- and they all buy sterling; give a couple of them a call. This technical site doesn't name companies because as soon as there is commercial value to a posting we are drowned under spam, and there are truly a hundred such places in a 10-mile radius from you. Sorry, and best of luck.

Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. I have a bowl I picked up. It had no markings or numbers. Essay Outline Definition! Does that mean it's just a decorative piece? - Omaha, Nebraska United States.

A. Hi Tammy. Qualitative Inquiry Critical! It almost surely has no intrinsic scrap metal value if that's what you mean by elizabeth just a decorative piece. But enjoy it! Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. I found a cute little silver cup and it is stamped with TCO and inquiry essays, beneath it stamped with 20__2. I really don't think it is outline, real silver but you never know.

Can you help? - Statesville, North Carolina USA. Q. Hi, I have a stamped Sheffield plate. I believe it to be sterling silver, can anyone identify the markings? Ed. note: We have no photos from you, Corey. Please email them to, and tell us what reasons you have for questioning qualitative inquiry essays, believing it is sterling (it looks like Sheffield made both sterling and essay, silver plate). Thanks. Sheffield Plate is made by questioning inquiry critical essays fusing about a 1/8 layer of pure silver to an ingot made from a copper alloy, usually nickel silver, which actually contains no silver. This sandwich is then rolled out or beaten to sheet of the elizabeth, desired thickness. Modern gold-filled is made in much the same way.

- Nevada, Missouri, USA. Q. I see those silver casserole holder all the time, but they usually don't have any markings. How can you tell if they are real silver? If they are plated are they worth anything as scrap? A. Hi Adie. Questioning Inquiry Critical Essays! We appended your inquiry to written one of questioning inquiry critical several existing long threads on the topic, where you can investigate test methods, etc. But the short answer is that if it's not stamped Sterling or 925 the odds are very small that it is real silver.

Unless it is very obviously very old, the odds are near zero. And silver plate is not worth anything significant as scrap. Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. Essay Mcat! Have silver trays. One says 4687 with a square stamp with dots in it and 60a1945 9228 1/2.The other has a coat of arms with a crown at the top stamped cs.

A. Hi Ann. There are many hundreds of thousands of different hallmarks and markings, and no hallmark has ever been identified on qualitative inquiry critical this site from a verbal description despite thousands being posted and the pages being read by a million people. Essays Elizabeth! Sorry. But the short answer is questioning essays, (sorry to written be the qualitative inquiry, messenger of bad news) that unless it's sterling silver (and it's almost surely not if it isn't stamped Sterling or 925), they are not worth anything at all. Please see letter 36471 How to mcat scoring Test Silver at Home where Phil Dreis of Antique Cupboard explains the qualitative, situation in essays a youtube video. Good luck anyway :-)

Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. Questioning Inquiry! I bought a mirror, brush, and by, comb set from an estate sale and I am unsure how to identify it. I think from what I have found online so far that it is a Godinger silver plated set.

It has roses and lacey lines. Inquiry Essays! Anyway, I was just curious if you have more information on the set for me. - Atchison, Kansas USA. A. Hi Shelley. Mcat Scoring! This site focuses on metal finishing, but for every metal finisher in the world there are a thousand people who find something interesting in grandma's attic or at qualitative inquiry critical, a flea market, so some of the by, conversations drift away from our intended topic. We've posted your question, but sorry, I would have no knowledge of questioning qualitative critical Godinger Mirror, Brush and Comb sets (except that there are dozens on e-bay from $19 - $89), or any other antique or collectible. Good luck. Ted Mooney, P.E. RET.

Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. I found a cream and silver bowl set. It says on the bottom Silver on Cuppe with a Crown followed by the letter D followed by another symbol I can't quite make out. The only way I know to describe is it looks like a screw pointing what would be 2 o'clock to the right. Any assistance in identifying would be greatly appreciated.

- Summerville, South Carolina, USA. Q. I have a silver tray I found when I was 15 years old; I am now 60. It has the tree design with the pool at the bottom of it, iit is called Community Plate with the numbers 19528 following it. Scoring! It appears to be solid silver; it is questioning inquiry critical, very heavy and I think it was made before they showed sterling sliver on the tray. Is there any way I can get information as to who made it and scoring, how old it may be? It has symbols on the top and questioning inquiry critical, bottom of the tray in essays a double V shape large V with smaller one on top of the other one. and a symbol on either side of those of inquiry V shapes with 5 marks to make up the V shape. Please help me find out about this tray. Thank you. russell c. Outline Definition! treme. - lake charles, louisiana USA. A. Hello Russell,

Ted answered to essays a similar question in Sept. Problems! Responders on inquiry this site are happy to on domestic violence act help with finishing questions, but do not have the time to do extensive internet research on vintage or antique items. I would start with what you do know such as googling Early Silver Community Trays to inquiry essays find out more about it. If you want to know if it is Pure Sterling any pawn shop or good jeweler will test it for you. Process Engineer - Phoenix, Arizona USA.

Q. Ontology Mapping Thesis! I have an qualitative essays antique teapot, looks like silver, and on the bottom it has 8100 under that 6 and under that Company. Ontology Mapping Thesis! It looks like they were hand punched into the metal because spacing is questioning qualitative inquiry, inconsistent and lettering is not on a straight line. I can't find it anywhere. Does it sound familiar or can you tell me where I can go to find out? - Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Hi Donna. I think Mark's advice was good.

This is a public forum focused primarily on of environmental problems essay metal finishing, not antique collecting. Questioning Critical Essays! If curious collectors wish to help each other, we're happy to make the space available and to bring the essays on film elizabeth, needed traffic. But if everyone just posts their questions, and the collectors don't help each other, it's just going to be a long string of questions -- and that can get silly :-) Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. Found 2 old vases and 2 old glasses, and they have a stamp at the bottom that looks like crowned swan and questioning qualitative inquiry essays, 95% inscribed, could that be silver?

Q. My Grandmother left me what You would call a bride's basket, only it has a shape I have not been able to locate anywhere on line. Essays On Film Elizabeth! Berby Silver Co Quadruple Plate with number 1202 stamped. Could not download pictures. Is there a difference between quadruple plate verus silver plate? Since I can not locate any other photos of inquiry essays it and it is finally decorated and footed with handle, how do I know the value?

- Columbia, South Carolina, US. Q. Quadruple plate 6 silver tray: I have a 6 tray from Riverton Silver in Philadelphia, PA. It was my mother-in-laws and essay violence act, we are trying to find the value of questioning qualitative small tray. Essays Elizabeth! Thank you for help. hobbyist - Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

A. Hi. Questioning! It's plated, not sterling, so it has no intrinsic value (scrap value). Outline! You can take it to questioning qualitative inquiry critical antique shops for valuation but, sorry to tell you, it's almost surely worth only its sentimental value. We've received hundreds and hundreds of letters, as have other sites, from essay definition people who want to sell such stuff, and zero (let that sink in) requests from inquiry essays people wanting to buy it. And if anybody did want to buy it, it's such a glut on the market that they can fill trunk loads with it essentially for free :-)

The listings you see on mapping e-bay are for what people want for it ($10-$20) but aren't getting. Ted Mooney, P.E. Qualitative Inquiry Critical! RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Q. Written By! Hello! I have recently acquired a Reed Barton Triplex spoon with no other stamps and I have done all hallmark tests except acid and Archimedes. Is there still a chance it could not be silver? Is has a good luster and questioning inquiry, is not magnetic. - dallas texas usa. A. Hi Ethan. Where does the name Triplex come from, or what does it mean?

I'd have guessed that it meant a triple layer of plating (probably copper, silver strike, silver plate). If that is where the name came from, it's certainly not solid silver. Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey.

Q. Essay On Domestic Violence! Essay canada, 256546 Tea Set. I am trying to find an indicator if this is sterling or plated copper? A. Hi Michelle. The easiest indicator is that if it's not stamped Sterling or 925, it is almost surely not sterling. A second indicator is the Essay silverplate for questioning essays, sale on Ebay, and the lack of Essay sterling for sale there. There are, of violence act course, chemical tests if you're not swayed by questioning critical this. Good luck. Enough, folks. As we saw coming earlier, this thread deteriorated to silly with hundreds of on film elizabeth people posting identifying markings but nobody identifying any. We'll post any answers that are submitted, but there is inquiry critical, simply no point in posting additional questions unless we see people answering other poster's questions. Thanks for your understanding.

Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. ! Good Sir, I beg to differ with you. To say send the plate to Goodwill is a bit hasty is it not? Four times plate, three times, and so on? I have seen sets of plate that were breathtaking. Thesis! When someone gets great-grandma's silver tea set complete, I say love it, care for it. It has value, most of all to the beholder. Questioning Critical Essays! So you can slam me and of environmental, plates but I think a wise man would agree. - Grants Pass, Oregon.

Hi Dave. No one is slamming you or great-grandma's silverplated tea set. We are all for sentimental value, beauty, and art. Essays! I've said enjoy it! a hundred times on this and related threads. We agree that people should keep it, not melt it. But the endlessly repeated question here has been what is the re-sale value or intrinsic metal value of old silverplate -- and the answer is zero 99.99% of the time: no one anywhere wants it. Ted Mooney, P.E. RET. Pine Beach, New Jersey. Disclaimer: It's not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's employer.

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An Essay On Romance And Love Essays and Research Papers. The Attraction of Romance Romance : the word the puts the art in heart, the word describes the actions that take place to questioning qualitative essays, imprint . your name in definition, a girls head, the word that everyone thinks about when two people are madly in love with one another. The Oxford English Dictionary tells the word came from critical essays 1497 from a time when chivalry was the key to on domestic, love . In this time, the word meant to be chivalrous, but in modern times to romance someone is to “put your moves on them” to qualitative critical essays, dazzle someone with your personality. English language , French language , Kid Rock 925 Words | 3 Pages. Essays in Love is a novel about two young people, who meet on essay an airplane between London and Paris and rapidly fall in . love . The structure of the story isn’t unusual, but what lends the qualitative inquiry, book its interest is the essays on film elizabeth, extraordinary depth with which the emotions involved in the relationship are analysed. Questioning Inquiry Critical Essays. Love comes under the philosophical microscope. An entire chapter is devoted to the nuances and subtexts of an initial date. Another chapter mulls over the question of how and when to say ‘I love you’. There’s. Black-and-white films , Emotion , Family 952 Words | 3 Pages.

How To Break Up With Someone - Free Essays How To Break Up With Someone Almost everyone will have . to break up with a boyfriend or a girlfriend at elizabeth some point in his or her life. Breaking up is honestly a . | | | | Surf Canyon recommends these Google results: | | | | ? Free Process Essay Essay - Geez (from page 3) essays /82352.htmlApr 5, 2011 – Marcquon Mitchell Process Essay Professor Nigro How to get over a break-up. Human bonding , Interpersonal relationships , Love 645 Words | 3 Pages. Questioning Qualitative Critical. Research Paper In English “ Love does not starts and essay, end the way we want it , Love is a battle , Love is . a war , Love is questioning critical essays, part of growing up.” Love does not start the ontology mapping, moment we want it to feel. Love sometimes come in the unexpected time , place , and person. We cannot force ourselves to love the person we want. Love is a war because every minute or time there will be problems that both of you must face. In every love story there are people that want to destroy your relationship. Inquiry Essays. The couples. Friendship , Human sexual behavior , Human sexuality 2013 Words | 6 Pages. Love Is Diverse Love is like a war, it’s easy to start but very hard to finish.

Throughout history there have been so many . different ways to describe it between different cultures because it is such a broad subject. There are so many different types of love but I think they all have the same similar meanings. Whether it’s the love within a sports team, the love that someone could have for themselves or the elizabeth, many varieties of love shown by parents that help raise their children I think there are so. Agape , Father , FIFA World Cup 1405 Words | 3 Pages. Although romantic love exists in all cultures, it is seen as too fragile and irrational to serve as a base for . marriage in most societies, which will be discussed later. In America, however it has become a Cultural norm to questioning qualitative inquiry critical, marry for love , but America presently has one of the highest divorce rates in the World (Kottak 226). Of Environmental. What are the possibly different main claims/positions related to this topic? Some people consider love to be an emotion; a mental state that a rises. Interpersonal relationship , Intimate relationship , Love 1860 Words | 6 Pages. ?Neidalina Ortiz Composition II Instructor Candace Peters Love Write your final draft analysis essay that . evaluates a specific concept (such as love , competition, or fame).

Use the guidelines shown in Chapters 5 and 6 to develop your ideas and shape your essay . You should include 3-5 outside resources in your assignment. Love is defined as a deep tender, ineffable feeling of affection and qualitative inquiry critical essays, solicitude toward a person, such as a rising from on domestic act kinship, recognition. Affection , Emotion , Friendship 597 Words | 3 Pages. Qualitative. Drives the Romance for Science in the essay “Uncle Tungsten” by Oliver Sacks Oliver Sacks is essay mcat scoring, a neurologist who is also known . for being a storyteller ?. Aside from his career, Sacks is a best-selling author having written twelve books up to date, all bringing together science and art ?. Critical Essays. One of his earlier pieces is his essay “Uncle Tungsten” which combines passion and the love for science. “Uncle Tungsten” is an essay that shows how passion drives the romance for science, romance being the strong. Awakenings , Carl Wilhelm Scheele , Discovery 874 Words | 3 Pages.

Love in the Time of Cholera Essay. Love is causes, a powerful emotion that can cause people to act in essays, abnormal ways. In the novel, Love in the Time of Cholera, the main . character Florentino Ariza falls passionately in love with Fermina Daza. He immediately spends hours composing poetic love letters to essay outline definition, Fermina as his entire life becomes dedicated to qualitative critical, loving her. Ontology. Fermina’s father, who greatly disapproves of the essays, relationship between the two, decides to take his daughter to travel throughout the Caribbean. After many years of separation, when. Character , English-language films , Gabriel Garcia Marquez 1290 Words | 3 Pages. English 151 Chapter 28 Argument Essay - What is Happiness? About Love In the world we live in, there are people who oppose . Essays Written By. love and everything that comes with it.

And then there are people who are all for it and want it to questioning qualitative, happen to them. Being in love with someone is one of the most beautiful, life changing things there is. Love gives you a completely outlook on life and it makes you realize how precious life really is. As said in the beginning of the written by, paragraph, love is not for everybody. Everyone.

2002 albums , American films , English-language films 1027 Words | 4 Pages. Twelfth Night Essay . Inquiry Critical. Title: Explore the different types of loves represented in Twelfth Night. If you ever wanted to essay, . investigate the questioning essays, different kinds of essay mcat love there may be in existence, and try to define and understand how different love can be represented, then twelfth seems to be the qualitative critical, ultimate play. On Film Elizabeth. It was written in 1623 by William Shakespeare, the characters of twelfth night display various sorts of characteristics and questioning qualitative critical, personalities which are the of environmental problems essay, essential ingredients that add to the play. Erotomania , Interpersonal relationship , Love 2194 Words | 5 Pages. The Power of Love- Comparitive Essay. The power of love - Comparative essay In both visual and written texts, love operates as a powerful and . Inquiry. inescapable force, which can influence life in various ways. In Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ love is represented as a forbidden romantic experience which ultimately ends in essay mcat scoring, tragedy. Wayne Bennet represents a love of life in his autobiography, ‘Don’t Die With the Music in You’, through the exploration of his love for qualitative critical football and coaching. Ontology Mapping. Finally, Baz Luhrman represents love in the film ‘Moulin Rouge’. Baz Luhrmann , Iago , Love 1102 Words | 3 Pages. Critical. essay on A Different Kind of Love.

Different Kind of of environmental problems Love Throughout time, men and women have struggled with the idea of love . Inquiry. What is it? How can I tell when I . Mapping Thesis. feel it? Is it the same for everyone? While there are these questions, amongst many more, people will search and fight for a feeling they are uncertain of. Different people can express the great mystery that is love many different ways. In both Ernest Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants and Raymond Carter's What We Talk About When We Talk About Love , the authors explore. 2007 films , Drama films , English-language films 1852 Words | 5 Pages. Essay Analysis Paper University of questioning critical Phoenix The essence of an essay is not so much about the weight of its contents but how it . captures the essays elizabeth, reader at the same time. As stated in lectures and course works, how essayists shape their work through artistic ability and questioning qualitative critical essays, intent using many of the licenses bestowed on him or her from essay scoring endless imaginative possibilities, and limitations to existing choices (used or not, popular or otherwise), through comparisons or contrasts, details, description, and always.

Essay , Fiction , Narrative 675 Words | 3 Pages. Questioning Qualitative Critical. ?Gessica Lourenco Miss Erin Loges English 9 2nd of March 2015 “Greater love ” essay The poem “Greater love ” was . Of Environmental. written by the poet Wilfred Owen, during the inquiry critical, World War I. Wilfred Owen participated in the First World War in 1917, which inspired him to outline definition, write poems like “Greater Love ” and many others. He was a big nationalist and one of his beliefs was that the most important passion was the love that a man had for questioning qualitative critical his country. Essays Written By. Owen believed that a man who sacrifices for his country could do anything. Qualitative Essays. Comparison , Global conflicts , Napoleonic Wars 1169 Words | 4 Pages. Haozhao Zhang Geremy Carnes English 124 09/17/12 Definition paper (final draft) It must be a surprise if you are informed that the word . “ romance ” is on domestic, a literature genre which usually consist of adventure stories. You first reaction could be pointing out inquiry critical, that it is me who was wrong about this definition by essay definition mentioning or quoting how people using this word in questioning qualitative inquiry essays, writing. But if you search for it in causes of environmental problems, the dictionary or old novels before late 17th centuries, you would find that I’m telling you the truth. Fiction , Literary genre , Literary genres 1323 Words | 4 Pages. decided to type my English essay and post it here. Questioning Inquiry. this one's off the 2nd question (continuous writing).

I chose the one-word topic . Love . This piece was written in 45 minutes (actually I had more time, I but I wasted too much time - some of it unnecessary - to think of essay mcat scoring what to write), so mind you, I was in quite a hurry. Personally, I don't think it's that good. I really wish they gave us more time for inquiry critical essays this written paper for English. Could've produced a better essay with more time, I think. So.

Doubt , Heart , Human 959 Words | 3 Pages. A Mothers Love A mother’s love is like no other love on earth, and can make a person do things Everyone . else and essays on film elizabeth, even she did not expect her to be able to do. This essay is about my Mom and her struggle to help me and my brother become the people we are today. Everyone told her that she could never do it, that she could never make it in a big city, But she proved them wrong. My moms name is Marcia Tula, she was born in Santiago, Chile. She and my Grandma lived there. Qualitative Inquiry Critical. English-language films , Family , Father 1035 Words | 6 Pages. That feeling is love . However, when one is forced to define love , he or she often turns to causes, romance to find the . Qualitative Inquiry. meaning. Causes Of Environmental Problems Essay. It is described to be everything pink and pretty, full of hearts, roses, cuddly stuffed animals, chocolates, kisses, and hugs. Questioning Essays. Love is also expressed as the mapping thesis, butterflies in the stomach, hair on the back of the questioning critical essays, neck rising to essays by, the occasion, hesitant lump in the throats, giddiness in the eyes, and fireworks in the hearts.

However, love exists outside the realm of romance . It is a chemistry. Emotion , Love , Outline of self 1281 Words | 4 Pages. Our Love - Chapter One The valentines dance was coming up at Niall and Micayla's school. They were bestfriends. Questioning Qualitative Essays. They both secretly liked . eachother, but neither of mapping thesis them knew it.

Micayla was just about to essays, leave for school when she got a text from scoring her bestfriend Niall. Inquiry Essays. Niall(7:45am): hay gurl hay. uh, I know it's so close to the dance and essay violence act, all, but will you go with me? Just as friends though, haha. Questioning Qualitative Essays. Micayla(7:45am): sure. I needed someone to go with, lol. and yeah, just as friends.. see you. 2000 albums , 2000 singles , 2002 albums 2111 Words | 6 Pages. Love plays a significant role in every human beings life. Outline. There are many different forms of questioning qualitative critical essays love in a person’s life. A person . feels a different love for their friend then they do for essay mcat scoring an intimate lover. Qualitative Inquiry Essays. They feel different love for their families and parents then they feel for animals or objects. An individual usually learns what love is from essay outline a young age, and it progresses as they get older.

Some people have trouble experiencing some forms of love because they feel like they are unable to due to qualitative, past. Agape , Friendship , Interpersonal relationship 2175 Words | 6 Pages. Love And Friendship By Emily Bronet Essay Analysis. ? Love and Friendship by Emily Bronte Love is like the wild rose-briar, Friendship like the holly-tree The holly is dark when . the rose-briar blooms But which will bloom most constantly? The wild-rose briar is essay mcat, sweet in the spring, Its summer blossoms scent the air; Yet wait till winter comes again And who will call the inquiry critical essays, wild-briar fair? Then scorn the silly rose-wreath now And deck thee with the of environmental, holly's sheen, That when December blights thy brow He may still leave thy garland green. Questioning Qualitative Critical Essays. INTRODUCTION. Emily Bronte , Friendship , Interpersonal relationship 1599 Words | 6 Pages. Essay Act. Love by definition is an emotion explored in questioning critical, philosophy, religion, and thesis, literature, often as either romantic love , the fraternal . love of others, or the love of God based on the definition found in The Encarta Encyclopedia. As I explored the definition by inquiry critical means of the Internet, books, and causes problems essay, articles I noticed the questioning critical essays, definitions changed quite a bit, but yet had the same basic understanding. The definition I found in The Encarta Encyclopedia was probably the most simple and most basic. Of Environmental. It refers to love.

Emotion , Family , Interpersonal relationship 1048 Words | 3 Pages. Helaine Olen, authors of Office Mate: The ..[-5] so Dating and romance in the workplace is an questioning critical essays interesting topic that will cause quite a . Written. discussion among many professionals and their coworkers. In the book titled Office Mate: The Employee Handbook for inquiry essays Finding and Managing Romance on the Job, 38% of on film elizabeth employees ages twenty- five to twenty-nine have had an inquiry essays office romance (Losee Olen, 2007, p. 55). Essay On Domestic. Now, many individuals view office romances as an unavoidable trend as a result of questioning qualitative inquiry essays people working together. Contract , Employment , Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 841 Words | 3 Pages. LOVE The uphill downfall. What is love ? Is it scientific, humanistic, or is it holistic? We may never know, but we can . know what causes it and essays, how it is questioning essays, created. Everyone wants an insight on mapping thesis how to keep the firing passion in questioning inquiry essays, their relationship, but what motivated me to problems, learn more about this topic was my past relationship experiences; I wanted to figure out how I fell in love and have an idea on why things ended the way they did.

Of course, there is no exact scientific reason why things. Emotion , Greek words for love , Interpersonal relationship 1256 Words | 4 Pages. Love Love is something that most humans look for in life because it comes with one of the greatest amount of pleasure a . human being can experience. Inquiry Essays. The love for our mother and our entire families is one of the first thing a baby feels and as the years goes by essays we know that life is about two big thing: success in work field and being able to questioning, find people that will love you for who you are. Being able to love is one of the most important thing because it can lead to a great amount of trust and. English-language films , Family , Homosexuality 2815 Words | 7 Pages. For some people love is a complete devotion and endless adoration, for causes problems others is questioning qualitative, a temporary feeling that will disappear in ontology mapping, time. For some . people it is a fairy-tale and for others it is a dream come true. Some people say love is once-in-a lifetime thing and qualitative inquiry, others believe that after one love comes another. The more you try to find a universal definition of mcat scoring love – the more you get confused with all these words you get from different people around you. The more you think you get closer to the true.

2009 albums , Husband , Love 1113 Words | 3 Pages. ? Is It Love ? Jazmine M Hawkins Georgia Perimeter College Abstract This paper explores the findings of . multiple researchers’ theories of inquiry critical love ? It breaks down what we can be classified as passionate love and of environmental essay, compassionate love ? What does love have to do with your attention span? Some researches define love scientifically saying that love is a production of a mixture of questioning inquiry essays hormones and chemical reactants while others say love is self-defined and can only be judged. Attachment theory , Developmental psychology , Human bonding 1362 Words | 4 Pages. ?Celine Wang Mr. Essays Written By. Johnson English II, Block A 6 February 2015 Types of Love in Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet, a play by William . Shakespeare, is arguably the epitome of love stories. Although often associated with romantic love , this tragedy also exemplifies unrequited, fraternal, and paternal love . One example of unrequited love is essays, when Romeo mourns his love for Rosaline: ROMEO. Love is essays on film, a smoke made with the fume of questioning critical sighs […] What is it else? A madness most discreet, A choking gall.

Benvolio , Characters in Romeo and Juliet , Love 692 Words | 4 Pages. ?Introduction – Part 1: In writing this statement I will explore the ideas and customs associated with what love is known to be, with reason . and argument. I will mostly be analyzing romantic love , in relation to lovers. However with too much reasoning and argument comes confusion, so more argument than reasoning will be my approach. If you are not open to the negativities of love then my opinion has no value to you. Violence. For the positives of any topic are pleasing whether or not one can assimilate.

Idea , Interpersonal relationship , Irrationality 1253 Words | 3 Pages. Critical Essays. Love- An Extended Definition Essay. LOVE What is the definition of love ? The formal definition states that love is; 1. Intense affection, 2. A feeling . of attraction resulting from sexual desire, and 3. Enthusiasm or fondness. Essay Definition. Although these definitions are all true there is a deeper meaning to this word, this word can be a feeling, a choice, even a state of mind. Qualitative Critical Essays. Love is a many splendid thing; you cannot live without it even if you try it is not possible. Outline Definition. It is not possible to live without love because each and every person holds. 2006 singles , Emotion , English-language films 1377 Words | 4 Pages. ? True Love From a simple mixture of sexual attraction and attachment to a manifestation of the inquiry critical essays, human soul, feelings of essays fierce romantic . Critical Essays. desire boast no shortage of theories explaining their origin and meaning. Love is as much a mystery as it is familiar, highlighting a lack of insight into the human psyche. As man attempts to unravel the mcat scoring, endless enigmas behind this apparently paradoxical emotion, more and more questions seem to arise. What is love's true purpose? Why does it begin?

How are. Affection , Emotion , Interpersonal relationship 1180 Words | 3 Pages. Love is a beautiful thing. Qualitative Inquiry. It makes people happy. On Domestic Violence. It can change a person, and show someone things that they never knew about themselves. It . Qualitative Critical Essays. lifts one up, knowing there is always someone who will stand by their side through anything. It brings people together, and makes the world a better place. Some people may disagree; they might think love is just a fantasy. Either way, it is scoring, a fantasy that everyone deserves to questioning qualitative inquiry, dream of and experience in all its glory, whether straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual. Scoring. Bisexuality , Heterosexism , Heterosexuality 1502 Words | 4 Pages.

English 112 “Young Love Becomes True Love ” Have you heard the term ‘’high school sweethearts?’’ Well, just in case you have . Critical. not, it is the significant other that you spent most of your high school career with. By staying with this person through good and bad times, and inspiring them to do better you are guaranteed the relationship will remain strong. On the other hand, people feel you should grow and experience the world in violence, order to essays, learn and on domestic act, understand the complexity of love . But how can we learn. 2005 singles , 2006 singles , Hypertension 1297 Words | 3 Pages. ?Elizabeth Juarez Mr. Critical Essays. Sullivan English 1B 17 March 2015 “ Love Medicine” The story “ Love Medicine”, by Louise Erdrich, takes . Essay Outline Definition. place in critical, the 1920s in North Dakota. Lipsha Morrissey, who is the primary character, narrates in essay mcat, first person. From the beginning, Lipsha was taken in from his grandma and grandpa Kashpaw and by the looks of it, Lipsha is passionately loyal to his grandparents, especially to his grandma. His grandparents live in a town at a senior citizen home. His grandma is more of a determined.

2006 albums , Family , First aid 1746 Words | 5 Pages. February 1st 2012 True Love and its Obstacles Love is one of the qualitative essays, most important things to the survival of the human race, . because it allows humans to essay, work together and qualitative, connect with each other. To live life without love is ontology mapping, not living a fulfilled life. Finding true love may seem like the difficult part of a relationship with another human being, but the obstacle that hinders the relationship coming together is the qualitative critical essays, most difficult part. Written By. My essay will explore the theme “true love ” and the obstacles that. Brothers Grimm , Cinderella , English-language films 1739 Words | 4 Pages. Two Love stories Nicole Morris Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 A.M Classes April 27 2010 Essay Four Audience Analysis My . audience for questioning essays this essay is the causes of environmental problems essay, young students at Enterprise State Community College, who enjoy a good love story about qualitative young love . I hope my essay will tell the thesis, key points of the similarities and differences of two major love stories that became movies in critical, the end of the twentieth century, and open their eyes to what makes a love story.

That is not just the good times, but. 2007 films , 20th century , Difference 1323 Words | 4 Pages. By. Tales or Reality “And they lived happily ever after. ”. All of inquiry essays us have either had fairy tales read to us as child or have either watched movies . that have the same affect on our thought process. In the story, “The Love of My Life”, it is obvious that the two teenagers' love for each other colors everything around them. It also colors how they view life. You will see how their misconceptions of life have come about. The story tells of two teenagers' concept of a perfect world. On Film. Then their perfect. Arrest , Bradley Whitford , Eddie Vedder 1284 Words | 3 Pages. ?Name: Professor Name: Class: Phil 186 Date: November 4, 2014 Essay 2: Capitalism A Love Story In the documentary film . “Capitalism a love story” Michael Moore demonstrates the failure of Capitalism as an economic system in America. The movie explores what capitalism is, who benefits and qualitative inquiry critical, who get hurt by it.

The film clearly shows how capitalism was hijacked by special interests and how it decimated the middle class, making it so much smaller while at the same time enlarging the problems essay, poor underclass. Capitalism , Debt , Documentary film 1813 Words | 7 Pages. Questioning Qualitative Inquiry. ?Asia Bembry English 115 Dr. Crossley December 10, 2014 All the Same Just in a Different Time What makes a classic? Classic is memorable and a good example . of essay mcat its kind. “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot is a classic because the thoughts the speaker is sharing, the emotions he is feeling, are transcendent. Having deep inner thoughts about the self while observing what is happening in the surroundings is an experience to questioning inquiry critical essays, which a lot of people from any time or generation could relate. Portrait of a Lady , T. S. Eliot , The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock 1153 Words | 4 Pages.

Love has no age When talking about choosing a girlfriend or a boyfriend or a partner for company in the life, people will always consider . the age of the person they are falling in love with. Age is a hot topic in marriage. This essay is essay definition, talking about a concept that once two people who are both in genuine love and audacious, age does nothing to their romance . It is based on qualitative inquiry essays a short novel, Audacious, Brock Adams. On Domestic. This novel connects with concept of love has no age as expressed in the Gerald. Critical Essays. Interpersonal relationship , Love , Lust 1304 Words | 3 Pages. Detailed Essay : Name: Outline: Thesis statement: __________________________________ . _____________________________________________________________ Support 1: _________________________________ (This will be your topic sentence for body paragraph 1) Recognize 1a: ____________________________________________ Recognize 1b: ____________________________________________ Support 2: __________________________________________ (This will be your topic sentence for body paragraph.

Abuse , Child abuse 755 Words | 7 Pages. schoolmates from Ateneo Municipal. | Plaza de Cataluna | * Where his friends held him a welcome party in Barcelona. Essay Scoring. | El Amor Patrio | * . Love of Country * Essay he wrote when he was 21. * First nationalistic essay | Sacrifices | * Youth * Pleasures * Splendor of genius * Life | Laong Laan | * Pseudonym he used when he wrote Love of Country. | Tierra Extranjera | * Term he used to refer to Spain. | Universidad Central de Madrid | * Where he enrolled in philosophy. Anthropology , Ateneo de Manila University , Jose Rizal 1253 Words | 4 Pages. Qualitative. Rachael Murphy Period 5 3/17/09 “Hear Me As I Am” “What’s that you’re playing on essays the piano, Aubrey?” I asked my friend at a sleepover at her house. . “It’s ‘ Love Song’ by questioning inquiry critical essays Sara Bareilles.” “Oh, I haven’t heard of on film elizabeth that.” Little did I know I had heard that song before – I just didn’t recognize it. A few weeks passed and questioning, I recognized a certain type of piano playing on on film elizabeth the radio. Aubrey plays this song, I realized. I listened to the song and I remember loving it and wanting to listen to qualitative essays, it again. Friendship , Human , Interpersonal relationship 880 Words | 3 Pages. Love in the Time of Cholerais not an engrossing love story as some will tell you; it is nothing more than a brilliant . By. essay on the illusions of love . Set in the late 1800?s, Florentino Ariza falls in love with Fermina Daza, they have a three year long affair in letters and then she ends it with one short phrase: “What is between us is nothing more than an illusion,” and then marries another. Fifty one years, nine months, and four days later, her husband Dr. Juvenal Urbino dies and her teenage flame. Academy Award for Best Actress , Interpersonal relationship , Love 929 Words | 3 Pages.

Medieval Romance played a big role in idealizing Chivalry. It mostly focuses on the hero and his noble deeds. The story,'' Federigo’s Falcon,'' . was written in the 1350’s in Florence, Italy by Giovanni Boccaccio. ''Le Morte D'Arthur'' was written in the1450's in critical, England by Sir Thomas Malory. Both Ferdrigo and mapping, Sir Lancelot have strong chivalric qualities and are seen as heroes in both but today chivalry is no longer existent due to the changes of our lifestyle. Medieval romance usually idealizes chivalry.

Courtly love , Guinevere , King Arthur 1007 Words | 3 Pages. the music video, ‘Titanium’ by David Guetta and critical essays, Sia, the novel, ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’ by Mark Haddon, the film, ‘The Boy in . the Striped Pyjamas’ Directed by Mark Hermon, and my personal choice, the essay outline, music video, ‘Same Love ’ by qualitative Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I believe that these four text all display the common theme of ‘Through Young Eyes’ because they all show the way that young minds see their surroundings in a unique and essay, different way to adults. Personally, I believe. Adolescence , Childhood , Close-up 1089 Words | 3 Pages. Symbolism in O Henry's A Romance of a Busy Broker and A Service of Love settings of most his stories by giving the reader a visual of the senses he wrote about. In the stories A Romance of a Busy Broker and A . Service of Love which were written by O Henry, both are influenced by O Henry's life and talents. Qualitative. Also used in essay violence, his stories were many literary elements such as, characterization, situational irony, symbolism, and foreshadowing. In the qualitative inquiry, story A Romance of causes of environmental a Busy Broker, Harvey Maxwell an old, very busy Manhattan broker becomes overwhelmed with work and becomes. Questioning Critical. Academy Award for Best Actress , Fiction , Guy de Maupassant 1447 Words | 4 Pages. SEXUALITY IN THE WORKPLACE Licresha Pierce Strayer University Professor Honore Workplace romance exists when two members of the same . organization develop a relationship with mutual attraction.

Individuals who develop workplace romances may cause damages to morale and productivity. However companies are still confused whether or not they should interfere in the romantic relationship. Many companies are trying to causes of environmental, figure out what department should get involved and what policies should be set. Abuse , Bullying , Employment 2009 Words | 6 Pages. Questioning Critical. The Quest for Romance, Riches, and Power in Cinderella The Quest for Romance , Riches, and Power in “Cinderella” Cinderella is often read and remembered as a tale about a girl who loses a . glass slipper at a king’s ball, and the prince sets out to find the mystery girl to marry her. However, after reading the version included in Grimm’s Fairy Tales, I found that there is much more to the story than that by looking at scoring it from different perspectives. Inquiry Essays. In Maria Tatar’s An Introduction To Fairy Tales, the principle in her essay that I chose to analyze.

Brothers Grimm , Cinderella effect , Fairy tale 1900 Words | 5 Pages. Essay Scoring. ?Year 9 English Essay Task “The concepts of qualitative inquiry essays love and war are similar but in the variant contexts they can also reflect . divergent ideas.” The concepts of love and war are inextricably linked with the similar attributes and emotions that are concomitant to each idea, however their paradoxical relationship suggests divergent ideas when involved in variant contexts. The love poem, ‘Porphyria’s Lover’ by Robert Browning conflates passion and violence, reflecting notions of essay outline definition obsessions, hunger for. Death , Emotion , Greek loanwords 838 Words | 3 Pages. MCO473: Sex, Love , Romance in the Mass Media • FALL 2009 • Dr. Qualitative Inquiry Critical Essays. Mary-Lou Galician STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM #1 (MIDTERM EXAM) . TUESDAY, October 6, 2009 — 3:00 P.M.

SHARP* 75 items (2 points each: possible total = 150 points) — 50 minutes *If you come to the exam after even just ONE student has completed the exam and left the room, we cannot let you take this exam (and you will have 75 points deducted from your total course points) — SO BE ON TIME! You also cannot leave the essay outline, exam and return. Love , Marshall McLuhan , Mass media 5711 Words | 20 Pages. Love can last a lifetime if you are willing to understand that it requires maintenance. Ups and downs, meeting in the middle, sacrificing.. . Just don’t give up. -- Some things just aren’t meant to last. Qualitative Critical. They take up a little space in your heart and leave you a little smarter for outline definition next time. -- ------------------------------------------------- You can leave me Take away all that I have You can want me Love me for who I am Choices, romance Takin' me high in the air Flying, so scared Afraid. Qualitative Critical Essays. Can't Help Falling in Love , Interpersonal relationship , Love 1068 Words | 7 Pages.

Love : What It Really Means What is love ? When someone tells you that they love you, how are you supposed to . respond? There sometimes seems to be no way to essays on film, decipher the qualitative inquiry critical, implication behind the words I love you. Essay Violence Act. When one loves someone or something, to what extent is their desire? It would be ideal if the English language could have more words for questioning qualitative inquiry essays love . Love is so complicated in of environmental problems, and of itself, that even if you were to qualitative inquiry critical essays, have different words; it would still be challenging to causes of environmental essay, clarify. Because the English. Agape , Emotion , Friendship 905 Words | 3 Pages. Inquiry Essays. is the causes of environmental, theme of love . Philia, Eros, and Agape are the three types of love present in the play and are what represent the theme . of love . These three types of love , Philia, Eros, and Agape are expressed by questioning inquiry critical essays the different characters in the play. The expression of the theme of love in the play is not just there by accident; William Shakespeare put it in this comedic and romantic play with a purpose. Essays On Film. Philia is one of the three kinds of love expressed in qualitative inquiry essays, the play. The type of love that Philia represents.

Agape , Friendship , Greek words for essay scoring love 1173 Words | 3 Pages. Questioning Essays. Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection (I love my mother) to . pleasure (I loved that meal). It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and mcat scoring, personal attachment.[1] It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and qualitative inquiry critical, affection—the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.[2] It may also describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one's self or animals.[3] . Attachment theory , Friendship , Interpersonal relationship 1862 Words | 6 Pages. from ontology interpersonal affection (I love my mother) to pleasure (I loved that meal). Questioning Qualitative Essays. It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and . personal attachment.[1] It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection—the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.[2] It may also describe compassionate and essays elizabeth, affectionate actions towards other humans, one's self or animals.[3] Ancient Greeks identified four forms of love : kinship or familiarity (in Greek. Attachment theory , Friendship , Human bonding 942 Words | 4 Pages. Running Head: LOVE What’s Love Got to Do with It? Kathryn Barr Dr.

Salome Dubenetzky PSY 301 . January 7, 2013 LOVE Attraction is defined as a person or thing that draws, attracts, allures, or entices; a characteristic or quality that provides pleasure, an attractive feature. Initially because of questioning qualitative critical this attraction two people who are mutually attracted will begin or a friendship. Of Environmental Essay. In the beginning of a relationship love is strong and it. Questioning Qualitative Inquiry Critical Essays. Interpersonal attraction , Interpersonal relationship , Love 1594 Words | 5 Pages. The Power of Love and Passion Essay Jesse Chamberlain What is “ Love ”? In today’s world “ love ” . is essays by, a commonly used term, referring to what think is just a relationship based on inquiry critical essays affection for essay mcat scoring another person or liking something a lot; but what does “ love ” actually mean. Love has so many levels of questioning complexity than people believe it to have.

The ancient Greeks saw this complexity and believed that love could be split into four words that embodied what, love was thought to mean. These words were Agape. Agape , Friendship , Greek alphabet 1010 Words | 3 Pages. Tu/Thu 10/5/10 What is Love ? Love is one of the most difficult words to mapping, define. I challenge you to try. You can even . Inquiry Critical. go the essay mcat, easy way and questioning qualitative, simply Google the word “ love ”. What you will find is not one but hundreds of definitions along with countless books, movies, and songs all having to do with love . The reason why it is so hard to outline definition, define love is because there are different forms/stages of love and there are so many things that love can consist of. Also, love can have a different definition.

Aerosmith , Definition , Interpersonal relationship 1007 Words | 3 Pages.

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Questioning qualitative inquiry: critical essays

dissertations 2005 This dissertation explores the relationship between the parser and qualitative inquiry the grammar in error-driven retrieval by examining the mechanism underlying the illusory licensing of subject-verb agreement violations (‘agreement attraction’). Previous work motivates a two-stage model of essay on domestic, agreement attraction in which the parser predicts the verb’s number and engages in retrieval of the agreement controller only when it detects a mismatch between the prediction and the bottom-up input (Wagers, Lau Phillips, 2009; Lago, Shalom, Sigman, Lau Phillips, 2015). It is the qualitative essays second stage of outline, retrieval and inquiry essays feature-checking that is thought to be error-prone, resulting in agreement attraction. Here we investigate two . September 21, 2017. Zoe Schlueter. (2017).

Memory retrieval in parsing and interpretation. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. When does ellipsis occur, and what is elided? This dissertation is concerned with how elliptical sentences are generated. To be specific, I investigate when and in what module ellipsis occurs, and what is elided as a result of ellipsis. Mapping! With regard to the first research question, I propose that XP ellipsis occurs as soon as all the featural requirements of the licensor of XP ellipsis are satisfied during the derivation, rather than in the other modules. An important consequence of this proposal is that the point of XP ellipsis can vary depending on the derivational point where all the featural requirements of the licensor are satisfied in narrow . September 21, 2017. Dongwoo Park. (2017). When does ellipsis occur, and what is elided?. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The role of critical essays, input in discovering presuppositions triggers: Figuring out what everybody already knew.

This dissertation focuses on when and how children learn about the on film meanings of the propositional attitude verbs know and questioning think. Know and think both express belief. But they differ in their veridicality: think is scoring, non-veridical and can report a false belief; but know can only report true beliefs because it is a veridical verb. Furthermore, the verbs differ in their factivity: uses of x knows p, but not uses of x thinks p, typically presuppose the truth of inquiry critical, p, because know is factive and think is not. How do children figure out these subtle differences between the verbs, given that . September 21, 2017. Rachel Dudley. (2017). The role of input in discovering presuppositions triggers: Figuring out what everybody already knew. Ontology Mapping! PhD dissertation, University of Maryland.

This dissertation is concerned with experiencer arguments, and what they tell us about the grammar. There are two main types of experiencers I discuss: experiencers of psychological verbs and experiencers of raising constructions. Inquiry Essays! I question the notion of ‘experiencers’ itself; and explore some possible accounts for the ‘psych-effects’. I argue that the ‘experiencer theta role’ is conceptually unnecessary and unsustained by syntactic evidence. ‘Experiencers’ can be reduced to different types of elizabeth, arguments. Taking Brazilian Portuguese as my main case study, I claim that languages may grammaticalize psychological predicates and their arguments in different ways. These verb classes exist in languages . September 1, 2016. Carolina Petersen. (2016). Questioning Inquiry Critical! On experiencers and minimality. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland.

Humans use their grammatical knowledge in more than one way. On Domestic Violence! On one hand, they use it to understand what others say. On the other hand, they use it to say what they want to convey to others (or to themselves). In either case, they need to assemble the structure of sentences in a systematic fashion, in accordance with the grammar of their language. Despite the fact that the structures that comprehenders and speakers assemble are systematic in critical essays, an identical fashion (i.e., obey the same grammatical constraints), the two ‘modes’ of assembling sentence structures might or might not be performed . Shota Momma. (2016). Parsing, generation and grammar. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland.

The acquisition of adjunct control: Grammar and of environmental processing. This dissertation uses children’s acquisition of adjunct control as a case study to investigate grammatical and performance accounts of language acquisition. In previous research, children have consistently exhibited non-adultlike behavior for sentences with adjunct control. To explain children’s behavior, several different grammatical accounts have been proposed, but evidence for these accounts has been inconclusive. In this dissertation, I take two approaches to account for children’s errors. First, I spell out the predictions of previous grammatical accounts, and test these predictions after accounting for some methodological concerns that might have influenced children’s behavior in previous studies. While . Juliana Gerard. Questioning! (2016). The acquisition of adjunct control: Grammar and processing. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Competence and Performance in the Development of Principle C.

In order to understand the nature of a given linguistic phenomena in the adult grammar, language acquisition research explores how children’s competence with respect to written, such a phenomena develops. However, diagnosing competence can be challenging because it is not directly observable. Researchers only have access to performance, which is mediated by qualitative inquiry critical, additional factors and is not a direct reflection of competence. In this dissertation, I explore a case study of children’s early syntactic knowledge. My in-depth analysis of Principle C at 30 months provides novel insights into diagnostics for underlying competence by utilizing two distinct methods of analysis . January 20, 2015.

Megan Sutton. (2015). Competence and Performance in the Development of essays by, Principle C. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Memory and Prediction in Cross-Linguistic Sentence Processing. This dissertation explores the role of morphological and syntactic variation in sentence comprehension across languages. While most previous research has focused on qualitative inquiry critical essays how cross-linguistic differences affect the control structure of the language architecture (Lewis Vasishth, 2005) here we adopt an mapping, explicit model of memory, content-addressable memory (Lewis Vasishth, 2005; McElree, 2006) and examine how cross-linguistic variation affects the nature of the representations and processes that speakers deploy during comprehension. With this goal, we focus on two kinds of inquiry critical essays, grammatical dependencies that involve an interaction between language and mcat scoring memory: subject-verb agreement and referential pronouns. In the first part of this dissertation . November 1, 2014.

Sol Lago. (2014). Memory and Prediction in qualitative essays, Cross-Linguistic Sentence Processing. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Bayesian Model of Categorical Effects in L1 and L2 Speech Processing. In this dissertation I present a model that captures categorical effects in both first language (L1) and second language (L2) speech perception. Act! In L1 perception, categorical effects range between extremely strong for consonants to nearly continuous perception of vowels. I treat the problem of inquiry, speech perception as a statistical inference problem and by quantifying categoricity I obtain a unified model of both strong and weak categorical effects. On Domestic! In this optimal inference mechanism, the critical listener uses their knowledge of categories and the acoustics of the signal to infer the intended productions of the speaker. The model splits up speech variability into . Yakov Kronrod. (2014). Bayesian Model of Categorical Effects in L1 and L2 Speech Processing. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland.

Determining the semantic content of sentences, and uncovering regularities between linguistic form and meaning, requires attending to both morphological and syntactic properties of a language with an eye to the notional categories that the various pieces of form express. In this dissertation, I investigate the morphosyntactic devices that English speakers (and speakers of other languages) can use to essay, talk about comparisons between things: comparative sentences with, in English, more. than, as. as, too, enough, and others. Questioning Qualitative Essays! I argue that a core component of all of these constructions is a unitary element expressing the concept of causes problems essay, measurement. The theory that I . September 1, 2014. Alexis Wellwood. (2014). Measuring Predicates. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Syntactic Head Movement and its Consequences. This thesis attempts to assimilate head movement as far as possible to phrasal movement. Inquiry Critical! In particular, I argue that if we assume that the computational system of natural languages does not discriminate head movement from phrasal movement in essay act, terms of locality and questioning essays the possible mode of operation, a distributional difference between these two types of movement can be explained by the interaction between a locality constraint and an anti-locality constraint to which syntactic movement operations are subject, and crosslinguistic variations in the possibility of what I will call headless XP-movement and headless XP-ellipsis can be reduced to parameters that are . Kenshi Funakoshi. (2014).

Syntactic Head Movement and its Consequences. Essays! PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The Cognitive Basis for Encoding and Navigating Linguistic Structure. This dissertation is concerned with the cognitive mechanisms that are used to encode and navigate linguistic structure. Successful language understanding requires mechanisms for efficiently encoding and navigating linguistic structure in memory. The timing and qualitative essays accuracy of essay mcat scoring, linguistic dependency formation provides valuable insights into the cognitive basis of these mechanisms. Recent research on linguistic dependency formation has revealed a profile of selective fallibility: some linguistic dependencies are rapidly and accurately implemented, but others are not, giving rise to “linguistic illusions”. This profile is not expected under current models of grammar or language processing. Qualitative! The broad consensus, however, is that the profile . Daniel Parker. (2014). The Cognitive Basis for Encoding and Navigating Linguistic Structure.

PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Three types of nominal anaphors are investigated: (i) pronouns, (ii) partitive ellipsis and (iii) the contrastive anaphor 'one'. I argue that in each case, the representational basis for anaphora is the same, a semantic variable ranging over singular or plural entities, rather than syntactic as previous approaches have suggested. In the case of pronouns, I argue against syntactic D-type approaches (Elbourne 2005) and semantic D-type approaches (Cooper 1979). Instead, I present arguments in favor of the set variable representation assumed under Nouwen (2003)’s approach. Causes! Following this, I consider a number of cases usually taken to involve the elision of questioning inquiry essays, . Michael Gagnon. (2013). Anaphors and essays on film the Missing Link. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Statistical Knowledge and Learning in Phonology. This dissertation deals with the theory of the phonetic component of inquiry critical, grammar in a formal probabilistic inference framework: (1) it has been recognized since the beginning of generative phonology that some language-specific phonetic implementation is actually context-dependent, and thus it can be said that there are gradient “phonetic processes” in grammar in addition to categorical “phonological processes.” However, no explicit theory has been developed to characterize these processes.

Meanwhile, (2) it is understood that language acquisition and perception are both really informed guesswork: the result of both types of inference can be reasonably thought to be a less-than-perfect committment, with . Ewan Dunbar. (2013). Statistical Knowledge and Learning in ontology thesis, Phonology. Inquiry Essays! PhD dissertation, University of ontology thesis, Maryland. Adult second language (L2) learners often experience di?culty producing and qualitative critical perceiving non-native phonological contrasts. Even highly proficient bilinguals, who have been exposed to an L2 for long periods of time, struggle with difficult contrasts, such as /r/-/l/ for Japanese learners of English.

To account for the relative ease or diffculty with which L2 learners perceive and acquire non-native contrasts, theories of (L2) speech perception often appeal to notions of similarity. But how is similarity best determined? In this dissertation I explored the predictions of two theoretical approaches to similarity comparison in the second language, and asked: [1] How . Shannon Barrios. (2013). Similarity in L2 Phonology. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Pragmatic enrichment in language processing and development. The goal of language comprehension for humans is not just to decode the semantic content of sentences, but rather to grasp what speakers intend to outline definition, communicate. To infer speaker meaning, listeners must at minimum assess whether and how the literal meaning of an utterance addresses a question under discussion in the conversation.

In cases of implicature, where the speaker intends to communicate more than just the literal meaning, listeners must access additional relevant information in order to understand the intended contribution of the utterance. I argue that the qualitative critical primary challenge for mapping inferring speaker meaning is in identifying and accessing this . Shevaun Lewis. (2013). Questioning Qualitative Critical! Pragmatic enrichment in language processing and development. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The Syntax of Non-Syntactic Dependencies. In this dissertation I explore the nature of interpretive dependencies in human language. In particular I investigate the limits of syntactically mediated interpretive dependencies as well as non-syntactic ones. Definition! Broadly speaking I investigate the limits of grammatical dependencies and note that current theory cannot possibly handle certain dependencies. That certain dependencies evade grammatical explanation requires a rethinking of the representations of those dependencies.

The results of this investigation concern the primacy and the purview of the critical essays syntax component of the grammar. In short, the purview of syntactic relations is limited to c-command and if a c-command relation holds between two . Bradley Larson. Definition! (2013). The Syntax of Non-Syntactic Dependencies. PhD dissertation, University of questioning qualitative essays, Maryland. The Temporal Dimension of Linguistic Prediction. This thesis explores how predictions about upcoming language inputs are computed during real-time language comprehension. Previous research has demonstrated humans’ ability to use rich contextual information to compute linguistic prediction during real-time language comprehension, and it has been widely assumed that contextual information can impact linguistic prediction as soon as it arises in the input. Written! This thesis questions this key assumption and explores how linguistic predictions develop in real- time. I provide event-related potential (ERP) and reading eye-movement (EM) evidence from qualitative inquiry critical essays, studies in Mandarin Chinese and English that even prominent and unambiguous information about preverbal arguments’ structural roles cannot immediately . Wing Yee Chow. Written By! (2013).

The Temporal Dimension of Linguistic Prediction. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. A Movement Account of Long-Distance Reflexives. This thesis examines reflexive pronouns, such as Icelandic sig (Cf. Thrainsson 2007), which may be bound from outside of an infinitive clause (which I call MD “medium distance” binding) in addition to qualitative critical, being bound locally. I propose that such reflexives are linked to their antecedents via sisterhood followed by movement: the essay outline reflexive and antecedent are first merged together as sisters, and the antecedent subsequently moves to qualitative essays, receive its first theta-role, as schematized below:

This links the properties of bound simplex reflexives to the properties of movement. I argue that reflexives such as sig . Rebecca McKeown. (2013). Written! A Movement Account of Long-Distance Reflexives. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Grammar Deconstructed: Constructions and the Curious Case of the Comparative Correlative. Comparative correlatives, like the longer you stay out in questioning essays, the rain, the colder you’ll get , are prolific in of environmental problems essay, the world’s languages (i.e., there is no evidence of a language that lacks comparative correlatives).

Despite this observation, the data do not present a readily apparent syntax. What is the relationship between the two clauses? What is the questioning qualitative inquiry essays main verb? What is English’s the which obligatorily appears at the start of each clause? This thesis reviews prior analyses of comparative correlatives, both syntactic and essays on film semantic (Fillmore, 1987; McCawley, 1988; McCawley, 1998; Beck, 1997; Culicover Jackendoff, 1999; Borsley, 2003 . Heather Taylor. Qualitative Critical! (2013). Mcat Scoring! Grammar Deconstructed: Constructions and the Curious Case of the Comparative Correlative.

PhD dissertation, University of qualitative inquiry critical essays, Maryland. Input and Intake in Language Acquisition. Ann C. Essays! Gagliardi. This dissertation presents an essays, approach for violence a productive way forward in the study of language acquisition, sealing the rift between claims of an innate linguistic hypothesis space and powerful domain general statistical inference. This approach breaks language acquisition into its component parts, distinguishing the input in the environment from the intake encoded by the learner, and looking at how a statistical inference mechanism, coupled with a well de ned linguistic hypothesis space could lead a learn to infer the native grammar of their native language. This work draws on experimental work, corpus analyses and computational models of Tsez, Norwegian and . Ann C. Gagliardi. (2012). Input and Intake in Language Acquisition. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Without Specifiers: Phrase Structure and Events. This dissertation attempts to unify two reductionist hypotheses: that there is no relational difference between specifiers and complements, and that verbs do not have thematic arguments. I argue that these two hypotheses actually bear on each other and that we get a better theory if we pursue both of them.

The thesis is centered around the following hypothesis: Each application of Spell-Out corresponds to a conjunct at logical form. In order to create such a system, it is necessary to provide a syntax that is designed such that each Spell-Out domain is mapped into a conjunct. This is qualitative essays, done by . Terje Lohndal. (2012). Essays! Without Specifiers: Phrase Structure and questioning inquiry essays Events. PhD dissertation, University of ontology thesis, Maryland. Structured Access in Sentence Comprehension. This thesis is concerned with the nature of memory access during the construction of long-distance dependencies in online sentence comprehension. Questioning Inquiry Critical! In recent years, an intense focus on the computational challenges posed by long-distance dependencies has proven to essays on film, be illuminating with respect to the characteristics of the architecture of the human sentence processor, suggesting a tight link between general memory access procedures and sentence processing routines (Lewis Vasishth 2005; Lewis, Vasishth, Van Dyke 2006; Wagers, Lau Phillips 2009). The present thesis builds upon this line of research, and its primary aim is to motivate and defend the hypothesis that the parser . Brian W. Dillon. (2011).

Structured Access in questioning inquiry critical essays, Sentence Comprehension. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. This study investigates properties of adjunct control with a particular focus on Turkish providing an analysis for different types of adjunct control structures such as temporal adjunct clauses and purpose clauses, which have been understudied in Turkish linguistics. In analyzing adjunct control structures, I use Agree-based Theory of essay, Control (ATC) (Landau 2000 and 2004) as a theoretical basis. I introduce a new interarboreal operation that I call Interarboreal Agree which draws upon the intuitions of Nunes (1995) that syntactic relations can be established between two unconnected trees. This analysis refines ATC in qualitative inquiry critical essays, that ATC in its current form fails to . Ilknur Oded. (2011).

Recalculating adjunct control. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Multi-Level Audio-Visual Interactions in Speech and Language Perception. That we perceive our environment as a unified scene rather than individual streams ofauditory, visual, and outline definition other sensory information has recently provided motivation tomove past the critical long-held tradition of studying these systems separately. Although theyare each unique in their transduction organs, neural pathways, and scoring cortical primaryareas, the senses are ultimately merged in a meaningful way which allows us tonavigate the multisensory world. Investigating how the senses are merged has becomean increasingly wide field of research in recent decades, with the introduction andincreased availability of neuroimaging techniques. Areas of qualitative inquiry critical, study range frommultisensory object perception to essays, cross-modal attention, multisensory interactions,and integration . Ariane Rhone. (2011). Multi-Level Audio-Visual Interactions in Speech and questioning qualitative inquiry critical essays Language Perception. Essay On Domestic Act! PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Binding Phenomena within a Reductionist Theory of Grammatical Dependencies.

This thesis investigates the qualitative inquiry critical implications of definition, binding phenomena for the development of a reductionist theory of grammatical dependencies. Questioning Qualitative Critical! The starting point isthe analysis of binding and control in Hornstein (2001, 2009). A number of revisions are made to this framework in order to develop a simpler and empirically more successful account of binding phenomena. The major development is the rejection of economy-based accounts of essays written, Condition B effects. It is argued that Condition B effects derive directly from an anti-locality constraint on A-movement. Competition between different dependencytypes is crucial to the analysis, but is formulated in terms of a heavily revisedversion . Alex Drummond. (2011). Binding Phenomena within a Reductionist Theory of Grammatical Dependencies. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Self-monitoring and feedback in disordered speech production. The precise contribution and mechanism of sensory feedback (particularly auditory feedback) in successful speech production is unclear.

Some models of speech production, such as DIVA, assert that speech production is based on attempting to questioning critical, produce auditory (and/or somatosensory targets; e.g. Guenther et al. 2006), and thus assign a central role to sensory feedback for successful speech motor control. Of Environmental! These models make explicit predictions about the neural basis of speech production and the integration of auditory and somatosensory feedback and predict predict basal ganglia involvement in speech motor control. In order to test the critical implications of models depending on . Joshua Riley-Graham. (2011). Self-monitoring and feedback in disordered speech production. PhD dissertation, University of ontology thesis, Maryland. Movement and Intervention Effects: Evidence from Hindi/Urdu.

The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the nature of intervention effects seen in critical essays, various constructions like Wh-scope marking, raising and passivization. In particular, this dissertation argues in favor of a movement account for all these cases and supports the idea that (syntactic) movement is inevitable and sufficient enough to provide a unified account of various structural relations (Hornstein, 2009). It further argues that movement always happens in narrow syntax, even when it isn’t visible. For some of these invisible cases, this dissertation suggests head movement as an alternative to LF movement and Agree. The second aim of essays, . Shiti Malhotra. (2011). Movement and Intervention Effects: Evidence from Hindi/Urdu. PhD dissertation, University of inquiry, Maryland. Windows into Sensory Integration and Rates in Language Processing: Insights from Signed and Spoken Languages. This dissertation explores the hypothesis that language processing proceeds in essay mcat, “windows” that correspond to representational units, where sensory signals are integrated according to time-scales that correspond to the rate of the input. To investigate universal mechanisms, a comparison of signed and spoken languages is necessary. Underlying the seemingly effortless process of language comprehension is the perceiver’s knowledge about the rate at which linguistic form and qualitative critical meaning unfold in time and the ability to adapt to variations in the input.

The vast body of work in this area has focused on speech perception, where the goal is to determine how . So-One Hwang. (2011). Windows into Sensory Integration and Rates in Language Processing: Insights from Signed and Spoken Languages. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The purpose of this dissertation is to reconsider reflexives in Japanese through thefollowing three steps: (a) separation of genuine reflexive elements from elements that areconfounded as reflexives, (b) classification of reflexive anaphors into subtypes based ontheir semantic difference, and (c) classification of essay, predicates that occur with anaphors.Many researchers have worked on the reflexive element zibun ‘self,’ but Japanesehas other reflexive elements as well. These elements including zibun have not onlythe reflexive anaphor usage but also other ones. All the instances are, however, oftenlumped together under the category ‘reflexives.’ I distinguish genuine reflexive anaphorsin Japanese from elements that are confounded . Maki Kishida. (2011). Reflexives in Japanese. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Commitment and Flexibility in the Developing Parser.

This dissertation investigates adults and children's sentence processing mechanisms, with a special focus on how multiple levels of linguistic representation are incrementally computed in qualitative critical essays, real time, and how this process affects the parser's ability to later revise its early commitments. Using cross-methodological and essays elizabeth cross-linguistic investigations of long-distance dependency processing, this dissertation demonstrates how paying explicit attention to the procedures by which linguistic representations are computed is questioning qualitative inquiry critical essays, vital to understanding both adults' real time linguistic computation and children's reanalysis mechanisms. The first part of the dissertation uses time course evidence from self-paced reading and eye tracking studies (reading . Akira Omaki. (2010). Ontology Mapping Thesis! Commitment and Flexibility in the Developing Parser. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. A Formal Model of Ambiguity and its Applications in Machine Translation.

Systems that process natural language must cope with and resolve ambiguity. In this dissertation, a model of questioning inquiry critical, language processing is advocated in which multiple inputs and essay act multiple analyses of inputs are considered concurrently and a single analysis is only a last resort. Compared to conventional models, this approach can be understood as replacing single-element inputs and outputs with weighted sets of inputs and outputs. Questioning Qualitative Inquiry! Although processing components must deal with sets (rather than individual elements), constraints are imposed on causes problems the elements of these sets, and the representations from existing models may be reused. However, to deal efficiently with large (or . Chris Dyer. (2010). A Formal Model of Ambiguity and its Applications in Machine Translation. PhD dissertation, University of questioning qualitative inquiry critical, Maryland.

The importance of on film, being a complement: CED effects revisited. This dissertation revisits subject island effects (Ross 1967, Chomsky 1973) cross-linguistically. Controlled acceptability judgment studies in German, English, Japanese and Serbian suggest that extraction out of specifiers is consistently degraded compared to extraction out of complements, indicating that the Condition on Extraction domains (CED, Huang 1982) is still empirically viable, contrary to recent claims (Stepanov 2007). As a consequence, recent treatments of the CED in terms of Multiple Spell-Out (Uriagereka 1999) are still tenable. First, a series of NP-subextraction experiments in critical, German using 'was fur'-split is discussed. The results indicate that subject island effects cannot be reduced to freezing . Johannes Jurka. (2010). The importance of being a complement: CED effects revisited. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Relating Movement and Adjunction in Syntax and Semantics. In this thesis I explore the syntactic and semantic properties of movement and adjunction in natural language, and suggest that these two phenomena are related in a novel way. In a precise sense, the basic pieces of grammatical machinery that give rise to movement, also give rise to adjunction.

In the system I propose, there is no atomic movement operation and no atomic adjunction operation; the terms movement and adjunction serve only as convenient labels for certain combinations of other, primitive operations. As a result the system makes non-trivial predictions about scoring, how movement and adjunction should interact, since we do . Timothy Hunter. (2010). Relating Movement and Adjunction in Syntax and Semantics. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Beyond Statistical Learning in the Acquisition of Phrase Structure. The notion that children use statistical distributions present in inquiry, the input to acquire various aspects of linguistic knowledge has received considerable recent attention.

But the roles of learner's initial state have been largely ignored in those studies. What remains unclear is the nature of learner's contribution. At least two possibilities exist. One is that all that learners do is to collect and compile accurately predictive statistics from the data, and they do not have antecedently specified set of written, possible structures (Elman, et al. Questioning Inquiry Critical Essays! 1996; Tomasello 2000).

On this view, outcome of the on domestic violence learning is solely based on questioning qualitative essays the . Eri Takahashi. (2009). Beyond Statistical Learning in the Acquisition of on domestic violence, Phrase Structure. PhD dissertation, University of questioning qualitative critical, Maryland. Fine-Grained Linguistic Soft Constraints on Statistical Natural Language Processing Models. This dissertation focuses on effective combination of data-driven natural language processing (NLP) approaches with linguistic knowledge sources that are based on manual text annotation or word grouping according to semantic commonalities.

I gainfully apply fine-grained linguistic soft constraints -- of syntactic or semantic nature -- on statistical NLP models, evaluated in end-to-end state-of-the-art statistical machine translation (SMT) systems. The introduction of semantic soft constraints involves intrinsic evaluation on word-pair similarity ranking tasks, extension from words to phrases, application in a novel distributional paraphrase generation technique, and an introduction of a generalized framework of which these soft semantic and syntactic constraints can be . Yuval Marton. (2009). By! Fine-Grained Linguistic Soft Constraints on Statistical Natural Language Processing Models. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Dimensions of Ellipsis: Investigations in Turkish. This dissertation examines the elliptical structures of (a) sluicing (John called someone, but I don't know who!), (b) fragment answers (A: Who did John call?, B: Mary!), (c) gapping (John is eating ice-cream, and questioning qualitative essays Mary apple pie!), and on domestic violence act (d) Right Node Raising (John cooked and questioning qualitative critical essays Mary ate the apple pie!) in Turkish and gives a PF-deletion-based analysis of all these elliptical structures. As to sluicing and fragment answers, evidence in support of PF-deletion comes from P-(non-)stranding and Case Matching, respectively.

Further, these elliptical structures are island-insensitive in Turkish. As to gapping, this study gives a movement + deletion . Atakan Ince. (2009). Dimensions of Ellipsis: Investigations in Turkish. Of Environmental Essay! PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. On The Way To Linguistic Representation: Neuromagnetic Evidence of Early Auditory Abstraction in the Perception of Speech and Pitch. The goal of this dissertation is to show that even at the earliest (non-invasive) recordable stages of auditory cortical processing, we find evidence that cortex is calculating abstract representations from the acoustic signal. Looking across two distinct domains (inferential pitch perception and vowel normalization), I present evidence demonstrating that the M100, an automatic evoked neuromagnetic component that localizes to questioning, primary auditory cortex is sensitive to abstract computations. The M100 typically responds to mcat scoring, physical properties of the questioning inquiry stimulus in essays written, auditory and speech perception and integrates only over the first 25 to 40 ms of stimulus onset, providing a reliable dependent measure . Phil Monahan. (2009). On The Way To Linguistic Representation: Neuromagnetic Evidence of Early Auditory Abstraction in questioning inquiry, the Perception of Speech and Pitch.

PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The Predictive Nature of Language Comprehension. This dissertation explores the hypothesis that predictive processing—the access and essays on film elizabeth construction of internal representations in advance of the external input that supports them—plays a central role in inquiry critical, language comprehension. Linguistic input is frequently noisy, variable, and rapid, but it is essay mcat scoring, also subject to numerous constraints. Predictive processing could be a particularly useful approach in questioning qualitative critical essays, language comprehension, as predictions based on the constraints imposed by the prior context could allow computation to be speeded and noisy input to be disambiguated. Decades of previous research have demonstrated that the broader sentence context has an effect on how new input is . Ellen Lau. (2009). The Predictive Nature of Language Comprehension.

PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Form, meaning and context in lexical access: MEG and behavioral evidence. One of the main challenges in the study of essay, cognition is how to connect brain activity to cognitive processes. In the domain of language, this requires coordination between two different lines of research: theoretical models of linguistic knowledge and language processing on the one side and brain sciences on the other. The work reported in inquiry critical essays, this dissertation attempts to link these two lines of research by by, focusing on one particular aspect of linguistic processing, namely lexical access. The rationale for this focus is that access to the lexicon is a mandatory step in any theory of linguistic computation, and therefore . Diogo Almeida. (2009). Form, meaning and context in lexical access: MEG and behavioral evidence. PhD dissertation, University of questioning inquiry essays, Maryland.

Island repair and non-repair by PF strategies. Since Ross (1967), it has been observed that there are configurations from which otherwise unbounded movement operations cannot occur, and they are called islands. Ellipsis and resumption are known to have a peculiar property to 'repair' island violations. Each chapter of this thesis discusses a case of ellipsis/resumption to examine in what cases movement out of an essays on film elizabeth, island becomes licit by those strategies. Chapter 2 discusses the elliptical construction called sluicing, and argues for the PF-deletion analysis of sluicing (Merchant 2001, originated from Ross 1969).

I will show that ECP violations made by questioning, adjunct sluicing cannot be repaired by . Chizuru Nakao. (2009). Island repair and non-repair by PF strategies. PhD dissertation, University of essay mcat, Maryland. Structural and semantic selectivity in inquiry critical, the electrophysiology of sentence comprehension. This dissertation is concerned with whether the sentence processor can compute plausible relations among a cluster of neighboring open class words without taking into account the relationships between these words as dictated by the structure of the sentence. It has been widely assumed that compositional semantics is built on top of syntactic structures (Heim Kratzer, 1998; Pollard Sag, 1994). Essay Outline! This view has been challenged by recent electrophysiological findings (Kim and Osterhout, 2005; Kuperberg, 2007; van Herten et al., 2005, 2006) that appear to show that semantic composition can proceed independently of syntactic structure. This dissertation investigates whether the evidence for . November 21, 2008. Clare Stroud. (2008). Structural and semantic selectivity in the electrophysiology of sentence comprehension.

PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Pragmatic computation in language acquisition: evidence from disjunction and conjunction in negative context. This dissertation discusses how pragmatic factors contribute to critical essays, children's behavior in interpreting scopally ambiguous forms. In particular, we look at children's interpretation of negated sentences involving disjunction in the object (NegDisjunction). Written By! Languages like English and Chinese allow scope interaction between negation and disjunction of this kind of questioning qualitative inquiry essays, strings and thus two corresponding interpretations: the narrow scope disjunction interpretation (the NSD, meaning neither), thus the causes essay wide scope disjunction interpretation (the WSD, meaning not this or not that); but languages like Japanese only allow the WSD. Previous studies found out that children of different languages accessed the NSD instead of inquiry, . Chunyuan Jing. Ontology! (2008).

Pragmatic computation in questioning qualitative inquiry essays, language acquisition: evidence from disjunction and conjunction in negative context. Essay Definition! PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The structure of memory meets memory for structure in linguistic cognition. This dissertation is concerned with the problem of how structured linguistic representations interact with the qualitative inquiry architecture of human memory. Much recent work has attempted to unify real-time linguistic memory with a general content-addressable architecture (Lewis Vasishth, 2005; McElree, 2006). Because grammatical principles and constraints are strongly relational in nature, and linguistic representation hierarchical, this kind of essays on film, architecture is not well suited to inquiry critical, restricting the search of memory to grammatically-licensed constituents alone. This dissertation investigates under what conditions real-time language comprehension is grammatically accurate. Two kinds of grammatical dependencies were examined in reading time and speeded grammaticality experiments: subject-verb agreement licensing . Matt Wagers. (2008). The structure of memory meets memory for structure in written by, linguistic cognition. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The role of Verification Strategies in Semantic Ambiguity Resolution in questioning essays, Children and Adults.

This dissertation investigates the contributions of the parser and extra-linguistic information in mapping thesis, the selection of a final interpretation of scopally ambiguous strings, integrating data from both children and adults into our understanding of language processing. Previous research has found an advantage for surface scope interpretations in adult sentence processing (Tunstall,1998 Anderson,2003) and in children's interpretive preferences (Musolino and Lidz, 2006). In light of these findings, we investigate two central questions. One, what is the critical source of the advantage for surface scope interpretations in adults? Two, what factors contribute to children's ultimate adherence to surface scope interpretations . Stacey Conroy. (2008). The role of Verification Strategies in Semantic Ambiguity Resolution in Children and ontology mapping Adults. PhD dissertation, University of qualitative inquiry critical, Maryland. Projecting Subjects in on domestic violence, Spanish and English. The focus of this dissertation is syntactic movement and its relationship to surface semantics, morphology, and licensing relations in syntax, with an emphasis on inquiry critical essays Spanish and on film English. Chapter 2 argues that Herburger's (2000) Neo-Davidsonian approach to the semantics of focus, as syntactically implemented by Uriagereka (2005), allows for a unified treatment of new information focus and contrastive focus (focus movement to the left periphery and in situ focus) in Spanish. The diverse positions that the focused element can take in questioning qualitative critical essays, the sentence are claimed to be determined by contextual anchoring mechanisms of on domestic violence, Raposo and Uriagereka (1995).

This entails a . Ivan Ortega-Santos. (2008). Projecting Subjects in questioning inquiry critical essays, Spanish and English. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Machine translation by pattern matching. Adam David Lopez. The best systems for machine translation of natural language are based on statistical models learned from data. Conventional representation of a statistical translation model requires substantial offline computation and of environmental problems representation in main memory. Therefore, the qualitative inquiry principal bottlenecks to the amount of data we can exploit and the complexity of models we can use are available memory and CPU time, and current state of the written by art already pushes these limits.

With data size and qualitative essays model complexity continually increasing, a scalable solution to this problem is central to future improvement. Callison-Burch et al. (2005) and Zhang and Vogel (2005) proposed a solution . Adam David Lopez. (2008). Machine translation by pattern matching. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. On Formal Feature Licensing in Minimalism: Aspects of Standard Arabic Morphosyntax.

This dissertation investigates a set of phenomena in Standard Arabic at the syntax-morphology interface, providing an analysis for each within the assumptions of the minimalist program, particularly those related to mechanisms of formal feature licensing. Among the thesis issues discussed are the subject-verb agreement asymmetry, case-assignment, default agreement, nominative Themes, as well as interactions between tense, negation, and modality heads. In this regard, I provide an analysis for questioning inquiry essays word order alternation in the language in terms of left dislocation rather than via movement, showing that the essays written language does not show A-movement effects in SVO orders, passives, raising constructions, or object shift . Usama Soltan. (2007). On Formal Feature Licensing in Minimalism: Aspects of Standard Arabic Morphosyntax. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Language-Specific Constraints on Scope Interpretation in critical essays, First Language Acquisition. This dissertation investigates the acquisition of language-specific constraints on scope interpretation by Japanese preschool children.

Several constructions in Japanese do not allow scope interpretations that the corresponding English sentences do allow. First, in scoring, Japanese transitive sentences with multiple quantificational arguments, an inverse scope interpretation is disallowed, due to the Rigid Scope Constraint. Second, Japanese logical connectives cannot be interpreted under the scope of local negation, due to their Positive Polarity. Thirdly, in Japanese infinitival complement constructions with implicative matrix verbs like wasureru (forget) the inverse scope interpretation is questioning qualitative inquiry critical essays, required, due to the Anti-Reconstruction Constraint. The main goal of this research . Takuya Goro. (2007). Language-Specific Constraints on Scope Interpretation in First Language Acquisition. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Spin: Lexical Semantics, Transitivity, and the Identification of Implicit Sentiment. Current interest in violence act, automatic sentiment analysis is questioning qualitative inquiry critical, motivated by mcat, a variety of information requirements. Qualitative Critical Essays! The vast majority of work in sentiment analysis has been specifically targeted at detecting subjective statements and mining opinions.

This dissertation focuses on a different but related problem that to date has received relatively little attention in essay mcat scoring, NLP research: detecting implicit sentiment, or spin, in text. This text classification task is distinguished from questioning qualitative essays, other sentiment analysis work in that there is no assumption that the documents to be classified with respect to sentiment are necessarily overt expressions of opinion. They rather are documents that might reveal . Stephan Greene. (2007). Spin: Lexical Semantics, Transitivity, and the Identification of Implicit Sentiment. PhD dissertation, University of ontology thesis, Maryland. A program for experimental syntax: Finding the relationship between acceptability and grammatical knowlege.

There has always been interest in the methodology of questioning inquiry essays, acceptability judgment collection, as well as the reliability of the results. It seems, though, that the past several years have seen an increase in the number of studies employing formal experimental techniques for the collection of outline, acceptability judgments, so much so that the term experimental syntax has come to be applied to the use of those techniques. The question this dissertation asks is whether the extent of the questioning inquiry essays utility of experimental syntax is to find areas in which informal judgment collection was insufficient, or whether there is a complementary research program . Jon Sprouse. (2007). A program for experimental syntax: Finding the relationship between acceptability and grammatical knowlege. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Necessary Bias in Natural Language Learning. This dissertation investigates the mechanism of language acquisition given the boundary conditions provided by linguistic representation and the time course of acquisition. Exploration of the mechanism is vital once we consider the essays written complexity of the questioning system to be learned and outline definition the non-transparent relationship between the observable data and the underlying system.

It is not enough to restrict the inquiry essays potential systems the ontology thesis learner could acquire, which can be done by defining a finite set of parameters the learner must set. Even supposing that the system is defined by n binary parameters, we must still explain how the learner converges on the . Lisa Pearl. (2007). Necessary Bias in Natural Language Learning. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. (Dis)Agree: Movement and Agreement Reconsidered. This dissertation examines Agree, a narrow syntactic, long-distance operation underlying phi-agreement in the grammar. Questioning Critical! Taking the mapping strong minimalist thesis (cf. Chomsky 2000) as my point of departure, I question Agree on both conceptual and empirical grounds.

On the conceptual side, the operation is suspect first for its language-specific character. Second, it also fails to qualitative, be justified on the grounds of general architectural constraints and legibility requirements. Of Environmental! Further, evidences of various long-distance agreement from across languages examined here question the empirical basis for qualitative essays Agree built throughout the previous literature. As far as this is true, I contend that the faculty of essay definition, . Pritha Chandra. (2007). (Dis)Agree: Movement and Agreement Reconsidered. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Tracking Sound Dynamics in Human Auditory Cortex: New macroscopic perspectives from MEG. Both the external world and qualitative inquiry essays our internal world are full of changing activities , and mapping the question of how these two dynamic systems are linked constitutes the most intriguing and fundamental question in neuroscience and cognitive science. This study specifically investigates the processing and representation of sound dynamic information in human auditory cortex using magnetoencephalography (MEG), a non-invasive brain imaging technique whose high temporal resolution (on the order of. 1ms) makes it an qualitative inquiry critical essays, appropriate tool for studying the neural correlates of essay, dynamic auditory information. The other goal of this study is to understand the essence of the macroscopic activities reflected in questioning inquiry essays, . February 7, 2007.

Huan Luo. Mcat! (2007). Tracking Sound Dynamics in Human Auditory Cortex: New macroscopic perspectives from qualitative, MEG. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Some theoretical issues in Japanese control. The aim of this thesis is to violence act, contribute to the understanding of the nature of finiteness and A-movement by looking at control phenomena in Japanese, where verbal morphology sometimes does not help to identify finiteness of clauses. In so doing, the thesis addresses empirical and theoretical questions that arise from analyses of questioning qualitative essays, Japanese control and attempts to resolve them. The first part of the thesis, chapter 2, investigates obligatory control (OC) into tensed clauses, where embedded predicates are morphosyntactically marked for tense. Recent findings about the obligatory control/non-obligatory control dichotomy leads to the observation that tensed subordinate clauses that . December 4, 2006.

Tomohiro Fujii. Of Environmental Essay! (2006). Some theoretical issues in Japanese control. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Constraints and Mechanisms in Long-Distance Dependency Formation. This thesis aims to reveal the questioning critical essays mechanisms and constraints involving in long-distance dependency formation in of environmental essay, the static knowledge of language and in qualitative critical, real-time sentence processing. Special attention is paid to the grammar and processing of island constraints. Several experiments show that in a head-final language like Japanese global constraints like island constraints are applied long before decisive information such as verb heads and relative heads, are encountered. Based on this observation, the thesis argues that there is violence act, a powerful predictive mechanism at work behind real time sentence processing. A model of this predictive mechanism is proposed. This thesis examines the . November 25, 2006.

Masaya Yoshida. (2006). Constraints and Mechanisms in Long-Distance Dependency Formation. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. An Investigation of Exclamatives in English and Japanese: Syntax and Sentence Processing. This dissertation is a case study of the syntax of the left periphery, using exclamatives in English and Japanese. In the first part, I discuss exclamatives in questioning inquiry critical essays, Japanese in detail by focusing on the properties of the exclamative wh-phrases and particles that function as licensors for wh-phrases in exclamatives. Essays Written By! We argue that licensing exclamatives involves at least three functional heads: Finite, Focus, and Mood.

Especially, the necessity of the Mood head differentiates exclamatives from interrogatives. On the other hand, we claim that having these three functional projections does not type the clause as exclamative, and show that the questioning essays presence of . Hajime Ono. (2006). An Investigation of Exclamatives in English and Japanese: Syntax and Sentence Processing. Essay Act! PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The structure of comparison: An investigation of gradable adjectives. This dissertation explores the syntax and semantics of positive and comparative gradable adjectives. A detailed study of intransitive ( tall ) and transitive ( patient with Mary ) adjectives is provided with special emphasis on phrases that express the questioning inquiry essays standard of comparison, such as tall for a jockey, tall compared to Bill, and taller than Bill.

It is shown that standard expressions, surprisingly, behave differently both syntactically and semantically. There are four main conclusions. First, a syntactic analysis is provided in which all standard expressions are introduced by causes essay, unique degree morphemes in the extended projection of the adjective. Each morpheme and the standard expression . Scott Fults. (2006). The structure of comparison: An investigation of gradable adjectives. Questioning Qualitative Inquiry Critical Essays! PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Lexical Structure and the Nature of essay on domestic act, Linguistic Representations.

This dissertation addresses a foundational debate regarding the questioning qualitative essays role of structure and abstraction in linguistic representation, focusing on representations at the lexical level. Under one set of views, positing abstract morphologically-structured representations, words are decomposable into morpheme-level basic units; however, alternative views now challenge the need for abstract structured representation in lexical representation, claiming non-morphological whole-word storage and processing either across-the-board or depending on factors like transparency/productivity/surface form. Our cross-method/cross-linguistic results regarding morphological-level decomposition argue for initial, automatic decomposition, regardless of factors like semantic transparency, surface formal overlap, word frequency, and productivity, contrary to alternative views of . Robert Fiorentino. (2006). Lexical Structure and the Nature of Linguistic Representations. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Multiple Interrogatives: Syntax, Semantics, and of environmental problems essay Learnability. The dissertation consists of theoretical and experimental studies of critical, multiple interrogatives (i.e., sentences containing more than one wh-phrase, like Who bought what?). First, I examine the status of Superiority effects in contexts with and without subject-aux(iliary) inversion cross-linguistically.

The relevant contrast from English is between Who bought what?, ??What did who buy?, and I wonder what who bought., where ( ) indicates a greater degree of unacceptability by native speakers than (??). I argue that the presence of subject-aux inversion in main clauses in English is responsible for the given asymmetry, and I attribute the degraded status of ??What did who . Lydia Grebenyova. (2006). Multiple Interrogatives: Syntax, Semantics, and Learnability. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Pre-verbal Structure Building in Romance Languages and Basque. The main goal of the work in this dissertation is to investigate pre-verbal structure building effects in languages with different configurations such as Spanish, Galician and Basque, by essays, means of using different pre-verbal cues in order to show that syntactic structure can be both interpreted and anticipated before the verbal head. I examine the syntax of Clitic-Left Dislocations (CLLDs) and other kinds of left-dislocations in Spanish and then analyze their processing.

I concentrate on questioning qualitative inquiry critical the use of clitic pronouns in Spanish and Galician in CLLD constructions that require the presence of the outline clitic pronoun to interpret the left-dislocated phrase and . Leticia Pablos. (2006). Pre-verbal Structure Building in Romance Languages and Basque. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Everyone Knows, Therefore Every Child Knows: An Investigation of Logico-semantic Competence in questioning qualitative critical, Child Language. This dissertation discusses children's understanding of semantic contribution of the universal quantifier every and its interactions with negation from a logico-semantic perspective. The universal quantifier every evokes an mapping, asymmetric entailment pattern in its first and second arguments (e.g., Ladusaw, 1979), which influences both sentential meanings and inferential relations among them. Whereas several studies have revealed children's sophisticated ability to compose the questioning qualitative inquiry meanings of sentences containing every (e.g., Gualmini 2005), far less is ontology mapping thesis, known about whether children's knowledge about every can be extended to the level of meaning comparison, i.e., to the computation of the . Utako Minai. (2006). Everyone Knows, Therefore Every Child Knows: An Investigation of Logico-semantic Competence in Child Language.

PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Auditory edge detection: the dynamics of the construction of auditory perceptual representations. This dissertation investigates aspects of auditory scene analysis such as the detection of a new object in the environment. Specifically I try to learn about inquiry, these processes by studying the temporal dynamics of magnetic signals recorded from outside the scalp of human listeners, and comparing these dynamics with psychophysical measures. In total nine behavioral and Magneto-encephalography (MEG) brain-imaging experiments are reported. These studies relate to the extraction of tonal targets from background noise and essay act the detection of qualitative critical essays, change within ongoing sounds. The MEG deflections we observe between 50-200 ms post transition reflect the first stages of essay outline, perceptual organization. I interpret . Maria Chait. (2006). Critical Essays! Auditory edge detection: the dynamics of the construction of auditory perceptual representations.

PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The present thesis is essay violence, concerned with the questioning qualitative inquiry critical syntax of constructions variously referred to as 'applicative', 'ditransitive', or 'multiple object' constructions: constructions that contain arguments that transcend the essays traditional subject-object characterization. The present thesis is also concerned with how the syntax of such constructions yields the interpretive effects that previous research has identified. In this thesis I try to remedy the inadequacies and qualitative inquiry critical essays limitations of previous accounts. As far as the syntax of essay outline, applicatives is concerned, my analysis necessitates the rejection of inquiry essays, phase-based derivation, and requires an emphasis on anti-locality, a rethinking of the phenomenon of successive cyclicity, and a renewed . Youngmi Jeong. (2006). The Landscape of Applicatives. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. A Syntactic Structure of Lexical Verbs. In this thesis, I propose a syntactic structure for verbs which directly encodes their event complexities. I present a model that is 'internalist' in the Chomskyan sense: Aktionsart properties of predicates are not a real-world affair, but the interpretation of a mind structure.

For this purpose, I base my proposal on the Dimensional Theory of Uriagereka (2005, forthcoming). Syntactic constructs are in of environmental essay, this view the results of operations that create increasingly complex objects, based on an algorithm that is homo-morphic with the structure of numerical categories. Qualitative Inquiry Essays! First, I propose that Aktionsart can be read off from structural complexities of syntactic . December 12, 2005. Nobue Mori. (2005). A Syntactic Structure of Lexical Verbs. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Minimality and Turkish Relative Clauses.

Turkish relative clauses display a subject/non-subject asymmetry. The subject relative (SR) is licensed for relativization from [Spec, TP]. Essay Act! Whereas the non-subject relative (NSR) is never acceptable for subject relativization, the SR is licensed in clauses where there is no external argument, and when relativizing a non-subject in qualitative inquiry, clauses where the subject is non-specific. Within the framework of the Minimalist Program, Turkish RCs are explained in terms of satisfaction of the EPP of T by a D feature and Minimality effects. As long as no nominal expression intervenes between the relative head and [Spec, TP], the SR is licensed.

The . December 8, 2005. Ilhan Cagri. (2005). Minimality and Turkish Relative Clauses. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Rapid resource transfer for multilingual natural language processing.

Until recently the focus of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) community has been on a handful of mostly European languages. However, the rapid changes taking place in the economic and political climate of the world precipitate a similar change to the relative importance given to various languages. The importance of rapidly acquiring NLP resources and computational capabilities in new languages is widely accepted. Statistical NLP models have a distinct advantage over rule-based methods in achieving this goal since they require far less manual labor. However, statistical methods require two fundamental resources for training: (1) online corpora (2) manual annotations.

Creating . December 2, 2005. Okan Kolak. (2005). Essay Mcat! Rapid resource transfer for multilingual natural language processing. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Exceptional Case-Marking and Resultative Constructions. In this thesis, I present evidence that structural Case in Korean is not absolutely semantically inert. It can have a focus flavor in some contexts, for example, stacked Case and Case attached to an adverb/adverbial and a verb. This sort of Case feature may not be an critical essays, embarrassment for the good design of language.

I discuss the Resultative Construction in a derivational approach. We compare the Resultative Construction between English and essay mcat Korean in pursuit of finding out the critical essays underlying cause for differences between the two languages. October 10, 2005. Soo-Min Hong. (2005). Exceptional Case-Marking and Resultative Constructions. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The Acquisition and Processing of Backwards Anaphora. This dissertation investigates long-distance backwards pronominal dependencies (backwards anaphora or cataphora) and constraints on such dependencies from the viewpoint of essay, language development and real-time language processing.

Based on the findings from a comprehension experiment with Russian-speaking children and on real-time sentence processing data from English and Russian adults I argue for a position that distinguishes structural and non-structural constraints on backwards anaphora. I show that unlike their non-syntactic counterparts, structural constraints on coreference, in particular Principle C of the Binding Theory (Chomsky 1981), are active at inquiry essays, the earliest stage of language development and of real-time processing. In language acquisition, the . Nina Kazanina. (2005). The Acquisition and Processing of Backwards Anaphora. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Alternative Directions for Minimalist Inquiry: Expanding and Contracting Phases of essays written by, Derivation. This dissertation develops novel derivational mechanics for characterizing the syntactic component of critical essays, human language -- Tree Contraction Grammar (TCG). TCG falls within a general class of derivationally-oriented minimalist approaches, constituting a version of a Multiple Spell Out (MSO-)system (Chomsky 1999, Uriagereka 1999, 2002).

TCG posits a derivational WORKSPACE restricting the size of structures that can be active at a given stage of essay, derivation. As structures are expanded, workspace limitations periodically force contractions of the span of structure visible to operations. Critical! These expansion-contraction dynamics are shown to have implications for essay scoring our understanding of locality of dependencies, specifically regarding successive cyclic movement . John Drury. Qualitative Critical Essays! (2005). Alternative Directions for mapping thesis Minimalist Inquiry: Expanding and Contracting Phases of Derivation. Qualitative Inquiry Critical Essays! PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. What do children have in their heads? Functional heads and parameter setting in child language. The aim of the present study is to revisit the old debate between rationalists and empiricists in relation to language development with new longitudinal data in hand. Causes Problems Essay! I show that when it comes to the development of a specific piece of linguistic knowledge, namely the distribution of the third person singular morpheme -s in child English, the questioning qualitative essays generativist approach can satisfactorily account for the quirks observed in the longitudinal data presented herein.

First, I argue that children are not conservative learners in the sense of Tomasello (2003), but they set parameters in the sense of Crain (1991). That is to . Graciela Tesan. (2005). What do children have in their heads? Functional heads and parameter setting in ontology thesis, child language. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Studies of adult sentence processing have established that the referential context in which sentences are presented plays an qualitative, immediate role in essays written by, their interpretation, such that features of the referential context mitigate, and even eliminate, so-called 'garden-path' effects. The finding that the context ordinarily obviates garden path effects is compelling evidence for the Referential Theory, advanced originally by Crain and Steedman, (1985) and extended in Altmann and Steedman (1988). Recent work by questioning qualitative critical essays, Trueswell, Sekerina, Hill and mcat scoring Logrip (1999) suggests, however, that children may not be as sensitive as adults to contextual factors in resolving structural ambiguities. This conclusion is not anticipated . January 13, 2005. Luisa Meroni. (2005).

Putting Children in Context. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Cortical Dynamics of Auditory-Visual Speech: A Forward Model of Multisensory Integration. Virginie van Wassenhove. In noisy settings, seeing the interlocutor's face helps to disambiguate what is being said. For this to happen, the brain must integrate auditory and visual information. Three major problems are (1) bringing together separate sensory streams of information, (2) extracting auditory and visual speech information, and (3) identifying this information as a unified auditory-visual percept. In this dissertation, a new representational framework for auditory visual (AV) speech integration is questioning qualitative, offered. The experimental work (psychophysics and electrophysiology (EEG)) suggests specific neural mechanisms for solving problems (1), (2), and (3) that are consistent with a (forward) 'analysis-by-synthesis' view of AV speech . Virginie van Wassenhove. (2004).

Cortical Dynamics of Auditory-Visual Speech: A Forward Model of Multisensory Integration.. Causes Problems Essay! PhD dissertation, University of questioning inquiry critical essays, Maryland. Impoverished Morphology and A-movement out of Case Domains. This dissertation suggests that referential 3rdP null subjects in Modern Brazilian Portuguese (BP) and Finnish are residues of A-movement, rather than null pronouns. Elizabeth! These grammars exhibit weak 3rdP verbal and questioning qualitative critical essays possessive agreement morphology, and do not obey the Avoid Pronoun Principle, allowing non-emphatic overt pronouns in subject position. This state of causes problems, affairs has affected the licensing of referential null subjects, which are licensed only within embedded domains. I correlate the loss of agreement with this peculiar behavior of questioning essays, null subjects and advance the hypothesis that BP and Finnish are not pro-drop grammars, arguing on empirical grounds that in BP and . Cilene Rodrigues. (2004). Impoverished Morphology and A-movement out of Case Domains. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Derivation and Representation of Syntactic Amalgams. This dissertation consists of an investigation of Syntactic Amalgamation (cf.

Lakoff 1974): the phenomenon of combination of sentences that yields parenthetic-like constructions like (01). (01) John invited God only scoring knows how many people to inquiry critical, you can imagine what kind of a party. The theoretical framework adopted is the scoring Generative-Transformational Grammar (Chomsky 1957, 1965, 1975, 1981, 1986b, 2000b), following (and elaborating on) the recent developments known as the Minimalist Program (Chomsky 1995, 2000a, 2001a, 2001b; Martin Uriagereka 2000; Uriagereka 1998, 1999, 2002). As far as the inquiry critical essays representation of syntactic amalgams is concerned, the main claim made in this dissertation is that . Max Guimaraes. (2004). Derivation and Representation of on domestic violence, Syntactic Amalgams. Qualitative Inquiry! PhD dissertation, University of by, Maryland. On Subordination and the Distribution of PRO. Itziar San Martin. This dissertation presents a Minimalist Theory of Control. As for the distribution of PRO, it provides evidence that PRO appears in a configuration of regular Structural Case assignment.

This suggests that the complementary distribution between PRO and lexical subjects is not related to Case. It also provides empirical evidence against the Movement analysis of Control, which subsumes Control under Raising, and inquiry essays is compatible with the theoretical view that Theta Roles are configurational, rather than Features. It also renders the so-called Null Case unnecessary. The interpretation of PRO is the essays result of the need of the Chain of qualitative inquiry, PRO to collapse . Itziar San Martin. (2004). On Subordination and the Distribution of PRO. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Syntactic Identity and Locality Restrictions on Verbal Ellipsis. This dissertation investigates the ontology mapping topic of questioning qualitative inquiry, verbal ellipsis in English. Elizabeth! Two main issues are addressed in this work: (i) the identity condition that restricts the application of ellipsis and (ii) the different locality restrictions that apply to elliptical constructions. The identity condition is examined from the point of view of competence, while the locality condition is questioning, given a natural answer from the processing domain.

Furthermore, a parsing algorithm based on minimalist grammars is defined. Chapter 1 introduces the topic. Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 deal with the ontology mapping thesis syntactic identity condition. Chapter 2 reviews some proposals in the literature, namely, Lasnik . Elixabete Murgia. (2004). Critical! Syntactic Identity and Locality Restrictions on Verbal Ellipsis.

PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Thematically driven movement in Japanese. The general aim of this thesis is to provide support for the claim that movement can be driven by theta-features, advanced by causes of environmental problems, Bokovi#269; (1994), Hornstein (1999, 2001), Manzini and Russo (2000), and O'Neil (1997) among others, through a study of Japanese Psych Verb constructions that exhibit interesting peculiarities. In some psych verb constructions, theta-roles are projected in essays, an order that diverges from the canonical order found in other dyadic constructions. On Domestic! The theme role of Object Experiencer (OE) verbs is realized in the subject position of the sentence, while the experiencer role is linked to questioning qualitative essays, the object position.

On . Mitsue Motomura. (2004). Thematically driven movement in Japanese. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The Grammar and Parsing of Wh-Dependencies. Sachiko Aoshima. (2003). Act! The Grammar and Parsing of Wh-Dependencies. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Word Sense Disambiguation Within a Multilingual Framework.

Mona Diab. (2003). Word Sense Disambiguation Within a Multilingual Framework. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The ups and downs of child language : experimental studies on children's knowledge of entailment relations and polarity phenomena. Andrea Gualmini. (2003). The ups and downs of qualitative essays, child language : experimental studies on children's knowledge of entailment relations and polarity phenomena. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The perceptual representation of acoustic temporal structure. Anthony B. Boemio.

Anthony B. Boemio. On Film Elizabeth! (2003). Questioning Qualitative Inquiry Critical Essays! The perceptual representation of acoustic temporal structure. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Japanese event nouns and their categories. Masaaki Kamiya. (2003). Japanese event nouns and their categories. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Processing syntactic complexity : cross-linguistic differences and ERP evidence. Ana Cristina de Souza Lima Gouvea. Ana Cristina de Souza Lima Gouvea. Of Environmental! (2003).

Processing syntactic complexity : cross-linguistic differences and ERP evidence. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Signs are Single Segments: Phonological Representations and questioning qualitative inquiry critical essays Temporal Sequencing in ASL and Other Sign Languages. A single segment representation with dynamic features (Oneseg) explains differences between the on film elizabeth phonologies of spoken words and signs better than current multiple segments phonological representations of signs (Multiseg). A segment is qualitative critical, defined as the largest phonological unit where combinations of features are contrastive, but permutations and repetitions aren’t. Hayes (1993) distinguishes between static features (place, handshape) which don't reference motion, and dynamic features (direction, repetition) which do. Dynamic features are the only way that a single segment representation can sequence motion. Oneseg correctly predicts that number of repetitions is essay mcat scoring, not contrastive in signs, because repetition is the result . Rachel Channon. (2002).

Signs are Single Segments: Phonological Representations and Temporal Sequencing in ASL and qualitative inquiry critical essays Other Sign Languages. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Hirohisa Kiguchi. (2002). Syntax unchained. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Scope and Specificity in Child Language: A Cross-Linguistic Study on English and Chinese.

This dissertation investigated the way in which English-speaking and Chinese- speaking children interpret ‘a’ and ‘yi-ge’ respectively in sentences containing the essay outline universal quantifier or negation. Three series of critical, experiments were conducted, using a truth value judgement task. The first experiment examined how children interpreted unambiguous double object sentences like “Snow White gave a lady every flower” and ambiguous to-dative sentences like “The teacher gave every ball to a girl” in English and ontology mapping thesis Chinese. The results showed that English-speaking children assigned a non-adult universal wide scope reading to the double object sentences, and their pattern of preference for to-dative sentences was . Yi-ching Su. (2001). Questioning Qualitative Inquiry! Scope and Specificity in Child Language: A Cross-Linguistic Study on English and written by Chinese. PhD dissertation, University of questioning qualitative essays, Maryland. Juan Carlos Castillo. This dissertation explores some of the traditionally labeled possessive relations, and proposes a basic syntactic structure that underlies them. The two nouns act as subject and predicate in a small clause, dominated by two functional projections, where reference/agreement and contextual restrictions are checked. Looking first at container-content relations, we propose that the causes of environmental problems container is always a predicate for the content.

Because in questioning qualitative inquiry essays, our system selection is essay on domestic act, determined in the small clause and agreement is qualitative, checked in an AgrP, selection and agreement need not be determined by causes essay, the same noun. Selection also distinguishes between a container and a content reading . Juan Carlos Castillo. (2001). Thematic Relations between Nouns. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The Syntax of Gerunds and Infinitives: Subjects, Case and Control. Acrisio Magno Gomes Pires. Acrisio Magno Gomes Pires. (2001).

The Syntax of Gerunds and Infinitives: Subjects, Case and Control. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Processing Temporals and Locatives in questioning qualitative inquiry critical, a Licensing Parser. Margaret Antonisse. (2000). Processing Temporals and Locatives in a Licensing Parser. Outline Definition! PhD dissertation, University of Maryland.

Prolific Peripheries: A Radical View from the Left. Kleanthes K. Grohmann. This dissertation concentrates on movement dependencies under minimalist assumptions and suggests that the opposite of moving too far (standard locality) exists also, namely moving too closely: anti-locality. A theory of anti-locality will be developed that incorporates a tripartition of qualitative critical, clause structure into essay on domestic violence act, Prolific Domains, areas of the clause that share a common “super-feature” or context value. The lowest Prolific Domain is responsible for thematic relations (?-domain), the next one for agreement relations (?- domain), and the highest one for discourse relations (?-domain). Under this approach, anti-locality is expressed in questioning qualitative inquiry critical essays, terms of the Condition on Domain Exclusivity which simply bans Domain-internal . Kleanthes K. Grohmann. (2000).

Prolific Peripheries: A Radical View from the Left. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Reduplication, feature displacement, and existential faithfulness. Carolina Maria Struijke. Carolina Maria Struijke. (2000). Reduplication, feature displacement, and existential faithfulness.

PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Processing temporal modifiers : the influence of lexical aspect. Margaret Jordan Antonisse. Margaret Jordan Antonisse. (2000). Processing temporal modifiers : the influence of lexical aspect. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Syntax and Semantics of Quantification in elizabeth, Chinese. Following the inquiry critical essays spirit of Hornstein (1995), this thesis explores the possibility of eliminating entire LF A’-movement. The standard LF-movement analysis of on domestic violence, wh-in-situ is shown to be neither conceptually desirable nor empirically adequate. Wh-in-situ are bound in questioning essays, situ by the abstract Q-operator via unselective quantification. A wh-adverb like weishenme (why) is subject to essay definition, Q-licensing because it denotes a set of proposition and, therefore, cannot be unselectively bound.

Its island effects result from the fact that this licensing must be clause-bounded. Rhetorical wh-questions (RWQ) in a wh-in-situ language are subject to unselective quantification of the qualitative inquiry critical same sort, but with their whs . Jianxin Wu. Outline Definition! (1999). Syntax and Semantics of Quantification in Chinese. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Studies in coreference and binding. Frederick C. Savarese. Frederick C. Inquiry! Savarese. (1999). Studies in essay, coreference and binding. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Interactions between markedness and faithfulness constraints in critical essays, vowel systems.

Viola Giulia Miglio. Viola Giulia Miglio. On Film Elizabeth! (1999). Interactions between markedness and faithfulness constraints in inquiry critical essays, vowel systems. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Selection of the optimal syllable in an alignment-based theory of sonority. Patricia Hironymous. (1999).

Selection of the optimal syllable in of environmental essay, an alignment-based theory of questioning qualitative inquiry essays, sonority. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Theoretical implications of act, OCP effects on features in optimality theory. Haruka Fukazawa. (1999). Critical! Theoretical implications of OCP effects on features in optimality theory. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland.

Distinctiveness, coercion and sonority : a unified theory of weight. Bruce Timothy Moren. Bruce Timothy Moren. Of Environmental Essay! (1999). Distinctiveness, coercion and sonority : a unified theory of weight. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The phonotactics and phonology of obstruent clusters in optimality theory. Frida Morelli. (1999). The phonotactics and phonology of obstruent clusters in optimality theory. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Long-distance Anaphora and Multiple Feature Checking: A Minimalist Approach.

Li-ling Chuang. (1998). Questioning Qualitative Inquiry Essays! Long-distance Anaphora and Multiple Feature Checking: A Minimalist Approach. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Kwang-Sup Kim. (1998). (Anti-)Connectivity. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The Syntax of Illocutionary Force.

Rikardo Etxepare. (1998). Problems Essay! The Syntax of Illocutionary Force. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Universal Grammar and the Acquisition of Semantic Knowledge: An experimental investigation into the acquisition of quantifier-negation interaction in English. This dissertation explores the way in which English-speaking children acquire the meaning of qualitative inquiry, sentences containing negation and quantified noun phrases (QNPs). This investigation is based on a series of psycholinguistic experiments designed to assess children’s comprehension of sentences like ‘Every horse didn’t jump over the fence’ or ‘Cookie Monster didn’t eat two slices of pizza’ among others.

The major finding is that children around the age of 5 do not interpret these sentences the way adult speakers of English do. This finding raises the following questions (a) How and why do children’s interpretations of sentences containing . Julien Musolino. (1998). Universal Grammar and the Acquisition of Semantic Knowledge: An experimental investigation into ontology mapping, the acquisition of quantifier-negation interaction in English. PhD dissertation, University of questioning, Maryland. Keiko Muromatsu. (1998).

On the syntax of classifiers. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Catherine Cravero-Dolan. (1997). Elizabeth! Parametric Change in French . PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The grammatical representation of inquiry, speech events. Ricardo Echepare. (1997). The grammatical representation of speech events. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The Structure of Noun Phrases in Chinese and its Consequences. Qiming Chen. (1996).

The Structure of Noun Phrases in Chinese and its Consequences. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Ellen Thompson. (1996). Essay Scoring! The syntax of tense. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The growth of the questioning phrase marker : evidence from subjects. Susan Mary Powers. Susan Mary Powers. (1996).

The growth of the phrase marker : evidence from subjects. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Aspect and essays the Syntax of Noun Phrases. This dissertation shows that there are syntactic constraints involved in the aspectual interpretation of the VP that involve the internal structure of the verbal complements. Although a simple compositional semantics would predict certain interpretations, the syntactic computational system has its own mechanisms, and the relevant configurations do not always obtain. Consequently, certain readings end up being blocked. Chapter 1 defines the relevant output conditions for aspectual interpretation based on the semantic work of questioning qualitative critical, Verkuyl (1995) and mapping Krifka (1989), and proposes a syntactic configuration within the Minimalist Program for Linguistic Theory (Chomsky 1993) at which aspect is calculated.

Chapter 2 shows . Cristina Schmitt. (1996). Aspect and the Syntax of Noun Phrases. Questioning Qualitative Critical! PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Syntactic and paratactic word order effects. Joel M. Hoffman. (1996). Ontology Mapping Thesis! Syntactic and paratactic word order effects. PhD dissertation, University of qualitative inquiry essays, Maryland. Case, Periphrastic do and the Loss of Verb Movement in English. Mark Arnold. (1995). Outline! Case, Periphrastic do and the Loss of critical, Verb Movement in English. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland.

The Copy Theory of Movement and Linearization of Chains in the Minimalist Program. This dissertation is concerned with movement operations within the Minimalist Program (Chomsky 1995). Exploring the copy theory of movement, it focusses on two issues: (i) why can traces not be phonetically realized?; and (ii) what is the theoretical status of the operation Move in a system where syntactic objects are derivationally assembled? I propose that a chain cannot surface with more than one link phonetically realized because it cannot be linearized in accordance with Kayne's (1994) Linear Correspondence Axiom. Assuming that the head of a chain and essay scoring its trace(s) are nondistinct copies, they induce violations of the irreflexivity . Jairo Nunes. Questioning Qualitative Essays! (1995). The Copy Theory of Movement and Linearization of Chains in the Minimalist Program. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland.

Adult Access to Universal Grammar in Second Language Acquisition. Jeanne Downey-Vanover. (1994). Adult Access to Universal Grammar in Second Language Acquisition. Ontology Mapping Thesis! PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Issues on modern Greek sentential complementation.

Spyridoula Varlokosta. Qualitative Critical Essays! (1994). Issues on modern Greek sentential complementation. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The syntax of Korean and its implications for parsing theory. Sungki Suh. (1994). Thesis! The syntax of Korean and its implications for parsing theory.

PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Joung-Ran Kim. Inquiry! (1994). Korean topic constructions. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Topics in the Syntax and essays on film Semantics of questioning inquiry critical, Coordinate Structures. This thesis is essay, concerned with developing a syntax for coordinate structures which is qualitative essays, compatible with both the ontology mapping syntactic behaviour of conjunction structures and with their semantics. It argues that coordinate structures are asymmetrical, hierarchical structures that conform with X-bar theory. The conjunction head projects a phrase which is inquiry essays, adjoined to the first conjunct. This provides an account of a number of syntactic asymmetries in conjunct ordering including agreement and binding asymmetries and provides a principled analysis of Across-the-Board extraction as instances of parasitic gaps. It further argues that the Coordinate Structure Constraint cannot be a syntactic constraint, but rather must . Alan Munn. (1993).

Topics in the Syntax and Semantics of ontology, Coordinate Structures. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. An I-parameter and its consequences. Jie Xu. (1993). Inquiry! An I-parameter and its consequences. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Topics in the syntax of nonstandard English. Stefan Edmund Martin.

Stefan Edmund Martin. (1992). Topics in the syntax of nonstandard English. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. Daoping Wu. Essays By! (1992). On serial verb constructions. PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. On modularity and compilation in questioning inquiry critical essays, a government-binding parser. Paola Merlo. On Domestic Act! (1992).

On modularity and compilation in a government-binding parser. Critical Essays! PhD dissertation, University of Maryland. The Department of Linguistics at the University of Maryland. Address : Department of essay on domestic, Linguistics, 1401 Marie Mount Hall, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742-7505.

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Questioning qualitative inquiry: critical essays (eBook, 2008

How To Prepare A Business Operations Plan. Table of Contents. As a business plan reviewer and analyst, I find it amazing how many entrepreneurs give this section the least weight or skip it altogether.#xa0; The operational plan is an essential component to inquiry, your business plan and it tells the reviewer how your going to get your product/service out to market. The definition of operational planning is essays, a plan that describes how are you going to get your product out of the production stage to the doorstep of your target customer. The plan describes what you want to achieve, what it costs, how you are going to do it, and questioning qualitative if you met plan objectives. I know, the operational plan may seem mundane but it will outline some very important answers to such fundamental questions such as: Who is doing what?#xa0; What are the day to day activities?#xa0; How will the suppliers and essays elizabeth vendors be used?#xa0; Who are the suppliers?#xa0; What are the labor requirements?#xa0; What are the sources of raw materials? How much will it cost? How do you know if objectives are met? Why is this section so important?

First off, it will outline to qualitative inquiry critical, the reader how you are going to carry out the delivery of your product or service. What's the use of having a product or service if you don't have a way to essay, get it from the inquiry, development stage to the consumers home? Believe me, a business plan reviewer gives this section a lot of weight because she wants to know what you and your employees are doing to get your product/service out to market. How you keep track of inventory or what type of equipment you need may seem obvious to essays by, you, but remember, the reader doesn't know this.#xa0; You see, there's a far greater chance that a business will fail because fundamentals aren't handled properly than because the questioning qualitative critical essays, basic business concept is faulty. The fundamentals being the core of your business such as the operations. If your assuming that the operations are going to take care of themselves, you'd better think again. Business plan reviewers know the importance of a well thought out operational plan and place considerable weight on this section since it can mean the success or failure of a business.

Planning involves determining how to mcat scoring, change the questioning critical essays, future vs. forecasting the essays by, future. It is more art than science and needs to change as business conditions change. Questioning Inquiry Essays? The plan should seek to ontology mapping thesis, change behavior. As an internal planning document, the plan should be a detailed, in-depth operational plan. This will give the entrepreneur an opportunity to work out questioning qualitative inquiry essays, many potential problems on paper prior to commencing operations. However, if you are using your plan to potentially leverage additional funds, remember not to ontology mapping thesis, get too complicated. Understand that the questioning qualitative inquiry critical essays, reader wants to written, know that you have worked out your operations and qualitative inquiry how your product or service fits into the ?big picture?. Don't leave your reader sitting there scratching their heads trying to figure out every detail. Keep it simple and remember, you want to convey to your reviewer that you have everything under control. If you are planning to present your plan to a third party reviewer, ask yourself these two questions: Will the reviewer understand the content?

How important is the content to causes of environmental, the overall understanding and qualitative critical appreciation of the business plan? The relative importance of an essays written by operational plan will depend on the nature of the questioning critical essays, business. A production facility will probably require significant attention to operational issues.#xa0; What Should An Operations Plan Cover? I would like to point out that an operational plan should be specific to your business. Not all businesses require the on film, same level of complexity when it comes to the operational plan.

The topics that I cover here will not all apply to your particular business. In your own plan, you do not necessarily need to address each topic. Rather, limit your operations section to those issues that are needed and considered essential to the nature and success of your business. If your business is a manufacturing business in which product distribution is qualitative critical, often a major difficulty, you may want to include a couple of paragraphs clarifying your company's approach to improve this difficulty. However, if your business is a retail operation, distribution may not be a problem and essay mcat you might not have to discuss it. On the other hand, if you business is an operation that develops or relies on a lot of new technology, you need to explain those aspects thoroughly. Questioning Essays? You need to explain who will be using that technology and what the implications are.#xa0;

Some issues often addressed in an operational plan include: Production or manufacturing#xa0; Facilities#xa0; Inventory#xa0; Distribution#xa0; Maintenance and service - Order fulfillment and customer service. Every manufacturing business has a production process - the way it goes about fabricating a raw or component material and creating an outline definition item with greater usefulness or desirability. However, even if your business is a service or retail operation, you have to qualitative, use a method of ?producing? something of value for your customers. Integral to the overall understanding of a production oriented business is an appreciation of essay act, how the company will manufacture its products. One straight forward way of conveying such information is to examine this activity in questioning qualitative inquiry essays terms of resources, processes, and output. Resources may be characterized as those elements the firm must utilize in an effort to outline definition, manufacture a desired product. Typically, these include manufacturing facilities, machinery, equipment, materials and related assets, and questioning essays labour. Depending on their relative importance, attention might be focused on each of ontology mapping, these elements. In the case of a production facility, it is important to discuss the qualitative, process by which a company will manufacture its products. This usually involves some description of the plant, equipment, material, and labour requirements.

What techniques and processes are going to be used in combining these resources, such as assembly lines and robotics; and the capability of the business in essay terms of production rates, critical constraints such as productive capacity, or quality assurance programs. The operational plan might include a profile of the facility, that will be used, including comments regarding size, location, and related specifications - clearance, loading docks, and proximity to other outlets such as railways and airports. There should be some comment as to the nature of the machinery and critical essays equipment being used or acquired. Also, sources of raw materials or components availability, price volatility, and key supplier relationships are often worth mentioning. The number one question being asked here is how you are going to implement the techniques and processes to outline, get your product out the door. What sort of machinery are you going to be using and who's going to be using it?

Take the time to evaluate your production process and assess the plan to see if you can enhance efficiencies and qualitative critical improve the quality of the finished product. In doing so, you may find little gaps here and mapping thesis there that may serve impede the bottom line - profit. Look at the various stages involved in creating your product or service, can these stages be shortened? Remember, you must use your judgement in qualitative essays deciding how much detail should be offered in the operational plan. Just remember that you want to convey to your reader that you have covered all of your bases when it comes to production. Here are some points you may want to consider when putting your operational plan together: Capacity is the measure of how much work your facilities, labour force, and equipment can handle. Does your production process have the capacity to essays, keep orders up? Do you have too much capacity?

Not enough capacity? Productivity measures how long and how many people it requires to produce your product or service. If you can produce more goods in less time, you can improve the bottom line from questioning critical essays every dollar spent on essay equipment and operating costs such as salaries and rent. What kinds of and how many employees do you require to produce your product or service? How are you going to use them? Are you going to essays, be using seasonal workers? Full time? Casual? How are you going to keep consistent and causes maintain the same standards with each product or service? Such activities include regular inspections throughout the production process, occasional testing or sampling of goods. In business, the location of questioning inquiry essays, your facilities can prove a critical factor for your success.

If your business is going require a large outlay of capital assets at the onset, you will need to make sure the facilities are adequate and are positioned properly. What's the use of setting up a manufacturing facility in a rural setting with no transportation mechanisms? You will need to decide how you are going to get your product to essay violence act, your consumer and questioning qualitative critical position your facility that will be both cost effective and efficient. When evaluating your facilities, examine those aspects most important for your particular business. Do you need to be close to certain transportation facilities? Do you need to be close to key suppliers? Do you need to act, be downtown? Keep these points in mind when you are completing your operational plan for facilities:

Include the location of company headquarters, retail store (s), branch offices, additional plants, and others. Qualitative Essays? Describe the size and how each will be allocated. Mention why you are located at your particular location and the benefits associated with it. Describe access to parking and transportation; air, rail, and essay violence surface shipping access, and loading docks, warehouse, and questioning qualitative inquiry other facilities. What improvements are needed to get the building in working condition and how much will it cost to fix it up. Are you leasing? This is very important and make sure you understand all aspects of the lease. You don't want to ontology, be stuck in a 5 year lease if your business fails after the questioning qualitative inquiry critical, first year (I've seen this happen - a few times). Can you sublet?

What restrictions are in the lease? Can you get out elizabeth, early if things go sour? What are the operational costs associated with the inquiry critical, building? Include the cost of gas, water and electricity. Violence Act? What are the costs for inquiry, janitorial, trash removal and essay other operational costs. Different businesses will have different inventory requirements.

Of course, a large retail operation will have much more inventory than an engineering consultant so remember to use those points that apply to your business. Most of the retail operations I deal with overlook the questioning inquiry critical essays, importance of inventory management. An effective inventory management process can make all the difference in essay definition the world when it comes to qualitative, making a huge profit. On the other hand, a poor inventory management plan can take you right out of business - I've seen it happen. What happens if you sink a large portion of your operations budget to ontology mapping thesis, your inventory and have no way of monitoring the process?

Disaster. How much money you have tied up in questioning qualitative essays supplies or finished product sitting in your warehouse makes a direct impact on your bottom line. Every box of essays by, raw material is not just taking up space, it's costing your hard cash and it's money sitting around - losing value. What about too little inventory? If you don't have sufficient inventory, you occasionally can't make the sale. Every business dreads the possibility of receiving large orders but can't seem to critical, fill them because of the lack of inventory. How do you keep inventory on causes problems essay a level and consistent basis? Develop systems that increases the critical essays, flow of information from the sales point to essays written by, the production and purchasing units. The most important thing to remember is to inquiry critical, know how your sales are going - At all times.

Here's a some advice if you rely on goods or materials for your business; Keep up a good relationship with your suppliers. You see, most businesses will experience different levels of difficulties at different parts of the year. So it's important to work at developing excellent relationships with your suppliers and distributors; You want them to feel that you are in a partnership together so that they will try to do everything possible to essay, meet your needs. Believe me, there will be a time when this relationship will be invaluable to your business. It's also important that you try not to be too dependent on just one supplier or distributor. The reason? Your business' financial future will be too vulnerable if they fail you. Imagine a supplier going under who is inquiry, your only supplier during your peak season. Always have back ups.

Use suppliers that understands the needs of your business. Look for companies that can deliver on outline time, and have excellent customer service. Don't make the mistake of using a supplier based on price alone. Select suppliers with whom you can communicate well; make certain they understand your specifications and can consistently meet your standards. Maintenance and questioning qualitative inquiry critical Service - Order Fulfillment and Customer Service. In some instances, it is important for a company to define the scoring, services and critical support it will provide. Specifically, the plan should address the level of support a company will provide after a customer has purchased a product or service.

This is particularly important in the case of new or technical product. The service and mcat scoring support of a company's goods are often critical to the business's success. As a consequence, they often merit attention in the business plan. The need to include such a description is dependent on questioning critical the nature of the essays, company's products. Some goods are sufficiently simple or inexpensive not to need service and support. In other cases, such as technical or new products, support may be necessary if a customer is to use and maintain properly the company's products.

A company can benefit in two ways from providing quality customer service. First, a company can preserve and enhance its reputation and its relationship with customers by providing guidance and support after a sale. This support may range from simply providing an questioning qualitative inquiry critical operating manual to having a staff of service people on call, ready to address customer problems. Second, this activity may prove to be an additional source of revenue. This is the value of a lifetime customer. Essay Violence Act? By keeping in touch with your customer on a regular basis and providing them with quality information and special deals, you give them a reason to trust you.

People only critical, buy from people they trust. Customers are constantly demanding better and essays written by better service. The expect to critical essays, get what they want, when they want it, and to be treated graciously and fairly in the process.#xa0; Also look at your order fulfillment process. Outline Definition? Often, orders are not communicated clearly or quickly to qualitative critical, the processing department, and valuable time is lost due to inadequate internal communication. Assess the essays elizabeth, methods by which you prepare goods for shipping and deliver good to customers. Careful planning in qualitative the operational area can bring you meaningful rewards. Analysing the day to on film elizabeth, day operations of your business will pay off in the form of questioning essays, increased profits as you find ways to mapping thesis, reduce costs and improve productivity. In this section, you want to convey to your reader that you can effectively get your product or service out to questioning inquiry essays, the market. Business plan reviewers want to know how you are going to deliver your product to the market, so show them how you are going to mapping, do it.

Remember not to get too complicated. You want to make sure they understand but don't leave them scratching their heads in confusion. Let's see an operational plan sample using our fictional company:#xa0; Terra Engineering. Common Operational Planning Terms. What will you do or functions that will be undertaken to meet the objectives. The dependencies that exist between what is going to happen or being planned by the various teams. Measurable, specific, realistic and actionable statements of what the questioning qualitative critical, company should accomplish within a specific period of on film elizabeth, time. Volume or amount of product that results from an activity. Outcome measures or defined output that demonstrates successful activity.

The facilities, equipment, time, people and money that is required. A measure of what has been accomplished or what you want to do. The actions or steps that will be completed to yield the required output. Sample Business Plans. Remember, when completing your executive summary, stick to the facts, get to qualitative inquiry, the point, and keep the essay violence, fluff out! This site accepts advertising and compensation for some of the mentioned products. Such compensation does not influence the recommendations made.

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